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  • replied to the topic More mutant garlic? in the forum In the Garden 6 years, 5 months ago

    Had to give up on the elephant garlic as those little corms seem to just pop up everywhere and take over.

  • Need to get some spinach growing Judi so you have the strength of Popeye to get through all that’s on your plate!

    Hi, Bobbie, feeling back to my old self again and have spent the last 2 days out in the garden planting seeds, transplanting and fertilizing, as we have finally been getting some good rain here after a very dry spell.

  • My garden in Ingham was like that Judi after a big flood, couldn’t get anything to grow, was hard back breaking work digging it over to aerate the soil and had to add a lot of organic matter before it would produce again.

  • They do take some time to go to fruit and the sweetest fruit ripen in the warmer months. The real bugbear for me was weeding around them as they are spikey little beggers!

  • Hi HT, sounds yukky, maybe experiment a bit with salt and seasonings or add the powder to soups or casseroles to enrich it?
    I just dry my veges and add them to a stock base.

  • Hi Bel, hoping I’m good soon and looking forward to getting back in the garden.
    Starting Over…………that’s a BIG health scare! Take life a bit steadier from now on.

  • Hi Bob’s :), I drop in for a look see now and then but have had a horror run with my health in the last year so haven’t been as active in the garden. But hoping I can get into more soon with spring on it’s way as I get this irresistible urge to get my hands into some dirt!

  • Planted one here last year and it has weathered our cold winter well Gabs. Didn’t know about the male and female issue so will be keeping an eye on it over spring.

  • replied to the topic asparagus update & ? in the forum The Garden Log 7 years ago

    Looks just like my asparagus bed Len, I also planted mine in half a water tank but much closer plantings…………….should I move some of the crowns in spring?
    Have decided to leave the dying top growth on over winter to protect the crowns from frost and cut back and mulch in spring.
    Got to eat a few shoots of the seedlings I planted last…[Read more]

  • Gotts sgree that mutton has more flavour
    We do our own home kill and put lambs in the freezer last month but put the rest of them back out into the paddock to grow on to develop more taste.
    If you like hogget( 2 tooth ) and mutton you are more likely to see it on the market over…[Read more]

  • I’ve done both, had problems with incubators and power failers and big chooks squashing eggs and by far the best is bantam hens for hatching and raising youngsters. Have had them hatch ducks as well…………bit confusing for the little mums when they swim in the water dish!
    Bantams don’t need a huge amount of room or feed, don’t squash eggs,…[Read more]

  • Think shelter from strong winds will be important, didn’t think I would be able to grow citrus here on the New England tablelands but blow me over there are some very healthy and productive trees around this area. So bit the bullet and bought a few and planted them.

  • Ah, well, looks like you will have a “pet” lamb :-), hope it all goes well with the little one Vickie, the first three days are criticle, if she was out in the mob she wouldn’t have even stood a chance. As long as she keeps feeding from the bottle she at least will have that chance.
    We bought dorpers earlier this year, 30 ewes and a ram and this…[Read more]

  • If you can pen her with the runt and the other 2 near by but not in the pen with her and let the runt have a good feed of mum’s colostrom it will have a better chance of surviving. You can then suppliment feed it with the bottle but still let it stay with mum and the siblings as they are animals with a strong herd instinct.

  • Hanging meat does improve taste and texure BUT it must be done at a constant tempriture below 5C to stop the meat spoiling, so usually a cold room is a must.
    We only hang lamb overnight, beef from a week to ten days and venison a minumum of 10 days (with the hide on)…………..don’t know about pork as we dont grow our own, the wild pork we trap…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Our Patch in the forum The Garden Log 8 years, 5 months ago

    Ironic, rain washed away your access last year and this year not enough to drink…………come on mother nature be nice to Judi send her some rain but not all in one go!

  • Will be a very peacefull quite day for me…………..just me and the dogs, with the move the kids are not here for Christmas this year and Dh is in PNG.
    First Christmas in my life that I;m not cooking up a storm :woohoo:

    Hope all my ALS family have a wonderfull day :hug:

  • When you pick them put them straight into a large tub of water and the sap sinks to the bottom……………..leave them for about ten minutes. The riper the fruit on the tree the less sap squirts out.

  • Congatulations Andre, hope it’s a super success :clap:

  • replied to the topic Mauzi's place in the forum Property Tales 8 years, 5 months ago

    Some good hatchings Mauzi :tup: , they are so cute when they are little but doesn’t take them long to get to that gawky stage. Do you eat your ducks?

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