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  • Got home tonight from a day away to find a couple of lambs chewing through my tomatoes and their mothers going through the rest of the garden…

    That can’t help!

    Oh well, at least I’ve established that they don’t eat zucchini!

  • narelleh wrote:
    I am positive as Robatclare says that there is some sort of gautantee for everyone to have some type of ph access

    A quick search of Telstra turned up:

    (Sorry if I got confused between the Universal Service Obligation and the Customer Service Guarantee)

    Just ring Telstra…[Read more]

  • I had a bean last week… One individual bean from a few packets of seeds and two remaining plants.

    If the bunnies didn’t get them, skippy did – or maybe the neighbours sheep that came though?

    Then the 40+ degree days and the leaves turned brown and crunchy. They recovered a bit but I’m not holding out much hope with 35+ degree forecast for the…[Read more]

  • Teltra do have an obligation under the universal service guarantee to provide a voice service. The can choose how to provide that service though – copper line (normal), mobile link or more specific solutions.

    Satellite is always an option for internet (except in very exceptional cases) but is always last on the list of preference.

    An external…[Read more]

  • porgey wrote:
    What is AFAIK?

    “As far as I know”

    Great link to Rainwater Hog BTW. I’d never considered this option.

  • Since this came up I’ve been watching one of my plants that was pruned before it really got going.

    It still has good leaves, but is not expanding and shooting again – just surviving.

    There’s plently of space so I’ll leave it and find out later.

  • I have some that have had their leading shoot removed (by kangaroos or rabbits, I think) and it will depend on the age of the plant and the health as to whether it will reshoot.

    Other plants have multiple of their own accord.

    You should be able to get something up before Anzac day. Just plant some more seeds now and see. Obviously seedlings…[Read more]

  • Fruit and veg waste (wet material), straw (dry material), and maybe some manure in layers works for me.

    Depending on your climate or the bin position, you may need to water occasionally.

    Stirring through every few weeks with a fork or one of those cool compost stirrers (looks like part of a spring on the bottom of a handle) helps the air to…[Read more]

  • swaggie wrote:
    I am also curious to know how you fitted your driving lights?
    Where do the mounts attach to inside the grill?

    The mounts were just flat steel bent almost in a Z shape (but with 90 degree bends) and holes drilled in the base for the mount and the exposed tabs for the lights. Using a decent gauge of steel and the smallest mount…[Read more]

  • This is an interesting discussion with so many things to consider!

    I have a bit of experience with the Charade in the bush as I drove my 4 cylinder (1.2L) up the Oodnadatta Track, into NT, across the QLD border, down to Birdsville and then through Western NSW to Victoria before doing the entire East Coast and back to Adelaide.

    If you go to http:/…[Read more]

  • It is a tough one and everyone’s circumstances are different.

    For many years, I was ahead on my private cover, averaging a couple of surgeries a year that would have been $10k to pay.

    I’ve spent time in ortho wards of public hospitals as well and am not going back. For me I saw a different level of care between public and private.

    I’m always…[Read more]

  • I hate to recommend Telstra, but if you are travelling then it is the only way to go…

  • Metu wrote:
    Good luck with the build rob and meg!! If we lived closer I’d say, we’ll come and help you. :tup:

    Your house has been a long time coming. :wave:

    Yep – a long time coming… But it is ok, we’ve changed plan again after some good advice and a lot of battling with bureaucracy and have designed what I wanted a couple of years ago.

    The…[Read more]

  • We’ve been living in our 6m x 9m shed for a couple of years and are comfortable, but looking forward to the house.

    Our house design is about 190 square metres – open plan ground floor, bedrooms and office upstairs and a separate room to walk to for laundry/bathroom.

    Heaps of shaded decking outside and a balcony upstairs add extra outdoor room,…[Read more]

  • Gleanert wrote:
    What do others think of living in a converted colourbond shed – has anyone done it?

    We’ve been living in a shed for a couple of years now (wow – time flies!) and it is OK for us as we know it is only temporary until we build our house (steel frame straw bale).

    Cold is OK as we have a wood heater, but hot is not so good as we…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Plug your SA town in the forum This Simple Life 11 years, 5 months ago

    It’s a hard question – getting out of town to live, but still working in town limits your choices.

    Commute time will eat into your day – every work day. You could be looking at an hour plus each way.

    I’m too far out to suggest Clare! I wouldn’t consider commuting from here at two hours each way – I barely do it every two months at the…[Read more]

  • Its funny, I didn’t even think of the fish – we left them in the pond. We were about 10km away when the thought of the 30 sheep in the paddock came to mind…

    The fire was contained and the rain last night should take care of any flare ups. The fire was in the conservation park which is very steep and there would have been stumps still…[Read more]

  • Back home after implementing our fire plan last night (GTFO).

    Got a call from a neighbour about 1am that there was a fire in the conservation park about a km away. Packed up and left within ten minutes and the fire was contained by about 10am.

    Bit of a wake up call with the weather and how dry the long grass is…

    Helicopters have left now, so…[Read more]

  • Ave a go wrote:
    Go Ruddy! Lets see if he’ll practice what he preaches.

    I doubt it!

    All he needs to do is keep both sides hoping and string it all out.

    Call me a cynic, but if he makes statements like these then those on the “greener” side of life will be happier.

    Then he ensures the growth (not reduction) of the coal industry that effectively…[Read more]

  • Congrats on owning your place!

    angelpuss wrote:
    Don’t let anyone tell you that you are “lucky”, it takes a lot of work and determination to acheive what you have, so don’t be afraid to take credit for your efforts.

    I totally agree with the above. People often tell me I’m lucky to have what I have, but I’ve worked hard for it and gone without to…[Read more]

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