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    I think the party who can create the most positive spin, and who can deflect the most negative spin will win. Unfortunately sooo many people nowadays form their opinion on a five second sound bite.

  • weaver wrote:
    It isnt even a proper certificate, it is a statement of attainment which really means absolutely nothing.

    I believe that statement of attainment means a lot from a RTO (registered training organisation)
    For example the courses I do through the SES, the statement of attainment ones are nationally reconized, whereas the statement of…[Read more]

  • I think it is correct that people go all obsessive over anti-bacterial, but on the flip side going into a shop to buy some thing and the person behind the counter has a cold and wiping their nose with the back of their hand then giving you change, the little bottle of alcohol based wash I keep handy is invaluable.

  • If you season cast iron properly, it is just about as non stick as teflon. And you don’t need to to be eating a side dish of cancer with every meal.

  • I think the biggest problem will be that the soil underneath will be dead, no microbes or any sort of life that makes soil.
    If the plastic hasn’t broken down, I doubt that too much unknown chemicals have leached.
    What that ground is going to need is a lot of compost and compost tea and anything else that will promote microbiological activity.

  • bushy wrote:
    Most Makita stuff is now chinese, was excellant when german made.

    I thought Makita was Japanese? Don’t think they were ever produced in Germany, Eastern Europe maybe.

  • kerrieb wrote:
    but if I buy him Bosch tools I only get the blue ones as they are better quality and designed to last longer.

    There is a guy on the planet that allows someone else to choose tools for him? That would be a rare species!

  • Power tools, for me it’s got to be german made, I had a festo screw gun as a cabinet maker for over 10 years and other than having the batteries replaced it still is great, same for 2 random orbital sanders a power drill and a detail sander, of course you would need to use them a lot to pay for them. But I would recommend them thoroughly if you…[Read more]

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    You could make new bags for the wheat.

  • I use worm castings in a muslin bag as compost, and most importantly tank water, town water is a waste of time, make sure you have plenty of aeration, I use 2 double fish tank pumps in 15 litres of tea.
    Now is a excellent time to make tea as in summer you can’t get enough oxygen into the water.

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    I would try to steer clear of it, use up what you have and find an alternative. It isn’t something you want to regret further down the track, especially when there is so many good natural products on the market nowadays.

  • Michelle-sm wrote:

    True, but many people are stockpiling medication which has a very definite shelf life. Should they just use it all so it won’t go out of date?

    Maybe they are missing the point on good stock management.
    I try to work out how much we use on any certain item in it’s use by period and just try to keep it to those levels.

  • Michelle-sm wrote:

    What do you think will happen over the next 2, 5, to 10 years? I am very interested to know…

    I think life will continue as normal for at least another 10 years if not longer.
    What is the point of stockpiling products that will only go out of date or be unusable long before they are needed?

    Stockpile what you use and use what…[Read more]

  • roadwarrior wrote:

    Reid_alderbooks wrote:
    what is to stop the henchmen gang taking yours?


    I’ll be standing next to him prepared to defend our food, equipment and our families.

    Your assuming you will be part of a community and I won’t. this discussion is more are what do you see as wealth, not how many people you can group with.

  • Ggang wrote:
    my opinion is mankind lived without oil for about 2000 years

    Try closer to 200,000 years 🙂

  • Greth wrote:
    I wonder how much electricity you can make burning plastic for steam turbines.

    Definatly not enough even to run all the chemotherapy machines we will need. :/

  • Humbug wrote:

    Good luck with this request. You have made your post public material by putting it here. It is open to all kinds of opinions.

    I wish you well with your plans 🙂

    That is right! otherwise you could take out a classified ad in other types of media if you don’t want this open for discussion.
    On the plus side tho, I’m sure if you read…[Read more]

  • geoff wrote:

    But didn’t these things only have value to the ruling class who also held all the power? My thought there is that as soon as you turn up on their doorstep to trade they’re just going to ask their henchmen to relieve you of your bounty.

    Of course if you flashed your money around now or any point in history it would have been stolen.…[Read more]

  • DB346 wrote:

    Not trying to get into an argument, but I would legitimatley like to know how ‘alternatives’ are going to replace ‘oil inputs’ in our everyday life? Things like, plastics, wiring, entire chemical industry, medicines, production lines, heavy industry, etc etc

    Well for starters, there is enough plastic in land fill to keep us going…[Read more]

  • porgey wrote:
    Fascinating. Of course there is still the sun. And dont forget all of the other developments that are happening & the technology potential!

    So is the PO fear becoming a bit more of a nonsense?

    I think so, we have all these technologies, admittedly still in their infancy.
    Personally I don’t think there is anyone more dependant…[Read more]

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