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    My neighbours when I was a kid were Sri Lankan and their kids told me their parents used charcoal for teeth cleaning when they grew up back in their country and they had lovely teeth. I just googled it to be sure I wasn’t remembering wrong and there’s quite a lot on it. 🙂

  • I love that twice a year there is a kerbside collection in my area of ‘stuff’ and I laugh the most when everything we or others put out gets taken, just love that, some before we even get back into the house (a quite good mattress a few years back that we had no room for) even an old washing machine that we had literally rolled down from our house…[Read more]

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    When you added Brain Freeze to Crop Rotation it soooo resonated with me! I ‘generally’ switch it in Autumn. Just before my big winter planting, but I’m in Perth so it’s temperate and still not cold over here. I’m also no expert and am still testing stuff. I used the Gardening Australia info, various books I have and internet sources and nearly…[Read more]

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    Yes, we’ve previously been vegetarian at various times, more because we were at a stage of not eating much meat and thought why not…but on the other hand we agree with the principle of ‘if you eat meat, then give it a good life first’…’and if you eat it, at least understand the harvesting process’ and it doesn’t horrify us in this instance,…[Read more]

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    Hi, just wondering if anyone has seen this before and sorry if it’s a longish tale. We’ve got 4 older chickens (2-3 years)… about 9 weeks ago got 4 five week old Australorps. Well soon after I was suspecting that 2 of the 4 newbies were boys….and more recently it was obvious, but I didn’t want to know as one was such a pleasant chicken, you…[Read more]

  • I do agree with you Bobbee, balance is very important and good on you re the green juices :tup: , they are so good for you, but I just need a bit of fruit in there and it upsets my levels too much, can’t get used to it more plain with just say lemon juice, wish I could. Coconut water and berries with a bit of protein powder makes a good light…[Read more]

  • Now that’s a coincidence, I was just re reading all the posts here to help with my New Year’s health plan and you’ve bumped it forward. Well done re the weight loss and commitment and thanks for starting this thread. I notice a couple of people seem to be doing the primal eating thing. I got some bitter melon tablets after reading what you’ve…[Read more]

  • Pumpkin, how could I forget pumpkin, baked, soup, mashed with spinach through it…and I love chook food bread…hey I’m low carbing stop tempting me…who knows what brings it on for who ay…we can but try with what we’ve been dealt…just annoying..for all of us. Made the most awesome Mock Potatoes last night using cauliflower, other half…[Read more]

  • Nah, I’m sure mine has done that if I turned it off after mowing that long to go in for a cuppa or something, though don’t quote me…fingers crossed, think positive…DH normally just says the worst that’ll do is cause me to have a heart attack hahahaha…ever the optimist. Think overfilling the oil might do it too…can’t remember, I just try…[Read more]

  • Hmm, did a quick reply and it hasn’t come up…oh well…yes, very lucky given the levels others, like yourself, are having to work with. I luckily have never had a sweet tooth, but things like bread and potatoes are my downfall and probably the spark as a child that set the issue alight for me…it used to be said that we should eat 6-8 slices…[Read more]

  • I’m far from a lawnmower guru, but ours does that when I fill the fuel tank too high, it only likes to be up to the half way point some reason (7 year old Husqvarna)…no idea why, but I go with it’s flow. Also does it occasionally if the other half has tipped it over to fiddle with something underneath and then it’s righted and sits for a…[Read more]

  • Hi Len, I’ve read your posts and can see you work hard at it. :clap: I’ve been lucky as I’ve had it for 9 years now and my morning reading is about 8.5, slightly less than that if I’m up early and walk past my ‘machine’, good old dawn effect. I’m not on meds and don’t want to be, but understand it may happen. I’m also lucky that as yet I…[Read more]

  • Hi all, have been type 2 since 2003 and to my shame just don’t seem to take it seriously, although i’m always traing out new healthy eating styles, so over the years have spent periods doing all the testing, joining gyms, vegetarian, bit of vegan, currently low carbing but I suspect I don’t do enough for long enough. I have found this topic and…[Read more]

  • According to an Ag Dept brochure for WA, commercially they use Westralia (has strings) over here but they are starting to grow more Kentucky Blue, which seems to be a popular type in USA from my reading….and it’s described as a ‘high-yielding stringless’ type. They also mentioned Blue Lake but that it’s more prone to rust. The fact sheet said…[Read more]

  • :blush: Keep getting a fatal error, pink bucket, lots of not that big red/pink and Delaware spuds if that helps :laugh:

  • Now I’m just going to get annoyed, one last go and if this doesn’t work, you’ll have to imagine it…I’ll just attach it this time and after all this build up it’ll be disappointing :shrug:

  • and the photo didn’t work so I’ll try again.

  • I’m sure someone on these forums will have some great advice re potato growing, I don’t know much about it but have luckily gotten some lovely spuds. I can suggest checking out what Gardenate says on their website for your area…II had a bit of potato scab last year, but suspect that was insufficient watering. I just dig a trench (spade depth),…[Read more]

  • Our place is rammed earth we owner built but subbed out the rammed earth. They used limestone and pilbara something, like a red coarse sand/ pebbley mix..bucket of one to two buckets of the other (bobcat bucket). They added a small amount of cement and a binding agent. They had hydraulic rams and all the gear, can’t say I’d like to do it…[Read more]

  • Thanks BL, I’ve been looking for something to say how to insert a pic but could only see the file attach bit, will try again when I next have something. What’s the button look like? I’m obviously blind.
    Re the taste of the beans Forest Raven, the fruit tastes a bit like a sweet cherry , been wondering if they are good for anything, muffins? Or…[Read more]

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