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  • FeyWind wrote:
    Multiple flowers may also occur if the top bud of the plant is damaged – could they have been burnt on hot days? Or insect damaged? I know that when the cockies rip off the tops of my plants they get more flowers down the stem.

    Hi FeyWind,

    We did get a couple of weeks of 40+ temps as they grew so that may also explain it. I may…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the replies. I was suspecting the seeds may have been a hybid too which may explain both issues.
    Anyone have a few spare seeds from this years plant or give recomendations for a suppier of good seeds for oil?

  • Hi roadwarrior,
    An excellent topic and good discussion but I don’t understand your objection to harvesting native animals (Kangaroo’s and Ducks)? As they have evolved with the land, they have the least impact. I think this makes them the most sustainable option. Of course this doesn’t remove the obligation of using the ferals mentioned.