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    For me the best way i grow things (and i now have a space for this) is to toss a heap in the garden and let them grow.
    Although last time i just cracked open one of my capsicums i was going to eat and just tossed them in and put some soil over them. They started coming up everywhere lol
    I had over 20 plants that came up and have 10 in at the…[Read more]

  • wilburandsally post=301542 wrote: And I might suggest that if your levels of anger and hostility are so close to the surface that maybe you should be looking at yourselves and your own attitude to your fellow human beings, rather than their behaviour that makes you fume.

    Gemjill, what I think is happening is that some of the writers here are…

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  • gemjill post=301521 wrote: It is heartening to hear how all you people who have not experienced this sort of situation would all handle it so much better than those that have.

    Washing things is great when you have a washing machine.
    Keeping things is fab when you’ve got somewhere to store it.

    The insurance companies won’t be paying out; they…

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  • bushy post=301496 wrote: My sympathies are with the ppl of Toowoomba, Grantham and similar towns that were hit by flash flooding, not so much for the flood prone areas of Brisbane, they knew the water was coming and only the foolish wouldn’t have known that their suburb was a flood zone

    Bushy that doesn’t make what the people of “flood prone…[Read more]

  • Gothmother post=301433 wrote: It really is getting difficult to know who to trust. this is disgusting and people responsible should be named and prevented from ever holding an abn and jailed for a very long time. truthfully I am for shooting them, we don’t need scum like this in the world.

    Agreed 🙂

    I also wonder how they keep getting a ABN.

  • Its sad cos you think your doing the right thing for the enviroment and you get scammed (not everyone is like this but this is how people prey, find out what is in demand and BAM! Got ya!). Sad! I dont know why money is more important then standards? Cant people be happy without scamming those who dont have the money to be scammed away? Not saying…[Read more]

  • dixiebelle post=301362 wrote: Sorry I didn’t expand on that more! The OARS method is explained in the post I linked to, based on Kathy Harrisons method, as it was an easy way to approach the tasks we think are needed to get prepared.

    I like the method set out by Kathy Harrison in her book “Just in Case – How to Be Self Sufficient When the…

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  • May i ask what is the O.A.R.S Method and are we talking stockpiling of food?

    I’m sorry I’m just not clear on what it is we are ment to be doing 🙂 But id love to learn and join in.

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    Helen & Mick 🙂 Lovely to meet you and enjoy. Look forward to hearing about your transition and good on you for making the change 🙂

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    Gothmother post=301259 wrote: not being a huge fan of Anna Bligh I do give full credit for the way she has handled this emergency. I really hope she keeps handling things well when it is time to be rebuilding.
    It is something quite unique about Aussies though, that we do pretty much live our own lives till there is a problem, then everyone…

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    Bel post=301256 wrote: Picked this with the help of DS4 the other day. He said it was the biggest carrot in the world!

    Oh WOW! My attempt to grow carrots failed big time lol
    That looks HUGE tho!

  • hahaha those are GOLD moment guys! Thanks for the :laugh:

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    Shangri La post=301197 wrote: can anyone tell me if beans or peas ect can be grown now?

    where are you Sarah Jane?

    Try to find out what you can plant.

    Sorry Mid North Coast.
    Thanks for the link im off to look now 🙂

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    edensgate post=301212 wrote:

    I re-read your post and I can see no connection to ‘Zen’.

    Me too. And politics is mentioned in the first sentence so talking about the current politicking wouldn’t appear to be off topic necessarily.

    But if irony is what you seek, then I find it ironic that we normally wouldn’t acknowledge our neighbours on a…

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  • replied to the topic What did you harvest today? in the forum Vegetables 9 years, 1 month ago

    2 capsicums and 2 strawberries.

    My watermelon vine has gone crazy tho 🙂
    Im happy with that if it gives me some 🙂

    I need to get back and get fully organised with my garden this year i just threw things in here and there and its kinda disorganised haha
    I have 9 capsicum plants in and at diffrent stages and i am growing more tom plats to put…[Read more]

  • Fishfood post=301131 wrote: There is all types in the world theres a story on another forum i visit where a man bought a heap of bread from a supermarket and was selling bread on the side of the road for $20.00 a loaf just as well idident see it i would have run over his stand

    Thats dispicable!

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    That is not for publicity that is a true aussie and im not even a Kevin fan although i am very proud of him. He even told the reporter to help cos he wont stand and waste time while he could be walking and talking lol

    Its just refreshing to see him out there getting wet trying to help and…[Read more]

  • BlueWren post=301071 wrote: In the middle of all the bad news and tragedy may I just share some good news from Brisbane.Our second grandson arrived safely there today.Little Finn Cooper C is going to have a permanent reminder of these terrible floods.

    Congrats BW and family, that is beautiful 🙂

  • Bless you Missy 🙂
    That man’s attitude is shocking!

    I do think it will be a big adjustment for a lot of people but others like this group can do small things with in our means to help them. I’ll do what i can to help cos its shocking. I have a friend up there and family who have evacuated as water rushed in the front door 🙁 So when i can get in…[Read more]

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    I think you both make good points 🙂 but the fact is that those who need the help get it. That should be the bottom line and if pollies are big noting themselfs in the process i personally dont care cos people who need the help is what i care about. Now if they werent getting the help and the pollies were big noting themselfs then id be :angry:

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