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    This comment may not help with the current problem but it may be reasonable advise for new plantings of fruit trees with netting in mind….plant dwarf stock to make it easier to cover and prune.

  • …..probably no grapes this year but fortunately some of the apples and nashi appear to have ‘set’! We will have to wait to see what develops.

  • I just had to poke my nose in on this even tho I may be a bit late.

    I am going to suggest that you resist the temptation to ‘heavy’ prune old Plum trees but look for long, lanky growth to cut back. If necessary reduce some of the spurs to improve fruit size and even thin out the number of developing fruit in spring.

    If you haven’t done so yet it…[Read more]

  • That is an very good brand but wood stoves are really not very practical in Australia. We had an older version but used it only during the winter and it was a real art to cook anything.

    As mentioned earlier it was essential to keep moving things to ensure everything was cooked evenly.

  • We have two septic systems but thats only because one was a ‘homemade’ brick tank and we needed a new unit to be sure of being able to manage our needs. We also have a grease trap on the kitchen side to trap all the residual oil and grease.

    The shower and laundry water is sidelined to the compost bins.

    Agree with chrisk that you have to watch…[Read more]

  • You probably have finished bottling but I don’t think it is essential to add sugar at the bottling stage. I know it is always in the instructions but I think it is mainly to increase the carbonation effect.

    If you allow enough time before drinking the beer it usually will be OK with enough gas.

    In fact, you can produce a beer with lower alcohol…[Read more]

  • I was advised that a lemon tree did especially well when planted at the end of the septic ‘bed’. It was a fairly common practice in those areas in Sydney not serviced by sewers for a long time after the war.

  • We had one little cat that arrived in the barn one day who quickly wiped out our rabbit and mouse problem.
    You could never get near this wild little bugger and the dogs always gave him a wide berth. we never fed him and he never attacked our ducks or chickens.

    I guess he must have killed wild birds but we didn’t see any evidence of feathers. The…[Read more]

  • Hey look, a Meyer lemon taste nice and ‘Lemony’ and has the advantage of growing in colder climates. You might even have trouble getting a Meyer to grow in Canberra! Citrus trees produce and grow better in warmer places.

    I will suggest that you might even struggle to get any type of lemon growing, but, in my experience, the Meyer, which may…[Read more]

  • Wouldn’t the quantity and the size of the compost bin be a factor? I suggest that it could be added to the compost mix without ill effect.

  • @Bushy…………the lemonade is every bit a cross just as is the Meyer.

    Your point is well taken, however, and since you have had actual experience in growing one in Canberra it must certainly be the best to choose! That is an interesting concept regarding the pectin content.

    @Dixiebelle………sorry you are not well and I hope you recover…[Read more]

  • A Meyer Lemon would be a good choice in the Canberra climate. It is a good juicer but as with any citrus in a cold area you will have to ‘baby’ it until it gets established. Give it plenty of water and make sure it gets the sunniest spot in your garden.

    Blueberries are a different matter! They are often thought of as a very cold climate plant…[Read more]

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    This has nothing to do with previous comments but may be of interest when considering the suitability of various forms of fertilisers.

    Milorganite,,,,,stands for Milwaukee Organic Nitrogen,,,,,,,,,is a popular form of fertiliser used throughout Canada and the US. It is basically recycled sewage from Milwaukee. It has been safely used for…[Read more]

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    Your right, Lost, you can train dogs and you can keep them clean. Some dogs really thrive on that sort of treatment and it is wonderful that people can enjoy their canine friends in that way.

    I wasn’t trying to highjack the OP’s thread rather I wanted to suggest there is a greater danger in personal contact with animals than in eating food from…[Read more]

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    I am very fond of dogs and animals in general. We have a fair collection of animals but they all stay ‘outside’ and are never allowed in the house!

    Dogs especially get into anything, roll in everything and are conditioned to piss everywhere!

    Animals outside…people only inside and always wash after handling animals.

  • I have a McIntosh which was developed from the Snow Apple. The McIntosh is a ‘mid-season’ apple which makes it about March to April.

    However, our McIntosh has always ripened later. I was hoping this would change with the rain we have been having.

    Dunno about your apricot????:confused:

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    It is better to be safe than sorry and there is no point in planting anything if you don’t feel confident about eating the result.

    We make our own compost and it comprises 3 different kinds of manure as well as selected kitchen scraps. We use the result in the soil and are sure that no pathogens are going to be passed through the soil to the…[Read more]

  • Sorry, can’t be there this time. We are two hours away from Canberra and while we need to visit Canberra from time to time it doesn’t work for these dates.

    The Fellows Bar is probably a good choice with good food, drink and near the CBD. Plenty of outdoor tables if the weather is warm( not likely)…..have fun!

  • Canberra is our ‘City’ when we go to one and we would like to meet you and perhaps others from the Canberra region.

    The dates conflict with other arrangements but will try to rework things.

    University House (Google-it) is central as a convenient and neutral meeting place but it might be a bit ‘Legacy’ for some.

    Lets see what develops!

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