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  • Thanks for the welcome. Bluewren I am very cautious about what we pull out. There are so many plants that I have never seen before and lots of people saying there are some very rare things indeed. So at this stage on the sick and the weedy are coming out until we get things properly identified.

  • I like the sound of this. I sew and have wanted to try my hand at quilting but just never seem to get around to it. Will each block be different? Will more experienced quilters be able to advise if others get into trouble? Is this what is called a friendship quilt? Do we actually post the pieces on to the next person at the end of the month? Not…[Read more]

  • Will definitely have to get to it soon. Not this weekend though as we are having disasters to deal with. Leaking pipe inside double brick wall after bathroom and kitchen reno’s! Hoping to fix it ourselves with minimal damage. Fingers crossed anyway.

  • How beautiful! You and hubby must be so proud. We have a dining table made from recycled ash finished with orange oil and wax and the finish is horrible. It looks great but you can’t put even a cup of coffee on it without marking and the wipe it down with a damp cloth? Forget it. Pretty handy really. We bought some of that burnishing oil a while…[Read more]

  • We just have an under sink filter on the main tap in the kitchen. Don’t know if this takes the fluoride out or not. Mum has one of the stone urn filter thingies from the health food shop but same again. They’re both pretty reasonable options and takes the taste out at least.

  • So tempted to give up the home phone since it’s only telemarketers who ever call. That means the internet goes too though! 🙁 Then I’ll have to use my sisters internet when I have to. And miraculously there will be so many more hours in the day that I won’t know what to do with myself. Maybe I’ll even get to do some housework. That ought to save…[Read more]

  • My dad grows his cucumbers and zucchinni up a fence like his peas and seems to have no trouble.

  • “The essential Vegetarian Cookbook” is a classic and full of lots of yummy things and Julie Stafford’s “Vegetarian Cookbook” is yummy and super healthy. The first one also has lots of info on going vegetarian and making sure you get enough nutrition which is extra important to us vego’s. It’s a classic on about it’s millionth edition by now.…[Read more]

  • Possums are a royal pain. We don’t have fruit trees as yet but I go round in the morning and pick up the half eaten lemons and oranges that they’ve stolen from various neighbours trees. They also steal the tomatoes in summer and I think capsicums and have taken fruit from the compost too. I’m planning on using some of those fruit fly bags this…[Read more]

  • This challenge is just what I need. We also have our accounts set up so a set amount goes into a ‘consumables’ account each week for fuel and groceries and spending. Thing is though that even though in theory it should be plenty, we always seem to spend it on the weekend and I might only have $50 left to do the groceries and I have on the odd…[Read more]

  • I bought 2 plants yesterday at Bunnings for $15 each. It’s a little expensive but it’s so exciting to be able to grow my own tea. I’m the only one who drinks tea in our house so I think 2 plants should be heaps. I’m not sure about where they’re planted though. They’re up against a north facing fence which gets pretty hot in summer and have morning…[Read more]

  • Hi all. Well, I am hedging my bets with this challenge having never planted winter veg before and also with a brand new veggie patch. I have planted some mixed cos lettuce in a pot, some brussel sprouts and red cabbage seedlings, broad beans, spinach, carrot and beetroot seeds, and broccoli seeds into trays, as well as some rosemary and italian…[Read more]

  • Mum has one of those ceramic bench top thingies (think she got from a health food store for around $100) and it takes the treated taste out fine, a little slow though. We have an under sink attached to tap one and I find it’s fantastic. For taste I think it’s much of a muchness with mum’s and the water treatment is different either side of the…[Read more]

  • Serena Oh love your baby!
    I was ganna get a Husky looks almost the same from the RSPCA but DF said :tdown: 😐

    Huskies do have a pretty bad reputation and certainly aren’t the most obedient critters around but they have so much personality and we just love her to bits.

    But thats a bug garden you ganna have, may i ask how you will get stuff from…

    [Read more]

  • Wohoo – It worked! Thanks for the link Scarecrow and thanks especially to you Doc for the info. It worked a treat.

    Thanks to you too Gothic Mumma. I will check out your link now.

  • Here come the photos – hopefully!

    This is the result of our working bee last weekend

    Lots of yummy mulch and good stuff

    Finish it off with some straw and a new compost bin in the middle

    Poor baby! Mummy & Daddy made me a sandpit and filled it up with yummy stinky stuff then locked me out!

  • No photos. Ah well. You’ll just have to use your imaginations.

  • So last weekend we began to establish our new veggie garden with a little working bee. It measures about 5m x 7m, which according to my dodgy maths is around 35 square metres. There was previously just lawn there.

    We cemented in some posts for the fence and gate. We dug out the grass because it was a very hardy turf and we thought we would have…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic So disappointing in the forum Ornamental Gardens 12 years, 1 month ago

    We have a tree preservation order in our town and frankly the council are ridiculous. We have a massive blue spruce in the front yard which is really close to the house and destroying the paths, has ripped the power line from the front of the house in a storm, drops branches all the time and is probably interfering with pipes and foundations etc.…[Read more]

  • I’d love to give this a shot. We boxed up the garden last weekend and dug out all of the grass because it was going to get too expensive to build the edging higher and fill. Also turf was quite hardy and dense so we thought we might have ongoing issues if we left it in. Hubby and brother-in-law are absolute machines when you finally drag them away…[Read more]

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