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  • It’s been years but here’s an update – $40k later and two girls through IVF (the eldest starts school next week), implanon to balance my hormones (I got lucky, some women get continuous bleeding), personal trainer twice a week (I’m still fat but I’m fitter than most people I know), top quality razor and sensitive shaving cream.
    My libio still…[Read more]

  • Yipee, yahoo and whoop whoop. I’ve ticked of 1, only 49 to go.

    Went through the clothes cupboards and got rid of all the stuff that we dont wear anymore. Still working on the material stockpile, so far have five full garbage bags and still have three boxes to sort out.

  • Our council decided that we needed mains water (after years of refusing) and called a town meeting to tell us we were getting it. The catch – we had to pay $14,000 per household, and thats before retrofitting plumbing to handle mains pressure. Then even if we didnt connect would still have to pay for it going past the house AND pay water rates,…[Read more]

  • I saw a homemade peg on the collectors website, it was made from strong fencing wire and kinda in the shape of a pretzle. I just crawled all over the site but they have change the format and cant seem to get anything from earlier that 2010.

    Commercially I always go for Reva.

  • I’m super interested in finding a slasher that tows behind a car, I have an old Suzuki soft top that has just been retired to the block as a chook chaser. Plan on making her into a tractor.

    I’ve heard about slashers that can do this, even plug into the cars electrics so dont need an independant motor, but can’t seem to find one. Anyone heard of…[Read more]

  • The conditions we set for ourselves when choosing childrens names were 1. will it work for both a child and and adult, 2. can it be spelt and pronounced easily by the general population, 3. must be tradional but classy, and 4. does it break down into mean nicknames.

    For our first child we went with Olivia, and our second (due in August) we have…[Read more]

  • A good indicator of worms is a lump under the chin, just above the throat. Most goats will get this if they have a high worm load.

  • replied to the topic What eats kikuyu? in the forum Backyard livestock 10 years, 6 months ago

    Pigs might, it depends on the breed some like to dig more than others. When they do dig its wonderful but fencing them in can be expensive as they can dig under the fence, or usually just lift it up and escape (especially if it is only a couple of metres square).

    If you decide on pigs dont go into breeding until you have a few years experience,…[Read more]

  • My worst dunny experience involved a full septic and blocked pipes. After having the septic emptied I found there wasnt enough money left to have the pipes cleaned out and in a rare moment of clarity decided to do it myself. The waste pipes are on the outside of the house so access was no trouble.

    Gloved up and ready to go I opened the dohicky…[Read more]

  • Here is a maths question – does 1 + 1 = 2?

    I know that submerging baby bottles in water and cooking for 8 minutes on high in the microwave will sterilise them.

    I also know that submerging metal in water will stop arking in the microwave (saw Huey do it to cook eggs).

    Does this then mean that recycled lids (from things like Dolmio bottles) can…[Read more]

  • This was our last home. The van was borrowed, the humpy cost $600 (including beer) and the tent was a hand me down. Just threw up some tarps to keep the rain off and some straw as a kitchen floor to keep the dust down.

    Loved the place and miss living there big time. The cows and pigs have moved in now and I cant see them moving out again 😀

  • I think a note should go home asking for permission for children to participate in Christian activities. I have no problem with my kids taking part and experiencing different religions, I believe that it encourages equality and understanding.

    Im not a Christian, and neither are my kids, but I do get hot under the collar when thier traditions are…[Read more]

  • Our local council dosnt do a curbside pick up, once every two years they stick a couple of tip vouchers on the bin and we have to take our rubbish to the tip ourselves. Its pretty neat because it works out to four trailer loads for us (we have two properties), but it does mean that there is nothing ever on the side of the road.

    When I was living…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Small corn plants in the forum Vegetables 11 years, 9 months ago

    We planted out a tray of punnets, about 40 all together, half one week and the other 5 days later. The first lot are twice the size and covered in cobs, the second lot are small and stunted with no corn as yet. The two plots are a foot apart and where cultivated the same way.

    Im starting to think there is something to be said for planting by the moon.

  • Stevia is difficult tog row from seeds and hard to import, most countries that grow it are on the customs hot list. Try to get either potted plants or cuttings, and they can be delicate so keep them away from where animals pass. They prefer a warm, but not tropical, enviroment.

    The dried leaves are 200-300 times sweeter than sugar and is…[Read more]

  • Good luck, goats have a habit of almost doing what you want and then turning and bolting for the hills. Dont try and get her back into the pen with the others, aim for a shed or fenced area where you can catch her and then put her away after.

    If you open the gate where the others are, while you are herding one in the rest will disappear. Also,…[Read more]

  • Making fruit juice wine can be very easy, I used this process for ages before moving up to a 5lt carboy with a proper airlock.

    Wine from a 2ltr juice bottle
    Purchase a 2L juice with no preservatives from the supermarket, seriously avoid pineapple or orange Most juices range from 100 – 150 g/L sugar. You need to draw off some juice and dissolve 50…[Read more]

  • I would be worried about using an oil based product for sunburn, especially if used before going out in the sun. What about the good old fashioned aloe vera, no processing required.

  • In the city I didnt know anybody who lived on my street, or even in my suburb for that matter. Here in the country I know nearly everybody, but they also know me. Good in an emergency and the town bands together to raise money for things like funerals or house fires, not so good when nothing is going on. Your business is not your own and alot of…[Read more]

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