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    Having spent many a long, dark English evening in the shed with my Dad 50+ years ago helping (hindering? :)) him repair the family’s shoes I’d suggest it’s not worth making your own unless you wish to do it simply for the craft and satisfaction.The learning curve will be long and hard and the materials, in small quantity, expensive. Given that…[Read more]

  • >is there still place for hegemonic masculinity in modernity?Wait until the next war then we’ll see how many feminists are marching in the streets for the right to go to battle, kill and be killed, instead of men.

  • >just curious, do you all have someone to talk to in the evening, or during the day?A good question.We are a social species and have a need for human interaction but I think that need requires it to be reciprocal and is not fulfilled by, say, listening to speech on the radio.I work for a few months, in an office like environment, then take a few…[Read more]

  • >Since I can’t just have the TV on in the background any moreI notice a number of people have said this; I have never understood why anyone wants TV (especially) or radio “on in the background” or, for that matter, music. What is wrong with silence and the normal sounds of the world? No generation before mine (perhaps a bit of my parents) had the…[Read more]

  • I live alone.I do own a CRT TV but I don’t think I turned it on last year.

  • Books which have left a lasting impression upon me – in no particular order and it’s an incomplete list:The Don Camillo series – Giovannino Guareschi: so many human strengths and frailties portrayed.The Grapes of Wrath – John Steinbeck: I read it 45 years ago and still clearly recall the description of the woman feeding a starving man with her…[Read more]