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  • replied to the topic vine supports in the forum Vegetables 9 years, 3 months ago

    I had great success this year using a cargo net which I got from a company who were destuffing shipping containers.

    I just hammered in two uprights and put a top cross piece between the two and then tied the cargo net to the cross piece and let it hang down like a curtain. The cargo nets are used to stop the container contents from falling out…[Read more]

  • All this talk of pasta is making me SOO hungry!!

    I’ve substituted fine semolina for about a third of the regular flour the past few times and found it makes a yummy silky but firm pasta. Mum agreed and she sure knows her pasta!

    One of our family traditions is to make fine noodles for chicken soup. Just make the regular pasta dough but roll it…[Read more]

  • I have a Davis gelatine book with a yellow cover that has several cheesecake recipes that use a biscuit base – Basic refrigerated cheescake (which has a Rocky Road topping) , Luscious cherry cheescake, Swiss chocolate cheesecake. I know it’s not exactly what you’re after but I’m happy to send you a photocopy if it will help.

    Thanks for prompting…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Potkin? in the forum Vegetables 9 years, 7 months ago

    How kind of you to think I know what I’m doing LOL – did you not see my question of when to plant stuff?? I have a big fat L plate on my forehead where veggies gardening is concerned – but i’ve lots of enthusuiam and good intention!!

    I saved these seeds from one I bought from a farmer by the groadside. Tried planting a few seeds ages ago but…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Potkin? in the forum Vegetables 9 years, 7 months ago

    Hey Karyn,

    Was just rummaging through my box of seeds and guess what — found some Potkin pumpkin seeds from April 06!!

    Can’t offer any guarantees as to whether they’ll grow but you are more than welcome to some seeds if you want to have a go.

    PM your address to me and I’ll pop them in the mail



  • Far out!! No wonder you look so pleased – that’s one heck of a beautiful pumpkin. Would love to know if it tastes as good as it looks! Congratulations!

  • I’d be concerned that they would be too thick to fold up neatly – I could be wrong, but I would have a good play around with the three layers before cutting anything.

    If you use your pretty fabric and use tripple pass blockout liner as your backing fabric you will stilll get pretty good thermal coverage as it’s the gap between the window and…[Read more]

  • Hmm, we are about to replace three of our halogen downlights with three low energy LED fitting. The metal fittings which sit flush with the ceiling are the same size and just need a straight swap – is that what you were thinking of? I went to a goog lighting shop and they were really helpful – much better choice and advice than at Bunnings.

    I…[Read more]

  • Hey porgey, could you spare some Milkmaid Nasturtiams seeds? I’d be happy to send you some of my broadbean seeds – or some of the other bits and pieces that are in my “collection”. Please let me know if you can spare a few.

    Boy Wrangler, if all of Brymark’s seeds are spoken for, I can spare some that I collected. I have heaps of jam – but…[Read more]

  • I used to HATE turning the compost, but the screw makes it so quick and easy.

    I know the type of tool you have Vanessa, never used one, but if it works, just keep running it through the bins and the stuff will break down in no time – it really does speed things up

  • Well, I put them in and their little green leaves are starting to peep through – thanks everyone for the advice, – it’s been really helpful.

    I’ll try to remember to up date this thread down the track – hopefully with good news of something edible out of all this.

    Funny enough, I have a first cousin in Europe who is very widely acclaimed for…[Read more]

  • Vanessa, one of the best things I have is a compost ‘screw’, (about $20 at Bunnings).

    You just twist it down into the bin and as you pull it up it brings up a plug of the compost, so you can mix the contents and get air into the heap really easily – and that makes it break down much faster.

    It also lets you check how much moisture is in the…[Read more]

  • Thanks Lady B and Bill! We don’t get frosts here and I’m planting them in a raised bed, so OK, what the heck, I’ll throw them in.

    They have really tasty yellow flesh so if I get anything edible from this they’ll be especially delicious, being home grown!

    Thanks again,

  • My two cents……put it in an airtight bag with a cup of cloudy ammonia – and just leave it for a few days, or even a week. The crud should wipe off, if not you may need to leave it for longer.

    I do this with my oven racks and even the worst baked on stuff come off.

    Hope you enjoy your sparkling clean “new” dish!!

  • Roquen, I’ve found that my compost bins end up absolutely FULL of compost worms. I put in heaps of grass clipping and all sorts of other stuff. I never add any worms, they just magically appear.

    What has been a BIG help is a compost ‘screw’ – it’s basically a long piece of heavy wire shaped into a cork screw on the end. You screw it into the…[Read more]

  • Rockkandy, can’t help you allot here but if you can get a hold of the book Organic Growing with Worms by David Murphy he has a really good chapter all about the science behind Biodynamic preparation BD500 ( I got the book through our local library).

    Basically the BD500 is just worm castings . Murphy explains all about why mixing the castings…[Read more]

  • lets hope you don’t have any cane toads show up in Parramatta.

    well, not unless they’re here for the Staqte of Origin clash;):lol:

    Thanks for the advice bullseye – I’ll get stuck into the vine this week – with all this rain it’s threatening to take over the building

  • We know an architect who built an internal wall from aluminium soft drink cans which he got a soft-drink bottler to fill for him with water. The wall was positioned to receive winter sun, and was rendered, so it just looked ‘normal’ but evidently it worked really well.

    More food for thought!?

  • replied to the topic Worm Farm Help in the forum Backyard projects 10 years, 3 months ago

    Hi Jeweller, and welcome to the forum!!

    Worms are pretty easy to set up – big thing I found was not to let the set up get flooded – the first time I left mine out under shade, but kept the tap shut – and the rain flooded the set-up and drowned the lot. Trust me, the smell of dead rotting worms is unforgetable. So, if it’s where rain can get…[Read more]

  • Muster, I was just watching Heston Blumenthal’s program on making the perfect chips, the gist is in this article…..

    He’s VERY technical on his show, but there are some good tips here, even about picking the right potato. Hope this helps. Must…[Read more]

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