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  • Roosting is normal chook behaviour though you get the occasional one that won’t roost. Generally they like to get up off the ground at night. You don’t want them sleeping in laying boxes as chooks poo a lot at night and the nest boxes get dirty. If they have adequate roosting poles in the chook house, put them back in there at night till they get…[Read more]

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    Due to a family member having a rare artery condition, we have learned a bit about cholesterol. I am on way to work so I need to keep this brief.
    1. don’t believe everything your doctor tells you. Do your own research.
    2. Cholesterol is only one of thousands of risk factors for heart disease. It is not THE cause of heart disease. Creased earlobes…[Read more]

  • I don’t drink soft drink either but bottles are easy to come buy. My colleagues at work and friends outside of work save them for me. Once you get a pile you reuse them. If the freezer is full of food, take the bottles out and pop them back in as there is room for them.

  • I keep any spare space in our freezer full of bottles of frozen water. I reckon if the freezer was only opened once a day it would keep everything cold for a week.

  • If anyone is looking for Minplus the company may not currently be in operation (hence no supply). There was fatal workplace accident there recently. Last time I drove past all the signs had been taken down. I imagine workplace health and safety will be crawling all over the place for a while yet.

  • All the best Andre. I’m sure you will knock em dead!

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    I’t time to learn to make sourdough and make your own bread!

  • How to put our experience in a few lines????

    We bought a 1920 queenslander for $15 000. It was in good condition, it needed renovating but it was in good enough nick that we could just move in after the removal. It is a wonderful house suited to the north qld climate. We don’t even aircons it is so cool. There is no way we could ever afford to…[Read more]

  • There is an interesting book released overseas called Wheatbelly written by a cardiologist. While I am siuspicious of anything that demonises one food, it looks interesting. The shear amount of wheat eaten by people these days is amazing. It certainly isn’t a balanced diet. The author recommends against gluten free products as they as usually…[Read more]

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    I would love to know the secret with water kefir. I have my second lot now and they seem to grow incredibly slowly. I am not sure if it cause we are on bore water or am I doing something else wrong. Can you tell me how you brew yours?

  • Ok. Apparently Alfalfa can inhibit the immune system and contribute to inflammatory arthritis and lupus. It also contains and amino acid called canavanine that can be toxic to man if eaten in quantity. Canavine is metabolised by the plant as it grows and apparently does not exist in the adult plant.

    This post is in response to the origanal…[Read more]

  • There is something in the Nourishing Traditions book about Alfalfa sprouts not being good for you. will look it up later and post. I can’t recall anything until I have had my first cup of coffee.

  • Thank you much for posting this link. This book has been on my “to buy” list for so long. The reviews I have read on it have been good. Yes I have read the man’s religious beliefs tend to pervade the book but that if you can set that aside it is a good read and very thought provoking. I will read these free chapters when I have a moment and decide…[Read more]

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    Katie, I live in love in far north qld and know lots of people who do all sorts of ferments. The heat and humidity just shorten the time frames a bit. Ihave tried a couple of ferments but haven’t liked all of them. Not even the chooks would eat the cucumbers I made!!!!! Kimchi is so far the best one I have made. A friend of mine made some…[Read more]

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    Kefir lover’s you HAVE to try this.
    Lemon flavoured kefir is devine

    You can also make Kefir cheese. Pour your Kefir into a cheesecloth lined strainer and let the whey drain out. In about 10 hours you will have a quark like cheese. Season with salt and herbs and use as a dip. I went to a friend’s recently and she…[Read more]

  • I live in far north QLD and turkeys breed like rabbits up here. Hens can be terrible mothers but not always. Chick mortality can be high due to excessive stupidity. If hand raising chicks you have to teach them to eat.

    There is a joke that turkeys spend their lives thinking up novel ways to die and unfortunately it’s true. They have an uncanny…[Read more]

  • We move clucky turkeys all the time. OUrs next out in the paddocks where dingos would eat them. We prepare a pen for them and then the moving is done at night. One person to collect the eggs and another to to carry the turkey. Once shut in a pen with their eggs, they will sit on them no problems. However, you may need to keep the hen in her pen…[Read more]

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    Steve, you can either eat the extra grains or you can give them away. Some give the extra grains to their chooks or to animals who are sick as a probiotic.

    If you want to take a break from you kefir just put it in a cup of milk in a sealed jar and pop it in the fridge. It will easily last a week like that. If you change the milk it will last…[Read more]

  • Move back to far north qld again. 😆
    I love the far north. Have tried to live in other places but failed. I hate the cold. Hate the “poshed up” attitudes of some places but I will admit that attiude has crept into the more upmarket parts of the far north.

    I love the laid back lifestyle and the weather. You can still grow things but you have…[Read more]

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