• Hi mumof6

    sounds like you have a good setup for goats …….. wish I was closer I have a buck who would be ideal ………

    try the DGSA vic branch goats for sale site ……. http://www.facebook.com/groups/347901788654174/ ……. cant see anything there for now but maybe join and try a wanted add

    could also do the same at…[Read more]

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    Ravyk post=357911 wrote: THanks Bare Foot Farmer!

    Any tips on teaching him to walk on lead?

    start by tying him up so he can learn all on his own that he cant pull away – of course keep an eye on him to make sure he doesnt choke or get caught up ……… then try leading him carrying lots of rewards to encourage him when he does the right thing…[Read more]

  • Xio so why would you think the libs wont screw ordinary aussies over ? after all ever Lib govt has protected their rich mate at the cost of the poor – and you sound like you want to scrap “welfare” that w1il really help the less fortunate . 👿

  • Snags I am a disability pensioner hubby my carer …….. I worked for H & R Block as a tax consultant and they sent me to be trained as a financial adviser so I could sell clients with savings “investment”products ……… basically convinced me how all financial advisers are suss :dry: but all that did teach me how to budget ……..

    Then I…[Read more]

  • As “mummyjas” said

    Unfortunately I think a big part of the problem is that a lot people would prefer to complain and blame the government than do something about it.

    I totally agree with that. We are a couple on the pension and find we can live easily and even keep a herd of goats :laugh:

    Basic education is what is needed :tup: but many are…[Read more]

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    How big an area do you have ?

    my milkers spend most of the day in their lounging area which is roughly 9m x 12m ……… it has a roofed area 3m wide along 1 9m side, and several hay racks …….. I have 10 British Alpine milkers …… they can go out into paddocks in the day but generally seem quite happy to lounge arround and nibble free…[Read more]

  • just a bump up because we are getting close to having it finished :clap: still looking for that right person or couple ………

  • we have a Nature loo and sometimes have the same problem …….. the solution is pour boiling water into the toilet to kill them ……… be careful using flyspray a it can kill the microbes that breakdown the compost

  • as far as I know no one arround Perth doing sheep milk ……. there used to be a sheep dairy up here years ago but they closed ……….. there is someone down south does cheese ………

    have you tried goats milk 😉

  • I have posted about this before ……… we have had most of our property contaminated by using horse manure from the local riding school ……… the farmer who supplied their hay used aminopyralid and it went through the horses ……….. we only found out after using manure on a crop of jerusalem artichokes that grew deformed then read an…[Read more]

  • you could maybe build the beds out of limestone blocks …… much quicker than bricks

    but if it was me I would do like us and buy earth rings ……….. here we can get ones that are off cuts from making poly rain water tanks …….. just a long strip of poly about 450mm high and arround 10m long ……… they bolt together at the ends with a…[Read more]

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    did the tops look normal ?

    with any deformed or strange looking plants be aware that there is a new herbicide called amino pyralid that after spraying on say a hay crop can go through an animal that eat the hay and cause deformed plants if used on your veggie garden ( or in the compost )

  • no aircon here either and we get lots of summer days over 40 and up to 45……… heard all the medical excuses like diabetes, neurological conditions , cant control my body temp etc etc …….. they all apply to me and the govt will even buy me an aircon because I have them 😆 😆 but I wont lower myself to be use something so…[Read more]

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    jaydatoo their are many reliable breeders in vic ……… if you want a quality milker you could try an add on http://www.aussiegoatforum.org

  • If it was me i would put in plans to construct a “new’ shed same size same place and then do nothing ………….

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    Hi HT

    its the wrong time of the year for BA to be mated they have a very definate winter cycle from April until about Aug

    but my does in milk now will keep milking through until at least 2014……… I usually only kid them every second year

    A milking doe is $600 and any doe bought from me can come back for a service by one of my bucks for…[Read more]

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    just bumping this because we are nearly ready to sell some does in milk to approved homes only

    we also have 2 top quality young bucks for sale and maybe one doe kid ………..

  • Thanks Misty

    dont know the price yet either he didnt answer my inquiry ……but there is a second hand one in the quokka for $1600

    we were going to have a Nature loo but too many problem putting it under a concrete slab …… we have one already in the existing part of the house but that part was a transportable

    do you know what brand your…[Read more]

  • sounds like grass tetany to me …… too much lush green grass which is low in magnesium

  • gardenlen post=347631 wrote:

    how can renewable which cost more drive the price down that does not make sense at all.

    but anyway you have missed the boat the green hugger crowds want coal stopped when there is nothing on teh horizon that is affordable at the consumer end ready to go.


    that is all…[Read more]

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