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    I placed 4 seeds between paper towels and placed in a zip-lock bag and added R.O. water. I did this just like I have germinated seeds in the past. However now I am gonig on the 6th day and NONE, ZERO, ZIP have germinated. The seeds that I received looked alot greener than I was expecting but wasn’t going to throw them away because they were…[Read more]

  • Growing an apricot tree from seed is a fun project and also saves you money if like to eat lots of apricots. Many varieties of apricot trees need cross pollination, so you may want to grow more than one to make sure you get fruit. The hardest part of growing the tree may be getting the seed out of the pit. You will not start to see fruit on the…[Read more]

  • I’ve got a walk in blow away, the one with the metal rail shelving, it came from Poundstretcher for £14.99, but the zips no good, it broke within the first week, so we’re building a new greenhouse, well, my sons are going to build their Dad a new greenhouse, 10 lengths of 8ft 2X1’s £20, and then packs of good cladding £8.65 per pack, then pa…[Read more]

  • Thanks a lot adamleo for sharing this important information about Growing Pineapples. But will you please tell me that which season is best for growing this and which type of soil will be most suitable for this.

  • Okay this is a nice place for getting news about harvesting. Actually I am firstly trying for this. Can anyone tell me about the seasonal harvests for now?

  • Really excellent pictures geminisc. You seems to be not only a good gardener but also having a deep knowledge about landscaping. I especially like your berry plants. Would you like to share more about these?

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    In my opinion snow peas or sugar peas have edible flat pods and very small seeds. They should be picked when very young, just as the seeds start to form. If not picked at this stage, they can be shelled and eaten as garden peas, but are more starchy and not as sweet.

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    Crop rotation is all about planting groups of similar vegetables together in a different part of the garden each year. It’s important to do this because different crops like different soil conditions.

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    If you are planting shrubs, bushes, or small trees as foundations plantings, they should be at least 3 feet from the building. There is an exception, of course. Spreading junipers should be planted about 4 feet from the building.

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    Nice description about your backyard. It is really a big fortune to have such large yard along with home and as you told the way you used it is really good. Please give more updates about this.

  • Nice photos of your garden. Does it need a lot hard work with a long period for working in it..?

  • Because of the spotted bark it is known as Leopard Tree.Flindersia maculosa is also a leopard tree in the citrus family. It is found in arid and semi arid areas in New South Wales and Queensland Australia.It can grow in areas with an annual average rainfall of less than 250 mm.

  • I made an impulse purchase today…my local market had eggplant on sale and they looked to good to pass up so I bought two. Now… I don’t know what to do with them. I am not in the mood for eggplant parm or anything heavy like that. I was thinking of cutting them up into large cubes, marinating them over night in something good, skewering them…[Read more]

  • I have been growing blackberries for around 10 years now. Fresh picked juicy blackberries are a favorite cereal topping of mine…and I love blackberry cobbler…and jelly, and blackberry wine is incredibly good! What I’m trying to say is – I LOVE blackberries. Blackberry canes are easy to plant, and require very little care once they are…[Read more]

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    Hothouse and Shade houses for our gardening market. The Backyarder gardening structure is a great innovation for assisting in both the hobby and commercial side of growing. In there is high demand for increased shade levels throughout summer and a short demand period for further heat levels in the winter months, however Hothouse fabric is fanta…[Read more]

  • Lots of people get pleasure from their kitchen garden whether it is a small urban garden or a large lawn garden and it’s easy to spruce up the look of your outdoors space with a few simple ideas.

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    Some people with smaller gardens choose to deck the whole area while those with bigger gardens may choose to keep their space part decked and part lawn. We ca also decorate our windows by placing small plants such as cactus and money plant. The positioning of other items in the garden like the chairs, gazebos, statues, etc can also be determined.

  • The plantation of seed totally depends on the soil fertility and its moisture and temperature. So to have a veggie green plants or garden its essential to have a good fertility of soil.

  • Hi Brookesy! Hope you get so much of suggestion now.

  • Planting sweet corn and managing them are quite easy. The most important things in growing sweet corn are proper planting, healthy soil and picking at the right time.

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