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  • Hi Eucalypt,
    There are some beautiful all natural beeswax candles made by a company in byron Bay called Northern light. The philospohy behind the company is excellent and the candles have a wonderfully subtle aroma of honey. See link below:



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    I set out and began placing soil for a mandal garden, then realised that it was going to be difficult on a sloping site (Which mine is). I discarded my work to date on the madala and have gone for conventional rectangular garden beds because they are easier to terrace down the slope.

    If i was on flatter land and had the space, I would…[Read more]

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    Hi Kirsty,
    I would like to offer the following advice for heaters. The efficiency of a heater can be measured in two ways:
    1) The amount of heat the heater extracts from the wood รขโ‚ฌโ€œ combustion efficiency,
    2) The amount of usable heat it gives the user.

    The problem with conventional combustion heaters is that they are really good at one or the…[Read more]

  • Welcome Rachael,
    It’s cold enough here (In Newcastle) you must be freezing down there. I look forward to hearing your stories on your house.

  • I currently work in an engineering consultancy. the work is a means to an end in that if I did not have debt, I would work the minimum time required to pay my basic needs. Probably two to three days a week. As far as enjoying the job goes, I enjoy the aspect of solving problems, but find it incredibly stressful trying to work within budgets and…[Read more]

  • I have been considering communities since I realised what you have indicated, that you just can’t do it all by yourself. And even if you could would you want to? I have also struggled with whether the village/community environment can be developed or whether it “Just happens”? I think the former is true and part of the reason that communities…[Read more]

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    I have only been involved on ALS for a few days and am pleasantly surprised with what I’ve found. (Please don’t take this the wronmg way). I kind of half expected to be hearing stories of everyone who is already there living the simple life (As per the article ) and missing the all too important path to it. It is wonderfuly refreshing to hear of…[Read more]

  • Hi eucalypt, I was new yesterday aswell. What a great site. enjoy the journey and good luck

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    That sounds wonderful polly. I dont have chooks yet but am planning on getting some (probably in 6 months) and housing them in a chook tractor arrangement. I’m really only at work in body. everytime I get a response to my post i spend 10 minutes perusing ALS (damn those random photos). i think it’s something about moving images that grabs my attention.