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    Hello Lizzy! I did a bit of trade through that produce stall last summer – was lots of fun! If I am still a smarty-pants you will find some pics attached. It was nice to go out and check the money box ( a safe) and find that everyone had paid! Hope to have more to sell this summer. Thanks for dropping in on my thread – nice to reconnect. xxx…[Read more]

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    Thanks Bobbee. Maybe someone can use it. Love your pic by the way!!

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    apparently I’m not a dummy! It worked!! I’m mystified as to how …

  • I perservered with the preparation of them – took me years to master it – and now I can prepare my own, and love them!! I cook them in some olive oil, and finish them off on the grill, so they taste barbecued.
    I now call them my dollar bushes as I sell the chokes to a local ‘sustainable’ food centre (the Aproneers in Lindisfarne, Hobart) for a…[Read more]

  • Just reading your story Mark – well done! A great story, and one that needs to be told. My partner and I both grew up in the country where we had a family cow, so we drank heaps of raw milk when we were growing up (and survived!). Now, I won’t drink commercial milk; I drink rice milk instead. Wish I knew where to get my hands on raw milk in…[Read more]

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    I bought one like Peter Cundall uses (as in your photo). I quickly got used to the foot bar thing, and really liked it. But then one of the tines broke! I was surprised, as my soil is not too heavy and I think I caught it on a tree root. I thought it would be pretty unbreakable, but not so. I paid $50 for it.

  • If you have trouble getting them germinated, try soaking them overnight in hot water first (pour on hot water, and leave in the water overnight!) Sow in a drill the next day – they will have swollen up a little. This gets them going pretty quickly.
    Nice beets, BlueWren!

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    how did the trip go then??

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    Just feel I should wave the flag for Tea Tree, near Richmond in Tasmania. Love my valley (even though it is a bit dry and windy at times). So nice to hear all the lovely comments about Tasmania, and to hear from folk who share a love of the Tasmanian seasons. Winter is one of my favourits times of year!

  • Hello Ahning. I might be interested (I want to build a small cottage). Does it have good sustainable designs? And designs for small cottages?

  • Yes! It grew in my garden last year. Check out the big fat bumble bee too – they loved the sunflowers. They are happy flowers, aren’t they? They always make me smile.

  • Okay. I think I can find my way around. I even managed to post a new thread :whistle: with an image!!

    Overall, it looks bigger and cleaner and less cluttered. And isn’t it fun watching all us old dogs learn new tricks!;)


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    It’s looking wonderful Sue! So lovely to see your garden … you have made me hungry!

  • I’m at Tea Tree, and yes, the Richmond, Brighton, Colebrook area (all in my district) does receive a low rainfall. There is a good irrigation system out this way though, and town water is available to a lot of properties. Colder nights but warmer days, so if you like warmer climes then this area is good. The Huon gets much better rainfall, but you…[Read more]

  • Epiphany, that is exactly the tree I want! I came across it in my research, and read all about it, and decided that is the tree I want to plant. But sadly they are not available in Tasmania, and there is no mainland wholesaler who has them and can ship to Tasmania. Believe me, I tried! I rang everyone I could think of.

    And I’m still sulking…[Read more]

  • Update then! Yes, it has been built. No, it has not been in use yet, apart from me putting some of my apple harvest in there just to take a photo! Truth is, it probably won’t be in use for a couple of years, when I get some better systems in place and don’t work full time.

    For the full story, check out EG’s Backyard Farmer out in September … 😉

  • Thank you Nex, Shadowdancer and Robyne! I cooked my bunny but I have to say he was very tough. I think I needed to slow cook it for longer, or maybe it was an old tough bunny I got Nex. I want to persevere though, so all these recipes and links will be useful – thanks so much.

  • mmm, thank you. Some nice suggestions there. I couldn’t help noticing from some of the recipes I found on-line that bunny seems to be tres compatible with alcohol – found recipes that variously included red wine, white wine, cider, beer, pernot … who woulda thunk it???

  • Thanks busylizzie … yes, I can see how crumbed and fried might be a very tasty way to do it. I would not have thought of that!

  • I made this one up the other night, and it was delicious! The trick is to have really really good stock I think.

    I put a little olive oil in my soup pot and threw in a bunch of sliced leek, then added a goodly amount of chicken stock (homemade from one of my roosters) and lots of broccoli. When hot and ready, I added in a big chunk of King Island…[Read more]

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