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  • oops I meant couch not coach!!!:lol:

  • Well it seems to be working so far, the kids are loving cooked breaky (we had beans & poached eggs this morning…yum!…no toast) and I was soo ready for bed by 9pm last night that I started to fall asleep on the coach, but more importantly, I actually slept through well, & was up before 7 again & revved for another day..
    The weather has turned…[Read more]

  • Great news on this one, i did indeed talk to the mum a couple of weeks ago & by the time I did it seemed the girls had sorted things out reasonably well. The mum knew nothing at all & had not banned the girls from seeing each other, rather, had told her daughter that if she was not behaving at home that there would be no play dates with my DD for…[Read more]

  • I made a happy list last week of things I like to do for me or alone that make me feel happy (obviously). One off the list every day….
    well I dont always manage every day, maybe I’ll laminate it & blue tack it to the fridge so I see it every day & remind myself to do something!!

  • Interesting that I found this thread. I was online just yesterday, googling something totally unrelated & ended up on the wwoofer site. It got me very interested in becoming a host as we will be building a “green” house next year & I have put aside about half an acre to go down for my permy kitchen garden, as well as an orchard & native trees…[Read more]

  • Just one word….why?????:rip:

  • replied to the topic Friends & daughters in the forum Families and the Home 10 years ago

    Thanx guys for the advice & encouragement. DD seems to be feeling a bit better after a couple of days to think it over. And we’ve had a few talks about expected behaviour, being responsible for your own actions & making choices. I told her she needs to think “would this be ok with mum?” before she acts & if the answer is no then she shouldnt be…[Read more]

  • Our kitty would probably ended up drowned if we didnt get her. The person we got her off has about 3 cats who all roam far & wide & who were having 2 or more litters a year….each. she slowly got them fixed one at a time after people spoke to her about it, but there was more litters in the mean time. Im sure most of the kittens went to people who…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic No challenges in the forum ALS Challenge Series 10 years ago

    Does that mean any of us can get a challenge started if there isnt one? :geek: all this time I thought it was someones allocated job :shrug:

  • replied to the topic No challenges in the forum ALS Challenge Series 10 years ago

    :tup: narelleh
    Looks like thats this months challenge!
    Im in too, I seem to have forgotten to be kind to me lately, I think its all the grey days we’ve had, catching up on me. Think I might re write my “happy” list & make a point of doing 1 thing off it each day.

  • :jawdrop: What a stupid man!!!!
    Its all about money. Very Sad

  • Ditto to all of you, I am too appalled for words:@

  • Thanx for sharing that….very sobering, very true.
    We have a very much loved, desexed, indoor only cat. If she goes out at all its on her lead & harness.
    It makes my blood boil how many puppies & kittens are bought on impulse or as pressies & then end up being put to sleep or let go feral by irresponsible people who lose interest in them when…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Cheeky friend in the forum General chat and catching up 10 years ago

    I know you have had a few answers like this robyne but :rip: what a horrid person. I dont know you personally, excepting for your ALS posts, so based on them, I have to say, you dont deserve to be treated like that. Your son is definately right.
    Stealing from anyone is wrong, but from the deceased :jawdrop:
    If it were me, I would have nothing more…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Buddhism in the forum Simple philosophy 10 years ago

    What a great thread:tup: My beliefs have been mainly pagan for a long long time but I have always been drawn to buddism to, although I have not looked into it as indepth as I would like to. Perhaps now I will after reading this, after all there was a reason that this thread stood out to me when I logged on. And I am very interested in reading…[Read more]

  • Me too….I swear a bit more than I should….& children are perfect parrots!!:uhoh:

    Chezza & bluezbandit, my DDnumbers 1& 3 also used to often ask the “remember when” referring to things that happened before this life, like “remember before we were here…when I was your mum?”
    And about a year ago DD5 started talking about her friend “Fred” who…[Read more]

  • I too had millipede problems in my vege patch, after being told they wouldnt eat much….they ate all my seedlings:@
    I had a thread about it, asking for help too (& there was some helpful tips) but Im sorry, I dont know how to post the link.
    I used the multiguard pellets but didnt notice too much difference, there was some though, my DH went…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic GTG Perth early Oct? in the forum Western Australia 10 years ago

    Bummer!! I only just saw this & we only just got back from Perth on Wed……:( Oh well hopefully we can get up for the next one. Have fun tomorrow those of you who catch up

  • Our shire is made up of 3 towns with local general stores (very expensive) but we are getting an IGA & the closest centre also has IGA, if we travel the 120km to the biggest centre the main shopping is coles & woolies, so there is no real price competition & the fresh produce in these places is usually quite old & grown with intensive farming…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Reader's Digest in the forum General chat and catching up 10 years ago

    :lol::lol: Andre, I thought they were only found in doctors surgery waiting rooms….:lol: I stand corrected & now intrigued, might have to get a copy

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