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  • I visited 4 houses this past weekend for sustainable house day – It was very motivating seeing how other people had set up their gardens / veggie patches especially one excellent property that was biodynamic. Well done to all those people who open up their homes and lives so that others can see what they have done.


  • I am a very happy person – I have just rescued a set of over 100 fowlers vacola jars (different sizes), some lids and a stove top unit from the hard waste (it is the best sport in our neighbourhood at present going around and seeing what people are throwing out!)

    I have a question about the stove top unit though – it is old and has a small amount…[Read more]

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    We are also about to do the same thing – live in a shed without any conveniences – lucky I like camping.

    Our neighbour did the bath outside with a fire underneath and it worked well – even when it was snowing. We also use baby wipes for a “mini freshen up” – you have to get the more expensive ones though as they work better.

    We havent…[Read more]

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    Thanks Rhonda – that would be great


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    Hi everyone,

    Did the live chat on breadmaking go ahead on the weekend? I had to work so I could not participate. If it did go ahead is there a transcript of what was said so I can catch up?


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    I didnt have any trouble getting on to the website


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    Thanks for sharing your progress with us flyingfox – it is great to read about what other people are up to.


  • We are in the second house in a row with a nut grass problem. The best time to get rid of it is when the baby nut grass nodules are not breeding up on the parent nut grass (there is a proper term for this but it escapes me!). Otherwise when you dig up the nut bulb – the little nut bulbs, usually lots and lots of them, break off and stay in the…[Read more]

  • As a shift worker I dont think that having a strict planner of activities for each day would work as in any given week I rotate through working early shifts, late shifts, very late shifts and night shifts. Depending on when I start and finish and how tired I am to an extent dictates when I do what around the house and in the garden. However the…[Read more]

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    HI Rhonda,

    Thanks for the recipe and tutoria – I have picked up some new tips already. Is the online chat on Sunday 2pm eastern standard time or doesnt it matter (I am in Adelaide) – I just dont want to miss it!!!

    Also I wondered if anyone knows whether Laucke flour contains bread improver? I have an opened bag and have discarded the…[Read more]

  • I would like to be involved with this too as I bake bread by hand (with quite a bit of success) but I am sure there are lots of tips I could pick up.

    Rhonda the recipe you listed is different to the one I have been using of yours that was in the “recipes” section – the one in this thread has milk powder in it – how does that make it different to…[Read more]

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    I finally got myself organised and tried some “moon planting” of some spring onions and pak choi the other week. I was amazed at the results. My seedlings came up in less than half the time the packet said it would take. Was it due to moon planting? or my mini green house? or the afternoon when the seed tray got quite warm, but the soil was…[Read more]

  • Diarrhoea in pets is definitely worrisome. Our dog lizzy (11months old) has had diarrhoea on and off since she was 4 months old, ranging from it being very severe and requiring a vet visit to just a once off bout.

    If you have ruled out any infecious cause ie viruses, bacteria etc through your vet then it may be down to working out through…[Read more]

  • Scarecrow and Doc,

    I hope you realise how much your advice (and everyone elses!!) and willingness to share your experiences is appreciated.

    Keep up the sharing and the nice (and funny) things you say about each other because I really enjoy it.


  • Michelle,

    It is great to see you lay your expenses out like you have. I certainly find I can learn a lot from reading about what other people are spending. I think what we all need to keep in mind that we are all at different places in our lives – some have kids, “elderly pets”, large mortgages, small mortgages, differring levels of paid work…[Read more]

  • The literature that I got with my worm farm said that the worms will tolerate up to 30 degrees of heat. I live in Adelaide and quite often our summers days are well above that for prolonged periods of time. At present it is 40 degrees outside! :rip: I have put my worm farm in a very shaded position so it gets no direct sunlight, and have it on…[Read more]

  • Hi Theresa,

    Congratulations on moving one step closer to realising your dream. We are also about to commence owner building on our land and after speaking with a few people took it as a given that we would have to finance our project ourselves as the banks do not look kindly to lending to owner builders.


  • Hi Scarecrow and Doc,

    The world certainly is a small place – West Hindmarsh is good, a lot of the character homes are being done up (along with ours) and it is still a wonderful melting pot of different cultures. We have had two homes in this suburb – one on South Rd (still choking from the fumes!) and one a few streets back (our current one)…[Read more]

  • Hi scarecrow (and doc),

    You are both amazing – you have such an ordered way of keeping your records which obviously gives you a lot of joy and I would think increases your yields. I really enjoy your blog – great for someone like me who has been growing vegies for a while but in a haphazard way. My husband and I are about to move to our…[Read more]

  • Who doesnt have more gadgets than they need! – my favourites are my $5 tomatoe knife and a “v slicer” – makes great french fries that cook quickly, coleslaw and chops up vegies really small for pasties and the best bit is it doesnt use electricity.


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