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  • Just seen the weather report about cyclone Ida which is on the way to north QLD. Stay safe people. Best wishes for good outcome. Thinking of you.

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    Thanks Steve that is the article. I am on my iPad and I don’t know how to upload stuff.
    It is a worry that a government does not care what pesticides or poisons we allow to be used, even when the evidence as to their dangers is well enough documented for so many other countries have banned them!

  • I found one at a nursury here!!

  • Tore my trapezoid muscle!! Very painful but worse than that, it has limited what I can do. I am impatient and easily bored so it has been very frustrating. Have been having physiotherapy and it is healing well but I am still frustrated that I can’ t do everything I want. On top of that my rhubarb is still green arrrgh!!!!

  • Cheese and onion pie yum.
    Pastry the recipe said make your own but I cheat with sheets if rushed. The rest is cheese onions and some cream. Even the meat eaters like it. I make it for the vegetarians in the family with veg and the meat eaters can add a chop or something and everyone is happy.

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    I have a 1973 Ford 3 cylinder that i have had for nearly 12 years and it has been a great little work horse but does not have a bucket.
    Now onto other tractors, my eldest son is a boilermaker/welder and qualified welding inspector and he told me not to buy a chinese tractor for the simple reason that a friend of his bought one and my son had to…[Read more]

  • I also wish that people opposing and supporting wind farms (and for that matter any other new energy source eg. fracking) would be made by legislation to provide some supporting evidence for the claims made. For example anyone making a connection to autism should have to provide evidence of where they obtained such information so others could…[Read more]

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    Welcome acadiaomet. This site is really great and while some of us here have no formal qualifications I have found that they can answer or give suggestions on how to solve just about any problem.

  • I’m not suggesting that everyone has to produce the food. Cuba has managed to continue to educate people. They have an excellent education system and medical system and have managed to survive against the might of the USA, and remarkably seem to have achieved this and a fairly egalitarian society.

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    I do love a bargain, was at Bunnings for a couple of things and noticed they had bundles of garden stakes out for a dollar. There were 6 in a bundle and normally priced at $13.80. I bought 55 bundles but at that price I have enough stakes for the forseeable future. Some have gone to the brother as he grows trees for me for the property, and some…[Read more]

  • I understand how we might see us reduced to savagery if it came suddenly but more and more people are trying to produce some food. I’ve convinced my (over 70) neighbor to grow some veggies for the fist time and she is having a great time.
    Despite the risk of the “strong” to take the only survival will be by cooperation. The Cubans managed it…[Read more]

  • Then again folks we have the example of Cuba. The government took the initiative in Sharing the resources to prevent starvation. Animals replaced machinery, every piece of arable land was converted to food production. The policy of local food supplies so farms became small but very productive and provide food for the local area. Really all of…[Read more]

  • Mud Hen there are recipes for milk paints on line. I can’t remember how I found them or I would post the link for you. The paint that was made was beautiful and the family painted the whole house with their own paint, wood, walls the lot.

  • I’ve been looking up bee descriptions and mine don’t fit the size people have described also they do not bzz. I wonder if they could be something other than a bee? I hope they are a bee So I will keep looking for info.

  • I looked up the bees and found that Blue Banded bees are 11 to 12 mm in length. That is the size of the ones we have in the garden. Are there more than one banded be that is called a Blue Banded Bee? I’m a bit confused. Can any one put me straight please?

  • We just found some insects in our garden which we think are blue banded bees. They are small and busy in the basil and tomatoes. Every so often when the light catches them the bands are bright blue and they look like the pictures we googled so we are really hoping they are blue banded bees. So exciting!!!

  • More fires south of Perth. Out of control and posing a risk to lives and property. I hope everyone is safe.
    Kalgoorlie to the east had over 100 mls in the last 24 hours and has road closures. Talk about extremes.

  • Glad to hear you are safe Bel and hope the fires are con tolled soon. Our fires are all under control at the moment but people here are a bit upset at a magistrate who put 3 seventeen year old boys on a good behavior bond when they were caught red handed setting a fire. I know the probably do not really understand how devastating the results can…[Read more]

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    The plant is a red type because a small section at the base is red and it was bought as a red one. The stems are thickening nicely but they just have a pale blush of colour stronger at the base. Maybe I’m just being impatient!

  • Just heard Bullsbrook to the NE is currently being evacuated because of fire. Hope all stay safe

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