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  • Thanks George we will do that. Just been reading some of his articles. His vegie patch is awe inspiring!

  • Thanks Becca.

    It was mainly the airborne pollution from the cars but it’s not the busiest road ever just quite busy if that makes sense. Not like it’s a 4 lane highway or anything!

    We have started looking at hedges that could be productive I think hubby was talking about Lillipillis for jam? We were going to screen the hedge up each side as well…[Read more]

  • I just planted some snow peas today. These grew nicely last winter with a bit of a trellis.

  • I had heard how nice Mount Tamborine was and so I was online looking at blocks a few months back.

    This thread is making me want to relocate.

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    Ahhh thanks very much! Yes my hubby took one to work to eat for lunch and it was empty! He was really looking forward to his homegrown passionfruit too!

    But some have grown really well.

    I will plant a few extra bee attracting plants around too. If we are lazy and let the grass grow , in other words don’t mow there are alot of bees attracted to…[Read more]

  • I had the same mildew problem with our golden nugget pumpkins last summer. They just made it in time!

    Little yellow and black good ladybugs come to eat the mildew off the leaves but a milk wash is a good idea. I just harvested mine before the mildew took over. I was advised to water zucchini/pumpkins in the morning so to give it enough time to…[Read more]

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    I saw Peter Cundall do that too. He just put in about 5 spuds in each row over about 7 rows and said he got heaps!

    I was going to try it!

    Ihave also seen where they cut the potatoes into pieces but Peter Cundall just dropped them in whole! Then covered over the trench!

    I have his book and going to have a read and report back.

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    I am trying to come up with baby names. I am in due in OCtober. Don’t know the sex.

    My DD (now 2) is Maya pronounced (my-uh). It’s a Nepalese/Indian name which we got from our travels in Nepal. Everyone will always read it as May-a though but I have have to tell eveyrone how to pronounce my good ethnic surname all my life!

    My hubby wants Jack…[Read more]

  • I work in payroll in a large company and love my job but I am not really the corporate type. Luckily my office is super casual and relaxed.

    But I also love my new vege garden since we bought a house and pottering in my backyard!

    There is a hippie underneath that corporate work I do!

    Can’t say I classify as “corporate” as such. My hubbie and I…[Read more]

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    Aaah thanks Scarecrow!

    We thought we probably needed a trellis but just weren’t sure so that is good to know. Will start putting up a structure for them this week.

    Thanks so much!