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  • I have a sheet of black plastic here that I’ve been using to kill weeds, so I can just pop that on top of my next heap!

    Actually, I have a cylinder of mesh, so If I wrap it in the black plastic that would work wouldn’t it…

    And I believe our local race course gives away their aged stable sweepings so I’m hoping to get some extra manure that…[Read more]

  • Thanks Marigold!

    Its on hard dry sandy ground, and sure enough when I had a really good look there were lots of ants in it! But, it does still hold moisture well and I’ve used it to plant a few things which are germinating, so I guess that’s a good sign.

    I’ll try and get my next batch a bit hotter and see how its different.

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    hmm I have the entire year planned for what I’m planting and when (following the moon planting principles in Lyn’s book), but its the WHERE to plant that’s the dilemma…

    The 9 weeks of gardening in this house are all recorded in my diary but obviously isn’t enough time to really give me a guide as to where to next.

    I guess I’m just going to…[Read more]

  • On this topic, what about the fat you trim off meat?

    We have to trim everything prior to cooking so I generally have a huge bag of frozen fat scraps in the freezer for bin day, but IF our chookie plans go ahead I was wondering if they would eat some of these scraps?


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    Hi Lyn,

    On page 200 of your book you say “if foliage becomes yellow even though drainage is good, apply fertiliser tea”

    So I interpretted that to mean they need good drainage :shy: Is that right?

    And I was having a dyslexic moment – the seaweed fertiliser is mentioned above that sentence in relation to seedlings – but I often get things like…[Read more]

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    We had a lovely little family of finch sized birds (never got a good look to see what they were) living in a nearby tree that were eating all the grasshoppers but they’ve moved, and the grasshoppers are now having a field day 🙁 Will get something to cover the beans with.

    I’m on town water here…

    I’ll also be more careful when watering to…[Read more]

  • Ok you guys have me convinced – we are getting chookies!!! 😀

    I’ll get my brothers onto building some type of tractor for me whilst I get some forage growing for them and find out where to source them… There is a poultry auction about 2 hours from here next weekend so I suspect I may just be going along now 😆

    The ones I saw had bright…[Read more]

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    ooh I could have written your post you know… from ovulation until the start of my period I’m shocking – but I also hve decreased tolerance for certain foods as well, so its more than just emotional for me.

    In the end, the only thing that has helped for me was to go on antidepressants from ovulation until period… I know this is certainly not…[Read more]

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    ooh they aren’t on my blog, but I should do a post on that soon actually!

    It was a kwik sew pattern that I used initially, but I’ll get onto that blog post this weekend.

    Should finish another set so I can show off more than my plain hemp ones 😀

    ETA – blog updated with pattern details now 😀

  • replied to the topic No Knickers Challenge! in the forum ALS Challenge Series 12 years ago

    well I can’t go without any… :shy:

    But have decided from now on my bottom will only be clothed in homemade goodness. I have made a hemp bra and undies set before and have had some bamboo velour ones cut out for ages, so this might just be the push I need to get in and finish them…

    Is that an ok compromise?

  • Hi Kippen,

    I’ve been having some puter issues so haven’t been around lately so I apologise for not replying sooner 🙁

    Anyway, it wasn’t covered in dirt, just during the building phase I would shovel a layer of dirt in every now and then – I usually put my vegie scraps down, put some dirt over the top, then some weeds/lawnclippings whatever else…[Read more]

  • ooh some fabulous new ideas! I just need to work out how to get the tap off though to refill them… They’d be fine for ice bricks…

    The floods in January last year out in Emerald caused a lot of water to be stored in the local mines and then released into the Fitzroy River. As a result there has been quite a lot of concern locally about the…[Read more]

  • Thanks for that thread Debby.

    I’ll start cutting the little blighters then. I’ve been getting usually 2 little nuts on each one – sneaky little things to have more!

    Maybe when I harvest my SP I’ll dig up a lot more of them…

  • hehehe I swear I wish they were wine casks after the day I’ve had 😆

    Scaring birds is a good idea though – have a few pesky ones in the back yard… And of course the girls would love pillows!

    I haven’t had casks in my house since a NYE many years ago when we played a rather looooong game of Wheel of Goon – and I sure don’t remember what we…[Read more]

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    thanks so much – might have to give chookies a miss for a while then 🙁

  • Thanks Ness 😀

    When you see how dark the pink is, could you please let me know? I’ll try and get some sense out of her (well as much as you can out of a 4 year old!) as to what she would actually like.

    She was ok wearing her’s as an anklet this morning to kindy and her teachers are very impressed – I think perhaps we might have worked out what…[Read more]

  • oooh I LIKE!!

    Actually, Em has asked me if she can get a *prettier* one – apparently she would like one that has more colours – so is it possible to do more than 2 colours at all? Or do you have pink and purple perhaps?

    Its all good though cos I’m planning on stretching hers a bit, and keeping it for me 😆

    G loves hers though and hates…[Read more]

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  • replied to the topic feeding chickens in the forum Backyard livestock 12 years, 1 month ago

    Skimbly I can’t answer your questions, but wanted to say thanks for resurrecting it as I have some other chook feeding questions!

    I’m still undecided about whether to get my girls some “girls”, would dearly love to, but the feeding aspect is my biggest concern.

    Due to our allergies, most grains would be out – corn is a massive problem here, as…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Banna Grass/GGang in the forum Propagation 12 years, 1 month ago

    wow a foot of growth in a month sounds like my kind of plant!

    Thanks GGang for bumping this – sounds just what I want!:D

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