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  • Wood ash especially hardwoods contain elements of lime, potash and magnesium, which u can use to enrich your soil.However would suggest u use ash sparingly as you don’t want to cause a soil Ph.inbalance. Can also be used in the compost heap, and sprinkle it around seedlings that might be under attack by slugs or snails. Apparently they don’t…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Apple Tree in the forum Fruit, Vines, Nuts and Sprouts 10 years ago

    I take it you are planning to take a cutting for a graft to another variety?

    I suggest waiting until spring is well under way when sap is flowing, and the host tree is activley growing.

    Best of luck

  • replied to the topic Comfrey in the forum Herbs 10 years ago

    An alternative if you have a plentiful supply of comfrey, is to harvest enough leaves and cram them into a large container such as a large planter pot with holes in the base. Stand the pot over a second container such as a large rubbish bin, and weigh the leaves down with a few bricks or some other
    heavy object.

    Leave for about two/three weeks…[Read more]

  • I don’t know if u would call this exciting Wazza, but another outback camping tour I was on was heading down from Mount Isa to Birdsville.
    The main road south of Boulia was cut by floodwaters, so we had to make a long detour via station tracks to rejoin the main road near Bedourie.We éd bush camped the previous night, and had covered the best…[Read more]

  • A long time ago , back in another lifetime I used to be a tour guide on outback camping safaris all over Australia. This little gem happened way back in 1975.

    The company decided that Cooktown was to become a desirable destination on a 23 day East Coast and back home to Melbourne via Birdsville camping tour.My tour group was the first to go to…[Read more]

  • Now I know there are some of you who think that Wazza and I are engaging in a bit of leg pulling re the Black Mountain description.

    Just google “Black Mountain/Cooktown”and there are plenty of references to stories about this subject.

    Anyway there must be a swag of yarns about camping out beyond the rat race ,let’s have a few more please.

  • Wazza that’s a sad part about travelling in N.Q. most estuaries and rivers that run into the sea have their resident populations of “Crocodillus horribillus”
    Another place to avoid on your way back from Cooktown is Black Mountain. That massive pile of dark lichen covered boulders has seen a few people dissappear as they entered openings between…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Seed Companies in the forum Vegetables 10 years, 2 months ago

    Currently using Lost Seed because they are now available thru my local supermarket. They retail about 20cents a packet more than what I would pay direct, however by the time u add postage/wait
    time etc. the extra 20c is worth it.

    Another retail outlet retails Green Harvest but their mark up is a bit more severe, so I don’t indulge with them.

    Of…[Read more]

  • Well how do the the times change :woohoo: :woohoo:

    A couple of years ago if u dared mention the filthy word “rubber tyres” you would have been hung, drawn, crucified, and burnt at the stake by certain individuals on this site. To the point that some of us took our “too liberal views” elsewhere and seldom returned to ALS.

    Well for my part I…[Read more]

  • It’s easy to reflect on the fact that the state has been in drought for so long that we’ve forgotten what floods look like. :p

    However I just shake my head in amazement when I hear people whinging about the inconvenience of being stranded because of floodwaters. Of parents and JUNIOR players abusing sports assosciations cancelling weekend…[Read more]

  • Be prepared for a very expensive shock when you do a guestimate.Ahning.

    I recently did this as a part of a Cert 3 Conservation Land Management
    Course at Tafe and you need to consider the following:-

    1 Total area of the land you need to fence.
    2 Number of end assemblies (strainers) you will use
    3 Number of intermediate assemblies used if you are…[Read more]

  • Well it was a bit like the old Johnny Cash song “How high’s the water Momma” here last Saturday morning, however the Gringo ‘guarenteed never to fail’ levee banks stemmed the raging tide. Although I never complain about a free load of sheep manure which arrives from the paddock across the road with every flood.

    After 5 years of drought,battling…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic messed up garlic in the forum Vegetables 10 years, 11 months ago

    Old garden saying Stu,

    Plant garlic by the shortest day (in your case no problem):lol:

    Harvest by the longest :tup:

  • replied to the topic Sugarcane in Victoria? in the forum Propagation 10 years, 11 months ago

    And nothin usefull will eventuate in your hothouse pot experiment either V.

    It’s way to cool down here for it to grow at all, try some yacon instead, now that is a worthwhile sugar substitute ,and yes it will grow downhere
    in the right conditions.

  • Would’nt get too concerned about your Snow Apple, all my apples still have more than 50% leaf cover, but they will drop in the next couple of weeks.

    The dry conditions we’ve been experiencing over the last few seasons have played havoc with fruit set and production, and could be a contributing factor.

    I’d suggest you remove whatever fruit you…[Read more]

  • The thought of having to survive without all those beautiful rosy red
    shiny globules of tasteless mush from around Bowen has me reaching
    for the Panadol packet.:clap:

    And as for “glut” markdown prices in the ‘stupour’markets after the immenent fame, c’mon who’s pulling who’s leg.:tdown:

    I knew there was a reason for buying a couple of cartons of…[Read more]

  • Maybe they aren’t getting enuff to eat out Gippsland way :jawdrop: and are heading down your way for a decent feed Ma.

  • Wow nothing like letting off steam 😆 😆 😆

    “The safe working catechism” was always a good excuse for an argument when engine crews got together at the pub.

    I respect your views about the footplate being a bit of a men’s club, but in general railway workers were always a bit unique last century.

  • Well the world does go ’round Kasalia

    I would love to have a dollar for every shove full of coal I hurled into the firebox of that particular engine No.3237. My first ever job was as a fireman on the then NSW Govt.Railways way back in the 1960’s when steam was still a part of the state rail network.

    Good to see the old girl is still active,…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Broad bean help in the forum Vegetables 11 years ago

    Gremmbles I hate to sound like the Grim Reaper:rip:, but given your location, I might suggest you are pushing the envelope in expecting broadbeans to produce in your climate, you’re a little bit warm up there.:@

    I would love to be proven WRONG :tdown: on this , but as u say if it ain’t gonna happen, at least u have produced a valuable green…[Read more]

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