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  • A lovely friend dropped off some organic produce so I made some passata, sweet chilli dipping sauce, Lemon butter, passionfruit butter, lemonade, mandarinade, a lovely fresh leaf salad, antipasto and a passionfruit slice…..oh and some ice-cream and a soda bread…bless my thermomix …..

  • HI and good on you for asking the questions….here is my response

    1) How long have you owned a thermomix and do you still love it, and still use it? I have had my machine for 6 months and I use it multiple times a day

    2) Does it go from “roughly Chopped” to “pureed” in a fraction of a second, or is it possible to recreate something resembling…[Read more]

  • Muster – I am with you … is so good and so good for you except the purple pee LOL….My husband has not eaten beetroot in his life – HATES PURPLE FOOD….and when I begged him to just take a small taste of the beetroot salad he loved it…it is now a standard menu item here as well….I love my thermomix and would not be without it knowing…[Read more]

  • So the roof is on and we are still waiting on getting to lock up due to weather – our block is as wet as and things are going way slower than expected…. thanks so much for your lovely messages and I cannot wait to get there and really get things going….I am sure this is a lesson in patience and I am sure I will be greatly rewarded once we…[Read more]

  • I have finished my training and am a confirmed Thermomix Consultant and absolutely love it – my fridge has gone from a place to house processed food to a place full of fresh everything – tomato sauce, strawberry sauce, stock, butter, peanut paste, mascapone – you name it and I made it in my amazing machine – happy to demonstrate in the Wide…[Read more]

  • Well wacko the roof is on and we are going for broke and should be at lock up in the next week or two. Not sure the weather is too good for getting down and dirty building gardens etc so am again frustratingly marking time – the ground is so rocky that we have lots of work to do but we are aiming for raised beds so hopefully we wont have too much…[Read more]

  • I probably would not use a site that compared supermarket prices as I totally avoid woolworths and coles and have gone back to basics in terms of cooking from scratch and no processed foods….I do know quite a few people who would love it though because they dont have the time to check catalogues but really need to have something easy that could…[Read more]

  • Wow – well the excitement is starting to build…I have the slab down for my house and the frames go up next week. I cannot wait to get started on cleaning up the block and building some gardens. I have 6 weeks of a contract left and I will be free to get down there for a few weeks and start some planting….it may have seemed that I dropped off…[Read more]

  • I love my machine and cannot wait to finish my training and start sharing it with other people as a consultant. I have always been a kitchen gadget woman and have tried them all but this one is different. I make everything in this machine and avoid so many additives and preservatives ….Love it love it love it:) It has saved me so much money…[Read more]

  • So today I went for a quick look at the local fruit market and they had a melon called Bolero in their throw out bin …If you have never tasted one (and I had not before today) they are sweet and divine – like a cross between a rockmelon and a mango…YUM – So I decided to try them in the Nara….6 hours later and they are looking good. Problem…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic bread in the forum Living within your means 9 years, 10 months ago

    Wow this is awesome reading – I also heard they are looking at making bread last up to 2 weeks so you might get some really bad stuff soon….I worry so much about what is in the food we eat and would love to know how to make sourdough and the starter and things. I can hand make regular white bread but love sourdough so if someone would share…[Read more]

  • Hi and thanks so much for the response…my son is in year 10 but we are hoping to get started on the house and landscaping this year – that way I will be able to move forward bit by bit and it wont seem such a long time – many of the trees for the orchard will at least be a bit more established if we start now. I am so excited to hear about the…[Read more]

  • 🙂 Thanks Karyn and Judi…I am excited and have already found so much wonderful information that I think I am addicted already. Judi how exciting to know there are others in the South Burnett…I am thrilled to know that there are like minded people in the local area – I grew up in the South Burnett and we were poor as church mice and I know…[Read more]