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  • roogz wrote:
    working on the veggie patch but having more trouble with that then anything else – you’d think with all the manue here that it would be a sinch.:|


    LOL I have two vegie patches, one of which Honey (the goat)sometimes gets into and “enjoys” all my hard work.

    Thank you to all that have replied. I must admit, I am very…[Read more]

  • What about using onsaburg fabric? Its sort of a cross between calico and aida but using natural fibres – I think. I did buy some from Spotlight, but that was years ago, so whether they still sell it I dont know.

  • ali_celt wrote:
    If you want to try something for master 8, keep an eye out for top kids magazines. They are often found second hand too. Just make sure the pattern pages are still in the book.
    You will need something to trace the pattern out onto, but other than that they are pretty good styles.
    Also, Ottobre magazine is very good for European…

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  • replied to the topic Mad Cow Disease in the forum General chat and catching up 11 years ago

    philburt wrote:
    As an Englishman who lived in the UK prior to 1996 I am not allowed to give blood in Australia, just in case I have this disease and pass it on in blood products. The only test for this disease is to section the brain (Not a good diagnostic test).

    LOL – I lived in London in my young, foolish years from 1993 – 95, so like you…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Support needed in the forum General chat and catching up 11 years ago

    Gianna wrote:

    I’m selling stuff on eBay at the moment to get some cash. It can be quite lucrative. Have you got something you can sell?

    Definitely make an appointment to see the bank manager straight away. If you talk to them early, they should be helpful.

    Hey smurf, Huggs mate – I know how you feel.

    DP lost his job just over 12…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Cheapest House????? in the forum Building and Construction 11 years ago

    What about a rammed earth house? They are cool in summer and warm in winter (so I have read). But it depends on how much time you have to put towards the project. Me personally, am time poor, so although I love the idea of building my own home, I would probably get a kit home and pay them to contruct it to lock up stage.

    But if you havent…[Read more]

  • Jaymes wrote:
    maybe they mean one of those big caterers cans?!

    Now there’s a thought LOL.

    No have just checked the shopping list in the book – 420g size is listed

  • replied to the topic Holding moisture at the root zone in the forum Vegetables 11 years ago

    katerina wrote:
    Or maybe you can plant some trees/shrubs in this place to take advantage of the seepage.
    Just a thought.

    I am trying to get a row of lavendar plants to grow around the perimeter of the patches to a) encourage bees and b) to hide the ugly chicken wire fence. So this makes me feel alittle better that these plants might be…[Read more]

  • I recently bought that book claiming to show you how to feed your family on $75 per week. I had to laugh when it suggested that you could feed a family of 4 breakfast on 1 can of baked beans (yes thats right – between 4 people), and 1 piece of toast each. They obviuosly dont have a teenage boy to feed LOL

  • replied to the topic Tell Us Your Story…. in the forum This Simple Life 11 years ago

    Chezza wrote:
    If there is anyone amoungst us who just walked away from their old life??…. Has anyone here just walked out of their job and decided it was the last day of “working for the man”, never to return??? Even though they had a few years of working life left in them and only ever dreamed about doing it… but then did it for…

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  • Whoa – you lot are inspirational. When we bought our 15 acres in 2008, one of our goals was to live off $100 per f/night for groceries (family of 4), and halve our utilities bills. We were hoping to start our little experiment in Jan of this year, but because of limited water we have put it back to Jan2011. We have installed 2 tanks – approx…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Holding moisture at the root zone in the forum Vegetables 11 years ago

    I am interested in this thread as I too have had water issues where we live (Western Vic). I have two vegie patches – 1st one about 15mtrs by 10, 2nd one about 10mtr by 10mts, more than enough space to feed a family of 4 plus a few friends. But atm we have limited water issues, and most of the beds are bare, and the plants that didnt die off are…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Hi from the mallee in the forum Introduce yourself 11 years ago

    ferngirl wrote:
    Virgill, we dont have a doc in our hospital either, I am a div 2 nurse. I’m doing a graduate conversion masters in social work, with my undergrad in visual arts. You have me thinking about the chooks and what I have laying around that I could house them in.
    Weaver, I know a few social workers that started as nurses to, My course is…

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  • replied to the topic Tragedy in the hen house in the forum Backyard livestock 11 years ago

    I know how you feel – we lost 3 out of our 4 turkeys a couple of nights ago, two of which where left in the paddock with only their heads removed and who were found by our children. It had attacked the neighbours chooks / ducks earlieri the week, and we thought we had secured the pen (placed chicken wire over the ringlock fencing and had dug part…[Read more]

  • Oh your places look so green – here in Western Vic, we are dry – very dry – and brown. Have had only 10mm rain since 1st Jan – and that was in the first 2 weeks of the month. Have started re-designing the way we use water around here. Hubby built me two vegie patches (is patch is 15mtrs by 7mtrs & has 9 beds – the second is about 10 mtrs by…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Hi from the mallee in the forum Introduce yourself 11 years, 1 month ago

    Hi Lisa,

    We moved to the grampians region (western Vic – on 15 acres) about 15 months ago to try the semi self suffiecenty thing. And yes its a huge learning curb hey, especially when you have always lived in the city and the biggest bit of land that I had was 700sqm which was mainly filled with the house LOL.

    You could probably still keep…[Read more]

  • CCbear – the problem I have is a lazy hubby and kids that dont seem to understand about turning things off when not in use. As I work FT – its really hard for me to police it. I have done all the other things like installing a quantum HWS, insulation, changing the lightbulbs, etc.

    But its looks like we will need a 3Kva system, as I would want the…[Read more]

  • Ok – I know nothing about solar, but as we have a small house (about 10sq) and a $500 electricity bill every quarter, I am interested.

    But funds are really tight atm – is it possible to still put in a solar power system which will cover our energy needs on such limited funds?

  • I have a 10mtr by 5mtr vegie patch (divided into 9 beds – 1 being for a permanent bed for rasberries, asparagus & rhubarb plants). And I found it was not big enough, so we are just putting in a second patch which is slightly smaller in size (but divided up into 4 beds only). I found that yes you could get a decent feed, but as we want to be able…[Read more]

  • Do you wake up with the headaches?

    The reason why I ask this, is TMJ strain generally happens when you are asleep (caused by grinding your teeth – when you grind your cusps on your teeth can lock your upper & lower jaws together thus strain the TMJ and the surrounding muscles).

    What a bite plate does is stop the jaws being locked together as…[Read more]

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