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  • Great thankyou! I will take more photos when they have developed a bit more, but we were told there was plum, peach, apricot, apple, just not which tree was which (and there is another 5-6 unknonws as well).

    Silly newbie question – will the ornamental weeping cherry give fruit, or is it just ment to look pretty:tongue:?



  • We live on the property, but the fruit trees are in the chook yard and in their day yard, and its visable from the house so I would prefer not to have a pile of rubble at the base of each tree;)

    But our summer is very dry, so maybe twigs placed around the base of the trees and the straw and other mulch placed on top would work ok. I was…[Read more]

  • I can see how the wire mesh would work, but I really need to have vages as some of my fruit trees are only small, plus I really need to have mulch around them to help reduce water loss as summer gets pretty hot and dry here.

  • replied to the topic Soil Prep for growing corn in the forum Vegetables 10 years ago

    I’m in Boyup Brook, which is in the south west of WA and its starting to get warm here – and dry, winter forgot us this year so all this talk of rain is making me very jealous!

    We started the bed today, so hopefully will have it ready to plant in the next few days (LOL there is a fair amount of shovelling of horse poo and soil between now and then!)

  • replied to the topic Soil Prep for growing corn in the forum Vegetables 10 years ago

    Great, thanks:) I have six horses and a shetland pony so an endless supply of fertilizer (its just a lot of hard work collecting it off 43 acres!)

  • Thanks guys:) LOL my normal lazy methods have not been overly successful in the past so I thought following some rules might be more successful:D

    I must admit to being mostly interested in companion planting in regards to pest control and attracting beneficial bugs, I know that there is alot more involved than just that, but I want to enjoy…[Read more]

  • Thanks for all that info MileyMoon! I hope to get some seedling herbs over the weekend. The only one I have growing at the moment is coriander (its the only thing that survived from last summers garden!)

  • ummm stink bugs? Gag:rip: not so sure I want to smell that (not too sure I’d like to eat something that smells like that either!). I will get a photo of it tomorrow…it didn’t die off in winter, it grew like mad, is probably closer to 90cm than 60cm but today I did notice little mauve flowers that remind me of brocoli. I think the photo is…[Read more]

  • LOL I’m not sure if we like coriander…umm I’m not much of a cook either;) But its the only thing that survived since last summer, so for the time being it can take pride of place in the vegie bed!

    I bought a few seedlings to get started (carrots, tomatos, strawberries an a couple of others) and have finally placed my order with edenseeds so I…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the tip, I will try and get some seedling mix tomorrow as I only have potting mix!

    Thanks weaver, I feel a bit more confident this afternoon, after pulling the rest of the barley grass out and turning the soil a bit to loosen up some of the old straw/manure that had formed into cakes and adding some loam from the paddock, the ‘dirt’ in…[Read more]

  • Thanks Herbman and Kasalia.

    LOL I am not usually an organized person, far from it in fact, but living in the country without a local Bunnings gives us time to think and research what we need (usually);) I would also much prefer the ‘bung it in’ approach but sadly that is probably the reason for my brown thumb and notoriety at killing plants…so…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Hi from southwest WA in the forum Introduce yourself 10 years ago

    Thanks everyone for the welcome! I have about a gazillion questions, but will try not to ask them all at once;)