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    My apple trees have been losing their leaves for a couple weeks now but they still have some. My nectarine has just started to flower though.

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    I love watching Victorian Farm and Edwardian farm, have you watched War time Farm and the others?With Gourmet Farmer I just use to watch it on tv, if I missed an ep it never bothered me, sorry for being of no help.

  • The guy I got the chickens from was advertising on gumtree, I went with him as he is basicaly the only person near me. I went to a couple fodder stores near me and 1 is ment to be getting in some 16 week old ISA this week and another is getting in some day olds end of the week. I just need to work out what aged ones I want to deal with.He said…[Read more]

  • I’m trying to find hens, I am down to three older girls, I bought three “girls” from a near by breeder and I am so ticked off it isn’t funny. They came infected with respiritory disease, one died with in 4 days and the other two turned out to be boys. The “breeder” blamed me and wont do anything. So now I would even be happy to take ISA browns if…[Read more]

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    I’m doing better now, it hurt the most while the infection was active, I just have a pink chin now.My onions are looking better than I thought they did, carrots are still a flop for the most part but a buntch more just came up in the last week that I wasn’t expecting so it might pan out.Broccoili is doing well, been harvesting and eating that,…[Read more]

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    I’m picking handfuls of cabbage moth catters off my broccoli and brussle sprout plants every couple of days, my leeks, onions and spring onions seems to be a flop this year so are the carrots. Turned in the green manure crop a few weeks ago that I had in the back yard. I want to add sulpher and return the soil next weekend. One of my pawpaw plants…[Read more]

  • I have had to reset my password too but I’m here.

  • I harvested mine as well, the ones I’m replanting for next year are in tube pots of potting mix out the front which they will stay in till spring after they sprout and reach about 10cm in height when I’ll transplant them and start the flooding.

  • Green waste can be composted, but often you don’t have the right ratio, so what if you had a giant worm farm.
    How many worms would you need to get through a 240lt bin each month/fortnight? I don’t mean how many to start with but a bin in full production, it would still take longer to eat through woody stuff but it could be done.

  • I’m wondering if anyone has anything planed for planting for this month, seeds or seedlings. My leeks and spring onions were a flop so I’m going to replant them as soon as I get some more manure this weekend.

  • Harvested my water chestnuts, now I just need to work out how many to set aside to replant come spring. I started with 2, I’m thinking 6 or 8 next time. I also need to think of something else to grow them in, a little experiment I think.

  • I planted out 3 rows of beetroot and two of sugar beets over a month ago, all up I think I have 5 plants. I’m very disappointed. My carrots have done a little better but not much and I’m also not having much luck with leeks, spring onions and white onions. All in all much of it is a fail, I didn’t even get any lettuce and I planted two different…[Read more]

  • The frost has started early this year, I wonder what it will mean, I also have tomato seedlings coming up left right and center. I transplanted my broccoli seedlings a week or so ago but they all died, so I am trying again. I hope they do better this time.

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    I know this might sound odd but have you talked to anyone that has a shearing shed the sheep poo collects under it and dairy farms might have free cow poop.

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    There isn’t a by-law stating that you can’t have him thats why. As long as you have enough space, I know I posted somewhere what it was and you have a pic number for him, your not doing anything wrong.

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    Sent a pm to you Bel, not sure if you got it.
    Have you looked at khaki campbells, I wouldn’t mind a half dozen of them. Are you going to get a piglet?

  • I just use warm water every day and every 3/4 days I use conditioner on the hair from my nape down. I use a bar of homemade soap with a sf % higher than 8 if I really need to like if I spread 5 to 20kg of sulphur around the garden or I get something else just as smelly on my scalp.

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    I would would keep the cow and getting AI done doesn’t cost that much for the return (milk and calf). I would be all over it.
    I had muscovys once, aren’t they a goose and not a duck but are called ducks?

  • I haven’t used shampoo in about 3 to 4 years, I have a bad allergy to the preservatives they use and it gives me a rash not only on my scalp but anywhere it touches when I washed it off. I co wash now.

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    Lady B yes they do.

    I am really ticked off, I bought three 10 week old Sussex girls last Thrusday and all three are now showing singes of respiratory disease, I now have a closed flock. Very unhappy.

    Edit to add one of the three birds died 4 days after I picked them up. The other two still have a runny nose, coughing and sneezing but are active,…[Read more]

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