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Aussies Living Simply

  • Hi bdm6125! I just noticed you are in Serpentine, I grew up in Mundijong so spent many a weekend at Serpy Falls!

    Oh yes, I love my kids but with us all living in each others pockets, my patience gets tested on a regular basis… can’t wait to finally have some privacy! Slab gets laid this Thursday yay!

  • Awww shucks :shy: thanks everyone!

    swaggie – sounds like you have a plan, good luck to you and I really hope it all works out!

    Ggang – Hello neighbour (sort of). I grew up in Mundijong and then lived in residential Baldivis and I’ve gotta say, the soil up here is so much better! We have loam, sand, pockets of limestone and marl and a ridge of…[Read more]