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  • HBG that made me laugh out loud imagining Rattus falling in the hole!

    I know we’re not all the biggest cat fans but growing up my cat used to wait and the bus stop with me in the morning and then be back at the bus stop when I was getting off the bus from school 😀

    I have a clucky bantam at the moment and she is pretty funny. She forgets where…[Read more]

  • I’m after a light sussex hen too in northwest vic… I was smitten too when I saw the ones that survived the Victorian fires in a magazine.

    Also Donna I absolutely love my Austrolorp hen (I think she is have rhode island red). She is big but she is very friendly and lets me pat her all the time. All I do is crouch down and she comes running…[Read more]

  • I’ve got an Australorp that was crossed with a Rhode Island Red I think and she lays really well and Australorps are apparently a good meat chicken. The only problem for me would be that they are so friendly I couldn’t do it! Astrid (!) is like my best friend (steals food but at least she doesn’t talk back) and always cuddly. 🙂

  • it’s sad when people fear animals. I had a heated discussion recently with a work colleague coz they wanted a swooping magpie removed (killed) from work. I went over to the location and stuck to the usual path people take and the parent maggies just sat in the tree. Now I tease that person and say that magpies never swoop me because they know I…[Read more]

  • i get blue royal or royal blue or something like that at our farmers market and they are scrummy

  • wow! i was wondering the same thing about 2 chicks in the egg when i cracked open one of my girls double yokers the other day

  • i joined! great way to keep track, i didn’t realise some of the things i was doing saved so much

  • awesome thread!

    katerina, I agree with you. I think it is impossible to keep growing and growing because that is based on continued population growth and I can’t see big enough changes being made so that the planet can support all these people. i often think about what the drivers of change will be too – sometimes in Mildura I hope that the…[Read more]

  • we got some in Mildura but I’m loving it, temporarily takes some of my Murray River anxiety away. i would love to go see Lake Eyre – anyone been to see it this year?
    Tassie Tiger, does that mean you might get to see little birds like Black-fronted Dotterels at Calverts Lagoon? Hope so 🙂 I grew up in Tas and studied Hooded Plovers so very jealous!…[Read more]

  • i knitted a supercute tea cosie! it was easy coz 8 ply knitted double so nice and quick (i’m not so good with long projects). also my chickens were very entertaining – two of them have just started laying for the first time and one of them lets everyone know when she is done laying very enthusiastically. also managed to do some of my PDC homework…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic warm chicken mash in the forum Backyard livestock 11 years ago

    thanks for that suz! sounds like an easy way to do it. I was also going to mix in some of the nettle i have been saving in the vegie patch for them. and i have heard a dash of pepper or chilli when its really cold. I wasn’t convinced about using hot chillis until i saw one of them raiding the birds eye chilli bush this arvo!

  • replied to the topic blame game in the forum General chat and catching up 11 years ago

    i agree to a point but one thing that drives me insane is the tendency here for people (they usually say that they are not racist) to expect the indigenous people in the area to behave to whatever western expectations they have and take full responsibility if they don’t. Quite frankly if I had been stolen from parents, forced to live in a place…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic What to grow in May in the forum Vegetables 11 years ago

    thanks Lyn. love the book by the way:D

  • :jawdrop: waw jaymie

    researched possum having orange urine, researched keeping injured turtle out of hibernation, then taught that to students, then collected leaves for poss, had a glass of red with the chickens and here I am. going to daylesford tomorrow – yay

  • what a cutie. gotta love the green jumper!

  • thanks for the info. i’m hoping that it is just worms and think that they may have responded to the garlic and onion that i gave them while they have been on the sulphaquin. they seem quite happy and there haven’t been anymore offending faeces. i will worm them this week too though. I just panicked because i was told that it was most likely cocci…[Read more]

  • chooken thanks for the info. as far as i can read it is hard to diagnosis for sure but it was variable in colour with some faeces quite bright red. But I am also paranoid because people have said that as soon as you get symptoms like that it is too late. so i have given them the sulfaquin treatment today and i was planning on worming them after…[Read more]

  • just contacted a horse vet i know and she doesn’t know much about chickens but is going to research for me. main thing is that there seems to be product called amprolium that is safe for eggs but i don’t know where to get it. someone on the backyard poultry forum just said that it is ok to use the sulphur but don’t eat any of the eggs for a couple…[Read more]

  • i rang the vet and they said that they didn’t have any treatments on site and to research it myself. they basically said that it would be a waste of money to come in for a consult when they couldn’t give me any treatment to take away with me. will try the other vet in town but thought i try this avenue first. thanks for your posts :hug:

  • Thanks Gianna, I have had a look at those links but still not clear on what is safe for laying birds. I rang the poultry supplier as well and they said to use sulfa products even though it says not to on the bottle and i have read on some of the websites not to. The poultry lady said to just not eat the eggs for a couple of weeks.

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