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  • Good Luck Andre

    My son works at Sovereign Hill and has for years while he has gone through Uni- great crew to work for… I live in Clunes as well so wish you all the best as you get closer to your dream of living on your block at Clunes. I have recently changed employment and have dropped hundreds of dollars a week…. but…… I now work for…[Read more]

  • Thanks Bullseye, much appreciated. We will have a look on the weekend through the site. Thanks all for your advise and suggestions


  • Good advise bushy- Will mention the battery issue to my hubby, maybe he will consider me capable of using the pull start (seems to work for the mower :laugh: )

  • Hubby also informs me that he would like key start (cause he thinks i will struggle with pull cord type when he is not home :huh: ) I am assuming that these types of generators will be more expensive

  • Thanks Roadwarrior

    My hubby was looking to get a Honda as he has been told they are good generators

  • And Done :clap:

  • Thanks all for your suggestions. ‘Greener Kitchens’ looks a little out of our league financially so will continue to look at options. Have asked a couple of tradies about the kitchen and they seem very uninterested so may be a matter of finding a tradie interested in sustainability and recycling to do the job. Kitchen is workable at the moment…[Read more]

  • We left a 16 year old garden and the home our 3 sons grew up in. I bailed out of moving many many times and there were always many excuses why my husband wouldnt move, travel to work, garage, workshop, bla bla bla. Eventually I saw a small opening and before we knew it, we had made an offer and it was accepted. We bought the lifestyle and not the…[Read more]

  • Yes jmcal, we waited till kids left home (last one left when we moved) It truly is worth the wait, that is not to say that there hasnt been a few dramas with it , but I love the countryside, love the alpacas and love the serenity. The birdlife is amazing, even if a lot of them have taken up residence in our verandah eaves. When spring weather…[Read more]

  • The three alpaca boys are now – 4 boys plus 1 girl, with another girl to come in a couple of weeks. They are just adorable, easy to handle, funny to watch and very inquisitive….:clap: the new cows on the other hand are not!!! :tdown::noapprove::uhoh:

  • OMG trandto that is stunning, would love to see more photos of your property. That is my dream home

  • replied to the topic Cute Cows in the forum Backyard livestock 9 years ago

    Picked up the cows today, got there and they had halters on and tied to the fence, one was in the crush and looking really really unhappy:@ but they looked ok. i had three to pick from and took the two that were pregnant. The first one was being a ‘REAL COW’ to get in the float (now i know where that saying comes from) and she took the male…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Cute Cows in the forum Backyard livestock 9 years ago

    Thanks everyone for advice. Had it confirmed today that both cows are pregnant due to calf in February, hopefully enough time for me to learn more. They are both first timers so I will get to know the local vet incase she is needed LOL Looking forward to just sitting and watching and have already given my self a good viewing window. Will post…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Cute Cows in the forum Backyard livestock 9 years ago

    I will be picking up the cows on Friday and if it doesnt work out I should be able to sell them on as I will have papers as they are pure breds and I can always sell them onto my neighbour who breeds them. I have been told they have been handled a lot and easy to work with. :shrug: This will be a learning curve and will certainly give me an idea…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Cute Cows in the forum Backyard livestock 9 years ago

    Nex I hand fed a poddy calf tonight for the first time…, was fun but the owner told me it was another 4 months of hand feeding so i can see how there is a lot of work in hand raising the little fellows.

  • replied to the topic Cute Cows in the forum Backyard livestock 9 years ago

    Lots of food for thought, thanks everyone. I am still favouring minitures only because i will feel a little more confident around smaller animals. I will being doing most of the work on my own with help from my neighbour and just want to ease gently into the cow community.
    Nex i would have assumed that you would have no trouble placing your…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Cute Cows in the forum Backyard livestock 9 years ago

    Andre thanks for the belted galloway site. If all goes well with the herefords will be definately looking to get some miniture belted.

  • replied to the topic Cute Cows in the forum Backyard livestock 9 years ago

    I am buying the cows as pet not for consumption. I did a bit of reading on the breed and read that they were closer to the miniture size many many years ago but developed to a big cow in more recent times The original breeder of minitures bred to return the herefords to their heritage size. I am also considering belted galloways and am told they…[Read more]

  • I am with Dick on this one. I have just moved from a town where the councils objective is to grow grow grow because if they dont the councillors will loose their job due to almagamation. If this creates discussion at least on how population growth can be achieved in a sustainable manner, perhaps it will put the spotlight on greedy councils. I…[Read more]

  • Hi Kerrie

    I havent seen the sun since i moved here in the Central Goldfields of Victoria one month ago. We moved in the pouring rain i ended up with a bad case of the flu and have not even unpacked or been able to investigate my new property. My pipes burst due to frost . We have had way above average monthly rainfall here. Tis good news but the…[Read more]

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