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  • Rommie post=351747 wrote: (Am I the only one annoyed by the increasing prevalence of the word “popsicle”? They’ll always be “icy poles” to me…)

    I feel the same way about ‘cookie’. It’s a biscuit, darn it! :angry:

    Melons whizzed in a food processor make lovely iceblock bases, especially if you layer it with yoghurt. Or if I’m feeling…[Read more]

  • We might be able to adapt to higher temperatures but many other organisms will not (bye bye amphibians … it may already be too late for most of them). Others, like the mosquitoes that act as malaria vectors, will be able to extend their range. The earth as a whole will go on whatever we do – where life can, life will; where life can’t, life will…[Read more]

  • It is a bit suspicious for egg drop syndrome, isn’t it? Still, it only seems to be the one hen at the moment. I don’t believe she has a respiratory problem and there is no sign of any problems with the eggs laid by the other girls. This particular hen has always been prone to laying thin-shelled eggs and eggs with uneven calcium deposition, and…[Read more]

  • I should say that the only reason the chooks get milk is because the breakfast leftovers are wasted otherwise (and they seem to really enjoy it!). I’ve tried the baked and crushed eggshells but it just seems to stimulate egg eating in my girls no matter how finely I crush the shells. Maybe I should try mixing it with their mash. I suspect there is…[Read more]

  • Thanks Jayne. Like yours, my girl seems much perkier this morning. I just put her out to have breakfast with the others. Fortunately she’s the tamest of the three so I can pick her up to check on her whenever I want to. Fingers crossed and see how she goes, I suppose.

  • replied to the topic Crow-proofing? in the forum All things Chicken 7 years, 7 months ago

    Looks like I don’t need fake predatory birds because I have a real predatory chicken :laugh:

    I surprised the crow walking towards the aviary, ran in roaring with arms raised, and chased it right into the jaws (beak) of our Isa Brown, who jumped on top of it and started pecking and kicking :clap: . Go Layla! Let’s see if it dares to come back now!

  • replied to the topic Crow-proofing? in the forum All things Chicken 7 years, 7 months ago

    That sounds like something to enlist the kids in – they’d lap up the idea of the chooks having Christmas too!

    Both of the eggs laid so far today have made it safely upstairs. With the bird netting over the pen it feels very cage-like, and the crows would have to walk about 5m in the enclosed space to get to the nest. Fingers crossed that will be…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Crow-proofing? in the forum All things Chicken 7 years, 7 months ago

    Thank ye both. I’ve just hung the hessian over the doorway and decided to try some bird netting over the pen, with a flap covering the entrance – came inside for a drink halfway through and went back outside to find the crow investigating already! I’m sure the little so-and-so will work it out, the question will be whether it’s happy to be inside…[Read more]

  • Brilliant Marigold, that’s them! I don’t remember having any trouble eating them but I was only pilfering a couple on the way home from school. It looks like they’re a bit of a nasty weed, so maybe I should give them a miss.

  • Sadly not what I’m looking for. The cossack pineapple has a papery husk like a cape gooseberry. The fruits I remember definitely had a fine lace casing around them. Maybe we really were eating weeds …

  • Fascinating … what else can you make with it? Is the home-milled stuff of sufficient quality to make things like cakes and bread?

    I’d be very interested in recipes made scratch from whole corn, as my son is allergic to wheat.

  • My father’s parents were Spanish immigrants, and as my grandmother taught my mother to cook our diet wasn’t markedly different to theirs (allowing for the availability of ingredients). Paella, churros, ali oli, bread soup (a favourite when I was a child, made of boiling water poured over an egg, some bread and some beef shavings), lots of fresh…[Read more]

  • I’m doing a middle school program, but it doesn’t really matter what age the kids I do stuff with are, or what I do as long as I can relate it back to the teaching standards somehow. We do have set placements in schools, but apparently the 50 hours is an extra requirement set by Education Qld … the price we pay for not doing a 4 year teaching…[Read more]

  • Thank you for that everyone 😀

    I’ll definitely try the lavender oil in the bath and tea tree oil in the wash. I came across a lot of talk about diluted bleach being very effective, but the essential oils sound much better. The Pevaryl I used before worked very quickly, but I suspect that the ringworm is so widespread under her skin that I wasn’t…[Read more]

  • When you consider that in the UK it’s quite normal for women to birth at home, with government-funded midwives and full medical backup from hospitals when necessary, we really are backwards :tdown:

    I always wanted a homebirth, but after almost bleeding to death once and having a posterior, distressed baby the next time, I’m glad it was out of…[Read more]

  • You kept ducklings in with chooks???
    I am sorry to hear that happend.

    Lintonpair, the duckling was nearly 3 months old, so was about the size of the silkies, and he was still being mothered by the chook who had hatched and raised him. He’d outgrown the small cages and I only have one pen. If only the people who bought the parent ducks had wanted…[Read more]

  • Chickens are natural cannibals and will consume their pen mates

    I penned mine a week ago to stop them scratching up the gardens while we’ve got the house on the market. Four days later one of them ate all the skin and muscle on the back of my KC duckling’s head and neck, so I had to have him euthanased. I had already upped their protein intake,…[Read more]

  • I use my microwave as a bread prover. A minute with a glass of water in it makes it warm and humid enough to pop the loaf in to rise.

    I must admit I do defrost meat in it, though. I’m never organised enough to get it out of the freezer with enough time to defrost otherwise.

  • :clap::clap::clap:

    That’s fabulous news, Liz :hug: Congratulations!!!

  • I have Hysorb wood shavings in the mower catchers, just because that’s what I had on hand when I needed something. The girls seem to like it and it stays nice and dry for them.

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