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  • The Chk Chk sound is almost certainly the Large-Tailed Nightjar. It’s nocturnal, so you won’t hear it in the daytime and it’s call is often described as the sound of chopping wood. It certainly goes ON and ON and ON but it’s fairly uncommon so it’s a pleasure to have one nearby – honest:|. We had one at the front of the house and one at the back…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Wormy pumpkins in the forum Vegetables 12 years ago

    Pumpkins are one of the few things that grow really well in my garden so the only thing I can suggest is to keep them on the dry side and try not to let water sit in the dent in the stalky end – but perhaps that’s not where they’re getting in. Also sitting them on plenty of straw/mulch may help?? I have maggoty things get into my corn (those…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Superannuation in the forum Living within your means 12 years ago

    The stock market always seems to recover eventually. Twenty years ago most of us wouldn’t have even known about a downturn when it happened. My thoughts (by no means an expert mind you) are that if you cut and run from an investment now you’re sure to lose money so if you’ve managed without that money up until now you might as well leave it…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic sprouts in the forum Bush house and green house food plants 12 years ago

    I’ve never managed the fat straight mung beans either. As most of us seem to get the same result using just water I assume that the commercially grown ones are fed something or other to get them to grow that way. I do sometimes put them in the dark under the sink to see if they look better, but then I tend to forget about them and find them a…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Garlic in the tropics??? in the forum Vegetables 12 years ago

    I planted the first lot of garlic (from the organic delivery company) on 14 April so it’s had all the cold it’s gonna get, but although there’s lots of greenery and if I scrape the soil back I can see the bulbs have swelled a bit, there’s no sign of them splitting into cloves. I’m sure I read somewhere that they won’t get cloves unless they get…[Read more]

  • You need to be aware that Lamberts are part of the live animal transport halal trade with Malaysia and boast of being about to set up Malaysia’s biggest feedlot – to quote their web-site ‘…aimed at improving their quality of beef, average daily weight gains, inventory turnover, cash flow and, of course the bottom line: Profits! ‘ Doesn’t…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Growing eggplant in the forum Vegetables 12 years, 1 month ago

    Bplum I find that although the eggplant ‘bushes’ last forever up here the fruit do start to lose that lovely shiny purple colour as the plant gets older – they tend to produce dull and slightly greenish fruit. They also start to get bitter as they age. Rejuvenating the bush by cutting it back well will prompt it to send out new shoots and a…[Read more]

  • Haven’t had access for a while as DH got a Trojan virus and we had to stay off the internet until it was sorted out. ANYWAY, welcome Missy. It was really good to meet you.

  • replied to the topic meets? Townsville meet? in the forum Queensland 12 years, 1 month ago

    Yeah, that’s a bit too close for my liking – swat from me too:p:p:p. Aren’t you meant to airbrush out the wrinkles first, like they do for all the models and film stars??

    Am dashing off into town, so this is just a quick ‘Hi’ and ‘you’re welcome’ for now.

  • If you do decide on a new one, and you have cheap hot water, make sure you get one that has hot AND cold fill. We mostly cold wash but do an occasional hot wash for whites. We realised that as we had ‘free’ solar hot water it was stupid to have a machine that always cold filled and then used expensive electricity to heat the water. I went round…[Read more]

  • If the polycarpon thing is the same as I get sometimes it should just have a single root ball in the middle, so is quite easily pulled out, even in pebble. It’s probably already shed its seed though so as soon as you pull out the parent the littlies will flourish so may be best to leave it until your new plants can shade it out.

  • Poor Elizabeth, what a tale of woe:(:(.

    I really ought to be mixing my own but always end up doing the lazy thing. I find the seed raising mix very expensive, so use my normal bought potting mix (Searles Premium) and sprinkle a layer of srm on top of the seeds. Last time I bought Yates General Purpose Potting Mix and was amazed at the big lumps…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Seed question(s) in the forum Vegetables 12 years, 1 month ago

    I cut open one of our pumpkins the other day and the seeds had started germinating inside. You can’t refuse to collect the seed when the plant is so insistent and makes it so easy for you!!

    I agree that you should definitely have a go at seed saving. Lyn’s point about breeding plants for your climate is very good. If a plant has produced…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Garlic in the forum Vegetables 12 years, 1 month ago

    I just used an organic garlic, broke it into cloves and stuck a few in here and there. I have the rest of the cloves sitting in an empty terracotta pot outside waiting for an appropriate space to come along – one has put out a shoot but the others are just sitting around happily:). Once in the ground they shoot very quickly but none of mine have…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic meets? Townsville meet? in the forum Queensland 12 years, 1 month ago

    Yes, slight slip up with the rtb brain today. i can talk – walked off with someone elses trolley in the stupidmarket today. WHen I looked down there was packet chocolate pudding, icy poles, yucky white bread. The poor chap was left with mine with 24 toilet rolls, 6 tins of tomatoes, 2 bags of flour, two pkts bicarb, Mungalli milk and two…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic meets? Townsville meet? in the forum Queensland 12 years, 1 month ago

    Lee and frogfriendly – your ‘hangers on’ are more than welcome.

    We have lots of chairs and tables but with the numbers increasing if anyone has some folding ones handy and easily transported some extras may be useful. Similarly the plates etc – we may need more, so your offer is appreciated rtb.

    I’ll provide tea and coffee with scones and…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic meets? Townsville meet? in the forum Queensland 12 years, 1 month ago

    yes, Jaymie, I’m looking forward to it too. :lol::lol::lol:

    The list is (hope I haven’t forgotten anyone or given anyone extra kids or new partners)
    rtb and mr rtb
    Harry and Lou
    Jaymie and Alex and 2 kids
    Missy and 2 kids (Plus hubby I think)
    Maybe berry time, hubby and 4 kids
    Maybe frogfriendly
    Maybe depome
    Kismet and XDigger
    And me,…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic meets? Townsville meet? in the forum Queensland 12 years, 1 month ago

    I’m looking forward to seeing all your little fishies, Jaymie. I’ve got some in the creek but I’d need rather a lot to make a meal:lol:!

    XDigger – silly me:shy: you’re Kismet’s DH so of course you’re from Townsville (there isn’t a smiley for slapping myself on the head otherwise I’d put several in a row here……)

  • The main thing with Yates is that their seed is not open pollinated, therefore any seed you collect from the produce is less likely to be successful. Yates want you to buy their seeds each year, not produce your own seed.

    I get nearly all my seed from Green Harvest as they’re open-pollinated and Queensland based so are more likely to do well…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic meets? Townsville meet? in the forum Queensland 12 years, 1 month ago

    Certainly most Townsville people who want to Live Simply or be Earth Gardeners WILL be in Alligator Creek on Sunday! It’s a beautiful spot. Yes Mt CC is up on the hill. If you’re near Townsville, perhaps we’ll see you, too, XDigger??

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