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  • Thank you so much for that information, just what I was looking for. And we will be a little sad to slaughter Boston and Wesley, but that’s their part of the bargain after having a cosy stable and lots of room to run about and be happy pigs!

  • So that’s why we are getting various views on the matter!! Does it make a difference whether they are going for roasting meat and chops etc., or for bacon?

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    your thinking agrees with mine, we’re just not quite ready for all the miking yet, but when are you ever ready for a leap in the dark? My approach is to consider all possibilities because the one you didn’t think of is often the most golden!!

  • We’ve just started up here in Tassie,and I had my eye on the old swing set for a chook house and then I saw yours!! We’ve had a look around and have managed to rustle up some iron for the sides and your photos have given us ideas for the inside. Reckon we may take the iron down both sides, being in Tassie we want to make sure they don’t get cold.…[Read more]