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  • wow… I finally get time to check out ALS and this is the first post I read… heaven!

    We’ve just come back from a camping trip up your way and I spent the whole time between Hat Head and Sydney saying how much I’d like to live in that coastal hinterland… so lush and green and rich looking! You guys sure are lucky!


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    wow all this corn looks great…

    We have heaps of it sprouting from collected seed which is is exciting (well for us since it’s the first year we’ve used saved seed).. but it is only a couple of cms at the moment… but then it is the very start of the season here for us… we still have a looooooooong way to go. I don’t think ours will ever get…[Read more]

  • ah of course frost! I am so stupid!

    I am pretty sure we would have had frost the night before last – Monday morning – since it hailed here on and off all day Monday! *phew* and I thought they had some terrible disease that would ruin the whole crop, just when they had finally started to grow!!

    We get lots of one off late frosts here so will have…[Read more]

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    thanks so much everyone…. I shredded a whole bunch of scrap paper yesterday and used it to mulch the rhubarb that I divided and replanted. We’ve also given some to the chooks to scratch in and help keep the mud down in the walk way to their house.

    I must say the process of shredding is rather fun isn’t it… the kids and I had a ball!


  • I dubbed this year ‘2008 the year of organisation’ in our house as I’ve struggled to keep on top of things and manage our new schedules (our twins started kinder/preschool and the 8:45 starts near kill me!) … I started out on the de-clutter wagon but kind of fell off half way through the year and winter really got me down this year too… so I…[Read more]

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    wow 96 grams is impressive… we had an 84 gram one the other day which we thought was a bit spec… our new hens have also been laying tiny little white eggs which are just as special to us!


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    What would it look like if it were dormant??

    We seem to get more stalks off it in winter than any other time of the year?


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    Thanks heaps Annie –

    We are at the base of Mount Macedon and expecting snow tonight so perhaps I still have some time? We won’t be over the frosts until well into Nov!


  • I’m attempting drag myself out of lurkdom by asking a million questions 🙂

  • We have a couple of peapods…. I like them but I don’t LOVE them… but I am super picky when it comes to modern cloth LOL Plus I think the size and shape of your baby really makes a difference as to what works best for you… though I am a fan of pockets in general.

    I am sure there is another cloth nappy thread here (to lazy and too slow net…[Read more]

  • thanks heaps… all the spring seeds are ordered, now lets hope for a few fine sunny days to finish off the garden prep before they arrive!


  • wow the bench looks fabulous!

    We did something similar when we renovated our city house but we bought the wood (back them we had no kids, no mortgage and were kind of silly). I’d really love something similar when we renovate this kitchen (either that or polished concrete) and I love the idea and look of the old pallets!

    Thanks for sharing such…[Read more]

  • Oh great links thanks!
    I am on a mission to find time to sew… and actually learn to do more than just sew in straight lines!


  • These look cool!

    My girls grew a heap of gourds last summer from a packet of mixed seeds they were given. They all turned out pretty small, some orange, some green and orange stripes and some lumpy ones… we now have a huge bucker full of them and have no idea what to do with them, but they do look nice in a big bowl on the table.

    I might just…[Read more]

  • Thanks so much for all the great info…

    I’ve just put in a request for a pair of chinese geese goslings and will see what options on chooks the breeder also has when we go up to get the goslings hopefully November soometime…

    I’d like to get two australops hens and two sussex bantums and rooster of either australops or bantum sussex but it…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the fast replies… our current girls are a tad narky with each other ( I think they use all their paitence putting up with my three year olds!) and have a definite pecking order since Red the Randy Rooster left… one even mounts the others which is why we are in desperate need of a rooster to restore the balance!

    I guess I am more…[Read more]

  • I got some seeds from Diggers last year…. but didn’t manage to get any of them to grow 🙁 Put the last of them in just last week so am hoping I might have more luck this year…. I can’t seem to find comfrey seeldings or plants anywhere!


  • OK I know I am late in on this but we had a go yesterday…we made ours into bread rolls to have with our chicken noodle soup. Previously my bread roll attempts have all ended in little rocks, this was SO much better… though still not perfect!

    I had two small helpers for the kneading part (don’t think three year olds are quite cut out for the…[Read more]

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    Oh we need a new rooster… I am ignoreant though.. what does a Lavendar Aracuna look like?

    And I am very keen to get a few bantum hens next spring… would the rooster have to be kept seperate from the bantums? or can bantums and standard chooks interbreed?


  • replied to the topic tiny eggs? in the forum Backyard livestock 14 years, 3 months ago

    They were wormed with horrid chemical stuff about 6 months ago (start of spring last year I think) but we’ve been doing the garlic in the water thing since then because I wasn’t real keen on the horrid chemical stuff… but maybe we should give that another go.

    Jaymie you are so right on the chooks being ‘odd’ ours definitely are and it is part…[Read more]

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