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Aussies Living Simply

  • Thanks everyone. We have decided to buy a diesel generator for now which has enough power to run everything, even when we move there full time and can also be connected to the solar system in case of power failure from lack of sun. :tup:

  • replied to the topic Hi from WA in the forum Introduce yourself 9 years ago

    Hi Rachel, Glad to have you on board. We have just recently set up a group for WA if you are interested. Have discovered there are quite a few of us in here.

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    We have the Honda 20i and it is great. Runs the water pump, 2 fluor lights, the pump for the shower and even my little hair dryer with no problems. It is pull start but s is very easy. I am a small 5 foot and have no trouble at all getting it going. We have had it for 2 years and it has not missed a beat. Fairly quiet too. Hubby also uses it to…[Read more]

  • :jawdrop: Hard to believe that something so simple can make such a difference. Will need to try it in the wood shed. Thanks for sharing!! :kiss:

  • The block in inland by a couple of hundred km’s. Hubby is pretty handy so will do most of the set up himself (if he doesn’t fall off the roof!!). He is looking into it. There is a guy near us who imports systems and apparently we can get a complete package to do us for when we are there full time for under $20,000. Looking into it and will let you…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Wooden you like something special… in the forum The Crafts 9 years ago

    Hi Doc,

    Received the puzzles today. They are fantastic. :tup: Can’t wait to see how the little one likes them when she gets them at christmas.

    Thanks Heaps :kiss:

  • We currently use a small generator which powers the lights in the shed,runs the pump from the rainwater tank & powers the camp shower which we have set up in the shed for weekends. I can even charge the phones,ipod & DS. No TV or radio. Have even used my hairdryer with no problems.

    The initial system we put on when we build the house will be…[Read more]

  • The property is neear Wagin in WA. For the next few years we will only be using it as a weekender but the plan is to move there permenantly in about five years.

    Will mostly only be the two of us there with others coming for occasional visits.

    What sort of books do you have?

  • On a slightly different note – is it easy to breed and raise turkeys? :shrug:

  • Hi Barb, “THE BLOCK” is down at a place called Piesseville near Wagin. This is a one horse town with out the town though there are a few horses. Town actually consists of a derelict old pub but it is peaceful without being to far from anything. Only 15ks to Wagin & 25 to Narrogin.

    I actually go to the spud shed at Baldivis mostly but do go to the…[Read more]

  • Hi Ggang, If you click on community then groups, select regional then WA. There is a link to join. :tup:

  • replied to the topic worm farm in the forum Vegetables 9 years ago

    You can usually buy lime ate the gardening centre as some plants need it more than others. So I wold try there first. :tup:

  • hey Barb,

    Just noticed on your blog that you go to the Spud shed. Me too, (only have my small suburban garden at the moment until we move to “THE BLOCK”. What area are you in? We are down in Waikiki.

  • Not really sure but I looked in the group and the members and you are on there :clap:

  • Hi Everyone,

    The group is now set up and ready for people to join. :tup:

    Hope to hear from you all soon. :hug:

  • Hi All, Sorry that I have not replied sooner, have had a bad dose of the flu.

    It does not matter if your very social or where you live in WA. The idea is that if you have an idea or need some help with information or sourcing stuff then maybe one of us can help.

    Have tried creating the group but keep getting this message:
    Moderation is required…[Read more]

  • Next question – Anyone able to tell me how to set up a group, just tried but it didn’t appear to work! :shrug:

  • Great response guys. Glad you are all so keen. Now,as with most of my bright ideas, i just have to work out how to do it!! 😆

    First question though – Have any of you ever built a kit home?

    Thanks :wave:

  • replied to the topic Wooden you like something special… in the forum The Crafts 9 years ago

    :kiss: These are really great Doc. my daughters 18 month old will love them. I remember similar things my Pop used to make us when we were kids. Noticed on yourblog that you had a dolphin & caterpillar puzzle as well as a shoe with laces. Can you let me know how much they are as I would love to get her some for Xmas.

    Thanks :tup:

  • Thanks everyone :tup: I grew up in dairy country in NSW so I don’t have a lot of experience with sheep or goats. I have never actually tried goats milk. Is it much different from cows milk? I had definately planned on getting ducks and chickens but I will probably steer clear of the geese as I once had a bad experience with a flock of geese!!…[Read more]