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  • :ohmy: Ouch, sorry to hear it, you’re lucky it’s only a lump and a stiff neck, could have been a lot worse, if that’s any comfort.

  • Just a theory. maybe the rat was carrying the bird back to its pad when it spotted/found the peanut butter and accidently set the trap off while investigating. :shrug:

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    They look happy, it’s good to see them involved. :tup:

  • Hi jaden62,

    I think you are already on the money when you said “Sounds hollow when it’s knocked, the last tendrils before the melon have died off” :tup: you just need someone else to spread the blame if it isn’t ripe :laugh: that’s how I do it anyway.

  • That’s good to know fruitful, maybe the spray that you make up will work in the vegie patch as well to deter other insects.

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    :hijacked: sorry Bel

    Thanks bushy, we have white shade cloth on our shade house, it was given to us second hand 13 years ago, a large nursery was throwing it out as it was damaged in a storm, I had a good look at it yesterday and going by everything I’ve heard lately, I now believe it is 50%, I am going to try and give it a clean up with the…[Read more]

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    :tup: Thanks very much Bel, I will print the pics and take them to town on Friday and try to compare them with the shade cloth and hopefully find the right one, BTW I am totally jealous of your pear tree.

    Fruitful, does the pics of the shade cloth look anything like 50% to you? :shrug:

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    You weren’t lucky to buy it, you were lucky to find a property with some fruit trees already established, you were smart to buy it. :clap:

    We are planning to cover our garden area with shade cloth, but not sure what percent shade to use, we had a look at a nursery which uses hail guard and they said there is no shade protection, but it felt…[Read more]

  • Yep, they are old enough and heavy enough, but as bushy said, you won’t get a beefy off spring from that cross, however I would be a careful as to what you use as they are only heifers and may have trouble calving, the best advice I can give is to ask your “AI fella” for a beef bull/straw that is a known to throw small claves. Some bulls are known…[Read more]

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    hillbilly girl, click on the “here” link at the bottom of the post and follow the links

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    After several attempts at letting a broody sit on eggs and getting 1 chick (if I’m lucky!!) out of starting off with 12 eggs, I gave up and bought an incubator. quote]

    :laugh: We went the other way, we got sick of trying to get results from an incubator so we now use bantam hens with a good success rate.

    Good luck with the hatching, I know what…

    [Read more]

  • I have lived without television since 1975.


    When we first moved on to our block in 99, we never bothered putting up the aerial, that lasted five years and we got so much done without distractions, I must say that in the five years the language used on telly had got a lot worse, we couldn’t believe how rough it had got in just five…[Read more]

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    Wish I was closer 🙁 you won’t have any trouble selling them at that price.

  • :laugh: You’re right Rubicon, it’s always funny when someone else gets zapped, most of the time it’s me copping it and the wife and kids laughing.

    Fortunately Bushy, she didn’t have the milk with her or she may have spilt it 🙂

  • What do you mean by whole milk, lol while typing this I just remembered that ad on tv where the bloke says “I just want milk that tastes like real milk” :laugh: sorry, do you mean raw milk?

  • I have an e-book that I downloaded about Aloe Vera that would be worth a look written by Mike Adams, in it there is a claim that it “Halts the growth of cancer tumors”.

    I can’t link it but if you copy and do a google search, it comes up.


  • Hi Emma-Leigh and welcome to ALS, I must say you couldn’t have joined at a better time, Bel has put a bomb under us all and the site has suddenly come alive again. :clap:

  • No I hadn’t heard, that’s terrible, the poor kid.

    Nothing like that with my wife, it was only an electric fence albeit a big one, but only designed to shock not to hurt.

  • Hi Bel
    I’m new to bees also, I was advised to purchase this book which I refer to a lot, as for the kit, the hive tool doesn’t have the hook on one end so I am not sure how you would lift the frames up with it :shrug: sorry I’m not much help, I have been watching to see what the experienced bee keepers have to say.

    I don’t know how to hyperlink…[Read more]

  • I agree, great topic pavbenth, I live in a remote community made up of just over 100 blocks mostly ranging from 25ac to 40ac, these blocks were subdivided from a large forested cattle property.

    Since moving here 13 years ago, I have seen a lot of people come and go and it is very sad to see them come out to the bush with so much hope and…[Read more]

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