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  • I havent been on for ages maybe a year or so, Ive had lots of piglets and loads of veges, this years crop will be about 70-80 chillies from fire to habanero and jalapeno thai birds eyes, But lots of pumpkins and so far loads of tomatoes..I bought two hand grafted grosse lisse last year and i couldnt believe how much they produced between two to…[Read more]

  • I called mine “Willoughby”

    Like as in Willoughby a complete disaster, Willoughby the death of me, Willoughby my financial ruin, or Willoughby my home and sanctuary.

  • I haven’t watched tv as such since 2013 but still get to enjoy watching tv shows and movies ad free via the nbn and downloading what I’d like to see and leaving out all the constant negative consumerism that plagues today’s media. I love it. Everything comes in via download and I have a Google chromecast I stream it to my big screen tv from my…[Read more]

  • New site looks great. Hi all. Looking forward to this year with rebuilding chook ducks and my pigs enclosures and much much bigger vege gardens. And with the rain we have just had it looks like the years off to a great start. I hope this finds everyone healthy and happy.