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  • Hi hopi,

    From what I understand and remember, you may be brewing it too long.
    Also Molasses would be preferable to raw sugar, the sugars in Molasses are simpler and easier for the microorganisms to break down and utilise.

    After 24 hours the goodies in your tea have reached a peak and after that not so goodies are starting to take over hence the…[Read more]

  • 🙂 No worries

  • Thanks Metu, The local council has no formally adopted policy on the keeping of Poultry, deciding to use the state legislature as a guideline 🙂

    The 5 hectare property that we share is zoned (1a) General Rural and therefore is not under the jurisdiction of these guidelines.

    I have discussed it with the landlord and they have no objections to…[Read more]

  • LOL mauzi

    Yes I’m sure it will be the case. I’m still a ways off getting them, I have to make a “house” I guess it will be a coop but a mobile coop. It wont be huge, but enough to comfortably roost & lay in.

    I’m planning to let them roam in a fenced off area allowing them to move around what yard we have and for the vegetation to recover.

    I’m…[Read more]

  • Thanks Everyone,

    That is what i hoped to hear.

  • Hi AbbysMum,

    I can’t help you with the fish emulsion side sorry I’ve never used it (I’m allergic to fish) 🙁 I imagine though, that you could dilute it in with the tea and apply at the same time.

    The compost tea though AFAIK can be sprayed on the foliage as a foliar feed. I only do that if I apply in the morning to make sure that it dries to…[Read more]

  • Agreed, and I had fun and learned some things! so no loss at all.

    I will ask you (tomorrow probably) how I identify what plant material can be used as tinder?

    How do I test it (apart from the obvious – set a spark to it)

    And how do I prepare it – is it always charred?

    Thanks Le Loup.


  • Le Loup post=311556 wrote: I have never seen anyone use the broad side of a file for a steel.

    Good point that! And not one that I had given a whole lot of thought to 🙁

    I do strike it on the narrower side of the file as it is, I was thinking that the broad side of the file would protect my knuckles from the pain / blunt force trauma that only a…[Read more]

  • So I went out the back, started a fire and got it as hot as I could using hardwood that I had from our old house that had a fire place. Tallowood I think it is.

    Put in the file and it got kind of hot, red enough to be bent with a hammer and a few old dollys I have.

    This is how it finished, I have an old mobile phone cover I Crocheted that…[Read more]

  • Thanks Le Loup,

    I watched most of your videos on youtube last night about making charring tinder and making Charred Cloth. And have done some reading on smithing this morning.

    I’ll head out to the shed in a minute and start a fire and see how I go. I’ll do what I can with what I have 🙂

    Thanks for all your information both here and on other…[Read more]

  • Hi Le Loup,

    I’ve read the thread so far and have been intrigued. I was looking to purchase one of the Ferocium or Magnesium rods, but have agreed so much with your ideals that I’d like to try to make fire from a flint and steel.

    I can keep searching till I find a rock that sparks but I’m unsure on making a steel.

    I have some old files but I…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Seed Companies in the forum Vegetables 9 years, 11 months ago


    Whilst I haven’t been growing for a long time, I’ve found the service from both Eden Seeds and Green harvest to be great.

    Germination has exceeded my expectations.

    Eden can be a bit slow to post (but once I’ve bought seeds, I’m like a kid at Xmas, wanted them here yesterday).

    Green Harvest seem to be super fast. I’ve only bought Green…[Read more]

  • Hi Ahning,

    I think Geniesolver is referring to “dish washing liquid” 🙂



  • Yes busylizzie it’s horrible 🙁

    The plants survived 🙂

    The Beans, Sweet Basil and “Cucurbit of Mystery” (it came up from compost I used) seem a lot greener this morning and throughout today – It could be me imagining it but I don’t think so.

    The ratio seems to be OK – nothing’s browned off or wilted.

    I made another batch yesterday with the…[Read more]

  • Fozzie: I tried making a “Weed Tea” from a heap of leaves I took from a Mung Bean – Wrapped it in Hessian put it in the bin, filled with water and left it for 3 weeks.
    Came back, took the lid off and proceeded to misplace my lunch. It was the most disgusting thing I have ever smelled.

    I did some reading and found that it went anaerobic and that…[Read more]

  • Hi Lizzie.

    I’ve read heaps of articles after my first attempt went anaerobic and stank like…

    Aeration from what I have read, is really important as it allows the good bacteria or fungus (depending what you want to fertilise) to flourish.
    When it goes anaerobic it stinks as the compost rots instead of doing its composty thing…

    The…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Hello… in the forum Introduce yourself 10 years ago

    Hi Survegalist – Can’t remember the threads that I found info in, however the consensus seems to be that pumpkins will grow nearly anywhere their little tendrils will take them.
    Some people said that it is best to support them with a sling of stockings or the like and others stated that it wasn’t necessary.

    If you do make a trellis to grow them…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Hello… in the forum Introduce yourself 10 years, 1 month ago

    Thanks everyone.