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    All the heat loving plants are powering away after our long warm spell….fortunately have unlimited water so have dragged the ‘big momma’ sprinkler out of mothballs and had it going from dawn to dusk on both the vegetable and ornamental gardens..will be picking the first of the green beans in a week or so, lots of infant tomatoes so here’s hoping…[Read more]

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    Lomandra…the ugliest plant in the universe…why do they use it so much when there are thousands of more attractive alternatives…leave it in the bush where it belongs!

  • First of all…good luck with your new pup!
    As for the inevitable ‘accidents’, as someone who has always had dogs and lived in rentals :ohmy: , and after much trial and error I’ve found the only really effective product to be Urine Off….I’ve tried all the bicarb/ soda water etc etc remedies and to be honest none have worked terribly well either…[Read more]

  • My theory is that they look really great in all those glossy food mags and cookbooks!

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    Hi Bobbee! We are harvesting Broad Beans and Peas…kilos of the buggers, also the first of the new spuds…so nice after the ‘spud drought’ since August! We have Nicolas, Colibans(great chip spud!)Pink Fir Apples(easily one of the best ever spuds…far superior to Kipfler IMO) and a couple of other varieties that the name escapes me…
    We’ve had…[Read more]

  • Who was it that said “self pity is easily the most destructive emotion”? Fair enough we all have our moments, but honestly Len people here are trying to be positive and offer helpful advice and all you can do is be negative…
    As for the renovated manor house-if you could see thru’ your fog of despair it would be apparent that actually it is…[Read more]

  • I’ve just chopped mine down and just left the ‘babies’ at the base…harvested all the crop, I don’t eat them, personally I think they are the worlds’ most over-rated vegetable…look beautiful tho! I give mine away to someone who loves them…each to their own, I continue to grow them just for their good looks! Mine were so big I needed a saw to…[Read more]

  • That was a cheery thread to start the day….reminds me of that poem, “We’ll all be doomed, said Hanrahan” :laugh:, seriously tho’ it is awfully frustrating at times & sometimes there is no alternative but the ‘non green’ item…we can only do our best as individuals.
    Len…it is possible to buy some clothes NOT made in China…usually higher end…[Read more]

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    Just what the world needs…a new herbicide! The farm we live on (not ours I hasten to add) has a ‘Mt Everest’ of empty chemical drums….scary!
    Anyway sorry about the off topic…I always plant around the shortest day but find the plants are mature a couple of weeks before the longest day, our climate is very close to a European climate so it…[Read more]

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    Welcome from another(albeit sometimes reluctant!!) Taswegian….not a ‘Permie’ as such…just wing it but pretty much self sufficient in the vege dept…

  • Len…if all the worlds banks collapse and ‘money’ as we know it is a thing of the past I don’t think I’ll be too worried about my car….probably wouldn’t be able to buy petrol anyway….I’ll be looking around for a horse to pinch…LOL! Or a bicycle if things get really bad…I tell you what if the ‘great unwashed’ come pouring out of the cities…[Read more]

  • Can’t remove me from my property Len….I don’t have any…that’s the beautiful thing about not having much to lose…I do however have the knowledge that would enable me to survive if things got a bit hairy(well, better than most people anyway!)…maybe that would make me a rich person in a brave new world!
    I agree with you Dennis that some sort…[Read more]

  • Bring it on then, I say…LOL, I’ll keep on coughing up in the meanwhile(just in case), apropos of Cuba (mentioned by Gardenlen) they also have a wonderful system of organic, community gardens…saw a Monty Don TV episode about them….
    Now I had better work on growing stuff and figuring out what I can horde up to barter with in a cashless society….

  • Wooohooo….does that mean I won’t have to pay back my loans?

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    Crusader Beetles is the name (thankyou better half)of those bugs..may be what is causing the problem of the mottled fruit…

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    Hi…Mrs. Potatohead 🙂 The problem causing the brown on the bottom of your toms is Blossom End Rot…lack of water when the fruit is forming can cause this, also I have read that it can be caused by a lack of calcium, last year 99% of our tomatoes were fine and we just had an occasional one with blossom end rot so I am inclined to thinkl it is…[Read more]

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    Our local butcher sells Hare for a lot less than that…we paid about $15 for one and it was big…

  • Might be your climate Bel…the only reason I don’t grow any climbers(apart from the Scarlet Runners)is pure laziness…I can’t be bothered with bean poles!! I try to grow beans that are a bit tolerant of the cold & pray I don’t get any rogue frosts…the first year we were here ALL our beans were killed in February by frost…not a happy…[Read more]

  • I know it’s a bit sad but I am actually quite fascinated by beans and all their varieties…if I had the room I would grow many more!! At the moment we have three old favourites growing…Scarlet Runners(which appreciate our cool summers), butter beans and Zagreb Soldier…these are all from seed saved from last year so will be interesting to see…[Read more]

  • Thankyou Ruthy, Bel & Snags 🙂 ….I might give them a go, I’ll try the very young tender ones. I divide the broadies and peas into two ‘grades’ for freezing, the older tougher ones for stews, curries etc and the nice young, tender ones for use as a vegetable…we aren’t big consumers of pickles and chutneys so don’t bother making any and I am…[Read more]

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