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    Hi there Mozz :wave: and welcome to the site :tup::tup:

  • replied to the topic The Wet in the forum General chat and catching up 10 years, 9 months ago

    Well hi every one we are still having rain here,and they say we are going to get more we are so overit now.
    We can’t wait for the sun to come out again,but this mean’s mozzies great just what we need.
    Well you all stay safe out there and no swimming you hear:tup::tup:

  • replied to the topic The Wet in the forum General chat and catching up 10 years, 9 months ago

    Yes we know what you mean we have a water fall here as well we live on hays Inlet and we not only have the rain to worry about we all so have the high tide as well but we will be fine finger’s crossed any way we are dry at this time but if we get what they say wqe are getting tonight we are not sure what will happen so you take care up there.:tup:

  • Hi every one been gardening this morning,but we need help we are looking for a Fowlersvacola bottling kit we wood like the stove top one not the electric one we don’t need to run our power bill up any more than it is.
    We would like to know if any one out there has one they don’t use any more or if they know of one some where in OZ we will pay for…[Read more]

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    Hi Penny we are just north its a train ride from Brisbane we are at Clontarf we would love for you to visit we live on the water front so gardening here is fun.

  • Hi and welcome:wave::wave: there is never any silly questions but if you don’t ask you will never know so enjoy,:tup::tup:

  • PS I put my stone in to a cold oven and let it heat up i put the oven on 150degs i let it get hot by then i have my dough ready i put that on the stone and just part cook it for about 7 minutes and take it out and put my topping on i fined this works really well you get a nice crisp base that way,as for the metal stand i don’t even bother with it…[Read more]

  • The pizza stone is just great I use mine all the time it’s very hard to eat a shop bought pizza any more I make all my pizza’s now but as they say don’t put it in water just scrap off burt bit’s and wipe with damp cloth i leave mine sitting on the bench so it’s handy all the time,good luck with your pizza making enjoy.

  • replied to the topic Hey in the forum Introduce yourself 11 years, 3 months ago

    Hello again we will have to see if we can meet up soon it’s nice to have some one else this close,we are off this coming weekend to Herding Trial’s with our 2 Belgian Shepherd’s we all so show them but after this may be we can catch up till then have fun with your new life style:metal:

  • replied to the topic Hey in the forum Introduce yourself 11 years, 3 months ago

    Hello there Juggs welcome it’s good you have joined we are on the north side of Brissy we are still starting out as well and like you dream of our big block have been out and having a look at a few place’s,but not quite there as yet,enjoy the site.:tup::tup::wave::wave:

  • Hi Bluezbandit,
    I grew up in Tassie loved my child hood i can relate to all you said as i was born in 1949 and loved every bit of my child hood i just wish the kid’s today could see how we lived back then and how we loved life no Tv no computer’s and all those other gismose we really did go out and talk to people and made friend’s thank you for…[Read more]

  • Hello Stacey,
    Well the south side of Brissy we are on the north side but we welcome you to the site try the bigger hardware store’s i do belive they may be able to help you with your bottling kit:tup::tup:

  • Hi Wayne so you got her and by the caravan is a she they all are because they can be bitchy!!!!! sorry about that but it is true we know from exerience so go gently with her. lol:D:D
    Well we both wish you all the luck and we can see by the photo’s that it look’s ok from here have fun with the reno on her and it’s a good idea to use her before you…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic gday in the forum Introduce yourself 11 years, 4 months ago

    Hi there Chookpoo welcome so you are on the south side of brissy
    we are on the north side hope you enjoy and may be one day we might even catch up with each other:wave::wave::hug::hug:

  • Well we had the waring last night on the TV but this morning all we had was a large high tide here as we live on the water our place front’s right on Hays Inlet and apart from the tide nothing else happend here at Clontarf Beach. :tup::tup::wave::wave:

  • Hi Wayne this is your sister up here in QLd as you know we have a caravan all I am saying is be very carefull with what you buy,as you know we had our 22ft caravan built from the ground up and even though it was new the first time we took it away it fell apart so just be awear that secound hand can all so be just as bad I myself think it’s a…[Read more]

  • We do hope you are right about the rain we could use some right now the vegie garden is looking very sad and so is the rest of the garden please let it rain:tup::tup:

  • I have a Dyson would not use any thing else it pick’s up everything we have to long haired dog’s this is good for picking the hair up and all so it’s bagless which i like, as i hve asthma very happy with it have had it for about 10years now.:tup::tup:

  • Hi Picanini:wave:……..welcome to the site yes we do only have two seasons here but its great,we have clay soil here but we are getting around by putting lots of news paper down and building up from there with good soil and lots of compost have a few vegies in the garden and will plant lots more out over the next few weeks, well enjoy.:tup::tup:

  • Hi we have been growing beefstake tomatoe’s here and have had a lovely crop we all so are growing black russians they have just started to flower and we all so put some seed into pots of Roma and Burwood Prize we got these seeds from and they all have come through and will be planting them out into the garden in a few week’s…[Read more]

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