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  • That’s great – I’m pleased to hear both you and the chickies are happy! 🙂

    And Mick – I meant to mention when you were here that if you are still chasing Light Sussex (I seem to recall you were looking for some from another thread a while back?), I will hopefully have some purebred chicks from them in about 2 weeks provided the eggs currently in…[Read more]

  • Only 6 girls left now….(and still about 15 boys…funny how no one wants them even for free LOL)

  • And if you’re on the northside of Brisbane – we’ve got 4 horses here so plenty of poo available. Just PM me if you’re interested. No charge, but you can help pick it up. 🙂

  • There is a breeder of Light Sussex just in Morayfield, so you may not have far to go! She breeds for showing rather than utility, the birds are very nice and still lay pretty well (and the roos make awesome table birds). If she doesn’t have any point of lay available she may know someone who does – although this probably isn’t a good time of year…[Read more]

  • One of our forum members bazman (who hasn’t been on much in the last 12 months or so) has actually been busy forming a company to market and produce Biochar – checkout BlackEarth Products
    Barry’s used biochar extensively in his own permaculture/food forest set up with great results.

  • Oh E – so sorry for you and your poor goaty. Losing one of your animals is just heartbreaking – fingers crossed the rest of your flock will be fine.

  • Big hugs and best wishes for you and your poor goat E! Definitely let the people who sold her to you know – who knows, it may at the least prompt them to make sure the rest of their goats are alright. Hope your goat makes it – they are pretty tough, so she’s in with a chance if she’s got the fighting spirit!

  • Here’s a vote for Aussie nature names! 🙂 Our eldest daughter is named Acacia, and son’s middle name is Jarrah. Never had any derogatory comments about them. I am constantly amazed though how many supposed Aussies don’t recognize the name Acacia and pronounce/spell it incorrectly – come on people…I thought everyone knew wattles were Acacia’s!

  • I think it is likely worms as well – the advice we were given was to worm them, then worm again 10 days to 2 weeks later. Goats can get pretty heavy worm burdens, apparently because they eat so close to the ground. Seems to have done the trick for our goat who was looking pretty sad 6-8 months after kidding despite heaps of feed in the paddock…[Read more]

  • Double post – oops! pesky internet keeps dropping out – see my post below 🙂

  • replied to the topic What to do?? in the forum Home Schooling 9 years, 8 months ago

    mistyhollows post=308520 wrote: Keeps you busy too :laugh:

    My word it does! I joke with my neighbour about hoppping on the hamster wheel when each school term starts LOL. Our week is a pretty hectic schedule with before school & after school activities.

    We actually have 3 children, I wrote above about the eldest. The youngest (another daughter)…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic What to do?? in the forum Home Schooling 9 years, 8 months ago

    My eldest girl is a bit similar to yours – fantastic literacy skills, well above her age/grade level. Initially, when she started school the class teacher’s way of extending her was having her go up to the Grade 2’s for reading groups (daughter’s Grade 1 teacher was a freshly graduated teacher and really didn’t have a clue what to do for my…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Mice ate seeds. in the forum This Simple Life 9 years, 8 months ago

    My solution is similar to busylizzie’s – we had mice/rats eating everything we grew so I got a roll of cheap gutter guard and some zip ties and made little seedling ‘hats’ for larger things and sort of a long ‘tent’ type thing for rows of smaller things. They stay on the plants until they come up and grow too big for them, then they get moved on…[Read more]

  • Fantastic post Bel – exactly how I feel. Sonya said it well – it’s like having a whole bunch of friendly & knowledgable cyber ‘neighbours’ at your doorstep…

  • She doesn’t look too bad Fozzie – I was thinking there’d be more blood splashed around (comb injuries can bleed profusely). I don’t know that I’d bother stressing her out again and mucking around with the Betadine – if it looked fairly clean when you bathed it with the water, the Centrigen will probably have done the job anyway (doesn’t it have…[Read more]

  • First I’d clean it up with a saline wash and a bit of betadine. Then, you need to be careful that the other chooks don’t peck at her wound – chooks seem to be attracted to red, and once they start it’s hard to stop. One way people use to deter that is using that blue/purple wound spray (Centrigen) from the produce, which disguises the colour a…[Read more]

  • Have look on the Backyard Poultry website, you can always put up a wanted ad there or check the breeders directory. It’s a pity you’re not closer, I sell my unsexed day olds for $5 each!

  • Yes, I keep Plymouth Rocks, and a few other breeds. We’ve found they are a little on the slow growing side, but they do grow out to a good size in the end. I don’t feed them anything special, so if they were fed a broiler mix they might do better faster – I just do the commercial starter, then grower, then layer pellets until they look like they…[Read more]

  • Bel – have a look on the Backyard Poultry website

    There is a breeds and breeders index there and lots of chookie people who would be happy to recommend breeds, and might be able to put you onto suppliers. 🙂

    Another link that might help you choose something is this one (has a description of the…[Read more]

  • Hmmm, sorry, but personally I just can’t see how coles and woolies selling a loaf of bread for $1 is going to take away huge amounts of business from the local bakery.:S I think the bread they are offering for $1 is the bog standard homebrand white spongy sandwich stuff :sick: – I would think those who buy that type of bread likely already get…[Read more]

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