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  • I’ve started making sauerkraut and fermented vegies and just visited the local op shop and bought those old glazed flour and sugar jars (often without the lids, but you can get over that problem) for a couple of $’s. Also you can use the ceramic inserts of crockpots – again from the op shop. You can also use the mason type wide-mouthed jars (1…[Read more]

  • I’ve read the Michael Pollan books mentioned here – good stuff.
    At the moment I’m also reading ‘The World According to Monsanto’ which is also worth reading if you haven’t already done so – a real eye-opener.

    On ‘Landline’ on ABC yesterday, there was an article relating to a farmer growing Organic Canola who has lost his certification because of…[Read more]

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    Judi B post=343139 wrote: I don’t know what type of apples they were here when we bought the place.

    Judi, Don’t know much about apples, but we have some very much like those in your pic – elongated rather than round in shape. They are ‘Anna’ Malus domestica (Tropical apples). We also have Golden Dorset which are supposed to cross-pollinate with…[Read more]

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    Judi, working off what Bel was saying about covering your chokoes with plastic – as an alternative do you think using the same idea with a piece of shadecloth offcut (from the tip recyclers) would do the trick? I’m thinking it would protect the plant from the night-time frosts and allow the air to circulate in the daytime. And if you decided to…[Read more]

  • Blue Wren, I just use the steamer (double boiler thingy) on top of the stove. Cut lengthwise in half – haven’t ever tried it in the microwave, but guess it would turn out similar.

    Airgead, who needs forks? a cuppla long, strong, fingernails would do the job.

    Was thinking the tomatoes, herbs etc would be bush tucker – so acceptable maybe?

    And…[Read more]

  • But with some butter (or lots) and salt and pepper – very yummy.

    Or: make a spag sauce with lots of fresh tomatoes, herbs, garlic and fold through like you would with pasta. Think the caveman would eat that Dan ;-).

    I usually cut them in half and steam mine and just call it spaghetti veg too, rather than squash.

    Blue Wren, I think the term…[Read more]

  • Beautiful misty morning photo, BW. What a difference a little rain makes. And just love your pusscat – so totally the boss!

    Re the choko: I really don’t know much about their requirements, but just go by what’s happening here. They grow around the outside (on the fence) of my vegie patch, which is about 30 metres on the lower side of our…[Read more]

  • Good to see some good rainfalls for you guys out there BW. Nothing like a bit of rain to get motivated again. It’s so demoralizing when everything just dies with the heat, and I admire your ability to keep gardening under those conditions.

    We’ve had less than 50mm since 22 Jan – it just went around us, but grateful for the bit we got, and…[Read more]

  • Beautiful photos as always, BlueWren. Good to see you’re all sharing in that beautiful rain we’re getting. :clap: :clap:

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    Thanks Earthgirl for the info on the raw garlic in olive oil. Will in future take your advice about using the granular stuff instead.

    When I dehydrate my tomatoes I usually add basil and chopped garlic to the dehydrator, and when done, put some in jars with olive oil.

    I’ve used the fresh garlic in olive oil for yonks with feta and olives – the…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Keiffer Grains in the forum Dairy products 9 years, 2 months ago

    KatieK post=329330 wrote:
    Bobbee, love your ideas … keep ’em coming – those cheese balls in olive oil … and heaps of garlic and some chilli perhaps …. OMG I’m salivating :woohoo:

    Is this what you meant Bobbs?

    If so, I was really just bouncing off your great ideas, and getting totally carried away by my taste buds, and have to admit that…[Read more]

  • Thanks Mauzi. They seem to be coping really well and look like they’re having a ball free-ranging with the other girls.
    The rooster’s strutting around with a huge grin this morning too!

  • Could be, Steve. Just Googled Lohman’s and they do look very much like them – ours have perhaps even a bit more white mixed with the light brown. Have the same cute white tails though. Thanks.

  • … or 8 years worth of soap 🙂

  • Thanks Callie. I’m so glad they’ll manage ok. What a cruel practise!

    We had one with a crossed beak when I got my first lot of chookies a few years ago, and felt so sorry for her I kept taking her aside from the others and hand feeding her extras. Well! she got huge. Seems she was feeding herself quite adequately despite her disability, plus…[Read more]

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    My kefir’s definitely fermenting quicker in the past week since the weather has heated up here in Qld. Our kitchen is always pretty cool but its separating within hours now. I have been leaving it out overnight lately and putting it in the frig in the morning to process as time permits later in the day, but this week it looks like I’ll need to…[Read more]

  • It was great meeting up with you all again, as well as getting to know some new people too. We both had a wonderful day – well worth the trip. Thank you all … and Callie and Blue Wren for organising it. :clap:

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    calliecat post=328883 wrote: I thought it had curdled lol
    there is no way I’m drinking it :(, but will put in fridge and keep for bread me thinks 🙂

    Callie, where’s your sense of adventure? :laugh:

  • We don’t get much junk mail here as we’re out of town, but although we’re on the Do Not Call Register, the overseas crowd purporting to be from Windows/Microsoft were ringing several times a day for weeks. I kept telling them I wasn’t interested and hung up mid speil, but still they persisted. Last time Hubby answered the phone and asked them…[Read more]

  • calliecat post=328523 wrote: and feral or not, there is no such thing as too many tomatoes 🙂

    glad you think that Callie – I’ve got some yellow Tiny Toms potted up for the GTG hoping they might get a good home – so some of them might end up at your place ??? :tup:

    Blue Wren: That mulch looks wonderful.

    Can sooo relate to the lost glasses. I…[Read more]

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