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  • Hi, I’m from Acacia Ridge on the south side of Brisbane. I have a suburban block a little over 800sq metres. I love organic gardening and animals. Since i got dogs and chooks about ten years ago my vegie patch has been in big pots on tables. My ornamental gardens are going well with plastic trellis wire laid down and the plants planted in the…[Read more]

  • we live in suburbia and a couple of mine got out into the next door yard a couple of times so we had a crazy time trying to get them back over, you know how the grass is always greener….. and we only had low fences about 2’6 in some sections. We put up 4 foot fence wire with star pickets and eventually they got to know their boundaries and when…[Read more]

  • I love the chicken coop. The swing is a great idea. it looks quite roomy inside. i am always looking for ways to reuse things as well. i have 6 chooks . i also just happen to have an old swing set down the back which i was going to use as an archway and grow some vines(either ornamental or food) on but you have just given me an idea :clap:

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    i have heard of making worm towers to put in garden beds just with plastic pipes about a metre high with holes drilled in lower section. the pipe is placed upright into the soil about half way and put a lid on to keep out rain. so the worms (just earthworms that appear as if by magic when food is provided)live in the garden and come through to the…[Read more]