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  • Some great ideas to overcome the mulch & manure problem :), I also have a rather chaotic garden and the soil is usually covered by the foliage of plants…I admit sometimes weeds!
    I have been reading about Buckwheat as a good crop to grow on vacant beds and in gaps so am going to give that a go…also using Fenugreek (which is tough as old boots)…[Read more]

  • I first read about it in a RHS magazine, there seems to be little publicity about it in Australia, probably many gardeners have had problems due to this chemical but have written it off as disease or some other problem…it just wouldn’t occur to most that it could be caused by the mulch or fertiliser.
    So many gardeners around here buy sacks of…[Read more]

  • Snags post=352492 wrote: factually based sensationalism
    , January 9, 2013

    :laugh: Now there’s a creed for the media to live by….

  • I think in a way it is on topic Lady B…I think Len is trying to get across that it is much more difficult to adapt to change on limited means…I don’t see what is wrong with the occasional whinge…we don’t have to be cheerful Pippi Longstockings all the time surely? A good whinge is very cathartic…like cheap therapy!
    On topic now…Casalenta…[Read more]

  • It makes it a lot more difficult to help yourself if you lack the funds..easy to be ‘green’ if you have the dollars!
    I do disagree to a certain extent that it is the ‘high end’ of town that are the big consumers…my husband works for some VERY wealthy people and they aren’t big spenders at all…in fact they are bordering on miserly! Some of them…[Read more]

  • I’m with the person who posted that we should each take care of our own little corner and hope that the message will spread, for the most part we are pretty powerless in the global sense, I also agree with Len that the continual spiraling costs of basics is a very worrying trend. I noticed recently that all the gardens in the local country town…[Read more]

  • Of course the media doesn’t over sensationalise…hence the recent ‘100 people missing in Tasmanian bushfires’, didn’t notice any headlines saying ‘not one person even badly injured in Tassie bushfires’, after all the ‘missing’ had thought to give their worried relatives a call!

  • That’s right Zeitgeist…even the ‘experts’ can’t agree so how us mere mortals are supposed to make sense of it , I don’t know! And I agree Casalenta..if the data doesn’t fit the theory then they just say the data is incorrect!
    Who remembers the ‘hole in the Ozone layer’, you never hear anything about that these days but I can remember 20 years…[Read more]

  • Snags…in my first post I think I said that I wasn’t a non-believer as far as climate change goes…I believe that for the most part it is in the nature of our planet to have a constant change of climate, there is bucketloads of evidence that shows the dramatic changes that have happened over millenia…obviously not from any of human…[Read more]

  • If you look closely you will see the various statistics and quotes have been filched from various sources…they don’t give a source for the Tasmanian quote. As far as I can see Tasmanian ‘record’ highs have climbed by a whopping .7 of a degree in the last 37 years…scary stuff! If they had THAT for a headline it would be the truth and it would…[Read more]

  • I have no agenda, Snags! I just have an extreme dislike of innaccuracies spouted as ‘facts’…looking at the climate records for our area…always presuming they are accurate of course, which they may not be…then our present weather is pretty much average and has been so as far back as I cared to fact last summer was a bit cooler than…[Read more]

  • Firstly, I would like to say I have no axe to grind regarding ‘global warming’, I do think our climate is changing for whatever made, natural, whatever.. BUT I do think campaigns such as the above are bordering on the hysterical and are probably not even accurate…for instance the headline ‘Tasmanias’ hottest day in 120 years’, not in…[Read more]

  • Well, isn’t plate tectonics a natural thing? That’s my point entirely…there always has been climate change…it’s not a new thing. Maybe part of the current climate changes are caused by tectonic shifts…

  • I reckon whoever said Geese, Turkeys and Guinea Fowl were high maintanence is full of what comes out of their rear ends!
    There are semi wild populations of all of them in our area…the Turkeys breed very successfully, as do the Geese and Guinea Fowl…I suppose completely free range stock is different-anyway they obviously do well when humans…[Read more]

  • I don’t know if this is of any help but there is a huge flock of semi wild geese here and they feed on pasture grass…it’s obviously goose heaven as they also have river access, they have so many youngsters this year!
    I’d go to your local ag supply place..Roberts, Elders- whoever- and buy a bag of pasture grass seed, maybe mix in some barley seed…[Read more]

  • I do think that climate change has always been a part of the Earths history…I remember watching a doco years ago where they unearthed the remains of a tropical sea in the middle of the English countryside so obviously climate isn’t a static thing…I think the actions of humans have speeded up the natural processes.
    How well science can predict…[Read more]

  • Sorry about the chookies 🙁 ,it’s heartbreaking to lose animals. We lived in SA for a year many years ago and I found that dreadful, searing heat hard to cope with…tropical heat is much kinder even tho’ the humidity can be uncomfortable…I grew up in FNQ and lived there until 2011 and never found the heat as bad as that one summer in SA.
    We…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Pumpkin Flowers in the forum Vegetables 8 years, 8 months ago

    Thanks Donkeynomad…I’m not too worried about the seed…I just want the squash to fertilise as it seems to have all female flowers so far and the zucchini all male…

  • replied to the topic Plant ID please in the forum Ornamental Gardens 8 years, 8 months ago

    Sorry…I just can’t bear it…depresses me just looking at it! And it always looks half dead…I’ve never seen one that looks in good nick wherever they are..!!

  • replied to the topic Pumpkin Flowers in the forum Vegetables 8 years, 8 months ago

    I am growing Spaghetti Squash and Zucchini…I forget the name but it’s a round Italian heirloom variety…as the Zucchinis had male flowers I used them to fertilise the female spaghetti Squash flowers (such goings on in the vege garden!)…will this work? Thanks for the fantastic info Donkeynomad! :tup:

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