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  • Thanks everybody :hug:

    Hey Doc I’m not sure how many 21 year old grandmothers there are!!! :confused::shrug:

    I’m happy to be 53 :tup:

    And yes Doc did spoil me all day yesterday :kiss:

  • replied to the topic Wicking bed question in the forum Vegetables 11 years, 1 month ago

    Sandy loam over the plastic on the bottom will make a good base. My first ones had sandy loam in the bottoms and worked well.
    Folks are using lots of different things in the bases and most seem to work ok. Don’t spend loads of money on your garden it will feed you just as well without the expense!

    For the topsoil, I was thinking a blend of the…

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  • replied to the topic Worms … in the forum Backyard livestock 11 years, 1 month ago

    ma wrote:

    Bron wrote:
    I think my wicking boxes are too wet, everything is dying 🙁 DO you need to let soil/compost mix dry out a bit each time before adding more water?)

    Bron, I have made one wicking bed that is so bloomin’ wet that the moss grows on the top of the soil (oops!) … took me a LOT of effort to make that one (a very deep-dug…

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  • gringo wrote:
    Receipe for non disintegrating hard as rock sheep nuggets.

    Empty bag of recalcitrant nuggets on a mowable surface, set the mower on about number 2 setting, attach catcher, instant talcum powder quality fertiliser ready to add to whatever.

    Trust me it works :tup::tup::tup:

    :tup: Sounds absolutely brilliant Gringo….except for one…[Read more]

  • Bobbee wrote:
    Hey Doc if you don’t wear your hair ‘thusly’ your hair will keep your ears warm…..

    But Bobbee if he did not wear his hair ‘thusly’ he would not be able to see a thing! 😆

  • No Sweetie :kiss:

    Remember, that day we have a picnic planned with your lovely in-laws…isn’t that just going to be your favourite day of the year! 😉 :rol:

    I just posted this to let all the ALSers in Adelaide know about the workshops! :tup:

  • Good one NavChick and SO :metal:

    I shall watch your experiments :geek:

  • Hey NavChick
    I told you not to over think this! Now there is another clip for me to watch. 😆
    I’m sorry but I can’t answer questions about how other people make their beds I only know mine work and I’m happy with the way everything grows in them.

    Best thing is to have a few test boxes and see which works best for you! Have fun :tup:

  • Argh! Jen I stopped doing the newsletter last year when I was studying and now I don’t have the access (on the site) to do them!

    The site is supposed to be moving to a new format (has been ongoing for over a year now) so maybe when that happens the newsletters might come back! :shrug:

  • Awww Col I can see I’m really going to have sit down and watch that clip aren’t I. :p

    Hiya NavChick/Lizzy :wave:
    Long Time No See

    It’s not a dim question at all. I felt the same for a while!

    The ideal stuff to top-up with is well (home) made compost. I rarely have enough of that so I buy bagged compost, organic (as much as I can) mushroom…[Read more]

  • Great bit of rain there VH we’ve had around 4mm but over here that’s a downpour! Brings the total for this year to 43.5mm. It must be Anzac weekend it always rains!!! 😀

    I have downloaded the video of that episode from here but have to admit I haven’t been able to sit and watch it yet. :shy:

    It did look like an expensive way to go about it but…[Read more]

  • urban-wombat wrote:
    OKAY scarecrow… just had a look at your gardens ‘Mud Map’ ..


    I’m not sure it’s your garden..I reckon ALS should get Chief Inspector Clouseau on the case .. And find out who’s garden it really is..

    Evidence .. it shows four chooks and one bobtail…BUT…no Doc enjoying the fruits of your labor ..:D

    Now that’s…

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  • Applebee wrote:
    Thanks for the reply, Scarecrow, feeling more motivated to salvage
    some remaining plants possibly.
    Applebee :awch:

    It takes time Applebee. I gave up growing brassicas one year in an effort to break the aphid cycle. It didn’t work and they were back the next year.

    For some reason Doc refused to eat broccoli with bugs in it…[Read more]

  • Argh! Jessiebean you must have had some wet weather lately…

    For white fly you need to work on improving your soil for a long term solution. According to Jackie French (in the The Organic Garden Problem Solver)

    Whiteflies prosper where the soil is deficient in phosphorus or magnesium

    She suggests adding rock phosphate, dolomite or (and only)…[Read more]

  • chrisk wrote:
    Thanks for your question too Applebee, I would like to know the answer to that as well. I wonder if scarecrow could post a list for us? Chris

    I hope I’ve answered the question enough and that link should provide further info. 🙂

  • Thank you Kaff…I still love your little scarecrow in my avatar. :hug:

    And Bobbee I just know all the op shops in Australia are going to be devoid of anything resembling a net curtain !!!! 😆

    And Jen it’s great to have you back! :hug:

    And Col I’m working on a reply to your comment too! 😉

    I think that’s caught up on all the comments so…[Read more]

  • The Mt Pleasant Natural Resource Centre has a web page here with workshops listed but TBA next to it. Perhaps you could email them and express your interest in attending a workshop. They probably have to wait to get the numbers to run one.

    1Aquaponics looks like it ran workshops last year but again no dates for this year. This is a link to their…[Read more]

  • AbbysMum wrote:
    Scarecrow, you mentioned Parcel twice .. I have never heard of it … I did a net search and nothing turned up ,,,, ummm what is it ?
    Susan 😀

    Parcel is Apium graveolens var. Secalinum also known as Leaf Celery. It’s actually a form of wild celery with a parsley like growth habit. Today’s celery was developed from these wild…[Read more]

  • Hi lynnie
    The nets are cheapo net curtains we get from opshops or garage sales. They don’t last forever but I get a few seasons out of them and they are easily repairable (can sew up the holes).

    I find them easy to sew together to fit over the arches we use and they are secured with those tiny clampy things you can buy in the cheap shops. :tup:

  • Garden Planting Update for Autumn/Winter 2010.
    Those marked Old were grown over summer and still remain as of April.

    Winter Garden Layout in the Main Vegetable Garden

    Bed 1 Wicking Bed
    Old: Eggplant Long Purple
    Capsicum Hungarian Yellow Wax
    New – Garlic Monaro Purple
    Silverbeet Rainbow Mix x 4
    Cabbage Ethiopian x 2
    Mixed greens Spinach x…[Read more]

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