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    no, I’ve had a look and I think it was’Treats from the Edwardian Country House’I’ll have a look at ‘A cook on the wildside” too though 🙂

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    Hi Iduna,I’ve watched all the ‘Farms’ and things like Victorian Kitchen Garden,I found them to be full of lots of tips that have helped me in my quest for a more ‘non electric’ lifestyle.I actually found a series which I can’t remember the name of and it had that guy who does River Cottage which is how I came to watch some of that series which…[Read more]

  • Hi Lee, I also have a Presto 22 litre unit and we have found that it also won’t work on an induction hotplate, fortunately, we have learned this while we were only considering making the switch to induction. We purchased a single unit induction hotplate just to make sure that it would be suitable and to see if it was actually as good as we had…[Read more]

  • I had to reset my password for ebay recently so it worked out well that I had a new one for here as well. I couldn’t post pictures in the last version of ALS so I hope I can work it out on this version, more incentive to be active when you can so stuff like that.A huge THANKYOU to all who were involved in the work to get the site back up and…[Read more]

  • stone dine is a really good set to get, made in NZ it’s a non stick, wipe clean while hot and put away without needing to wash it often. Unfortunately my family don’t seem to be able to NOT use metal utensils while cooking and a lot of it has been scratched. You don’t use high heat, bit like bessemer, good quality and if you are prepared to look…[Read more]

  • just to update you on my bay leaf spray, I managed to get a really nice smelling spray from the jar I left in the sun and was able to put it to the test as we had some hot weather so I gave the dogs their food inside and sprayed the door way, it only worked while the liquid was present, the ants didn’t cross the barrier until the spray dried out…[Read more]

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    Hi Vicky2479,

    The only thing I can suggest if you can’t find someone with their own milking goats is to go to the health food shops and look for bath milk, it is labelled as ‘not fit for human consumption’ as required by law but I don’t know where else you would find raw milk from these days.
    Apart from that keep an eye out for goats when you…[Read more]

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    Bel, they’ve been sharing sweet potato at the Garden Produce share in Gawler recently, it’s on tomorrow, 29th March, I’ll check it out for you, apart from that I have two small slips that need planting out SOON if you’d like to try them! Don’t know anything about tree onion though, in fact I’ve never had any success with any type of onion since we…[Read more]

  • I’m going to try to put a picture on here of the tomato preserves, I think the problem was my pictures were too big so this is a tester:

    🙁 pic didn’t attach

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    Hi silentC, that’s terrible that your chickens are sick, I googled a bit and found this:

    have you heard back from the supplier at all?? have your chickens gotten worse or better??

    I really have no advice to offer I’m sorry, never encountered anything like that before at…[Read more]

  • I’ll keep it in mind Bel, IF we get the figs (I don’t know when their ‘season’ is) and there isn’t much interest in preserving from the transition towns people then being able to pass some on would be a really, really good option. Thanks for the list of recipes, I can see what others might be interested in making.


  • Bel, I’m trying to find recipes for figs, anything different from just jam and bottled, do you know any good/unusual combinations?? The only one I have found in my cookbooks is fig and tomato chutney and I’d really like to gather some more as a friend is able to offload a couple of fig trees when they are ready.

  • bit of a late reply but the book from my mum says to drop the peeled pears into a solution of 1tablestpppon of salt to 4 pints of water until ready to pack into bottles and to rinse just before packing into the jars

  • froot_loopz,
    I took my daughter to our local bake n brew shop and watched a cheesemaking demo, they got a rep from one of the brands they sell in to do it (we had to pay to watch but got to take a cheese making kit home, I don’t know if they would do something like preserving but you could always ring and enquire.
    The best way, I think, is to get…[Read more]

  • oh bother, apparently we are on a timetable for our holiday and will be travelling on the 22nd. 🙁

    Hope you all have a great day though.

  • I’ll look out for your Kristy, it is kind of difficult with garage sales because it’s an ‘in the moment’ thing where you see something and really have to get it straight away. Anyway I’ll just use my own judgement on price and condition, are you interested in stove top or electric or whichever happens first?
    So many variables that it’s good to…[Read more]

  • YAYYYYYY and maybe boo too, we’re going to Melbourne to visit with hubbys family around that time, I’ll try to work the dates so I/we (Bec will probably want to come too) can make it.
    I’m hoping to take delivery of quite a bit of animal fat which I will render down for soap making if you wanted to try out the hot process and everyone is ok with…[Read more]

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    Hi arcadiaomet,

    you can go and google ‘lasagne gardening’ I’m pretty sure that is the name of what you are thinking of, it’s a great idea. Also referred to as no dig garden beds as Steve said.


  • ha ha, Bel, I read your comments and it didn’t make sense til I realised I’d made an error in my last post, I meant to ask if you’d have bay leaves OR bay trees to share :laugh:

    earthwalker – that’s a good tip but what is lemon oil, do you mean steeping lemon zest in oil or more like a fragrant or essential oil? That would certainly be…[Read more]

  • that’s great mudhen that you manage to get good tomatoes for that price, after this session of preserving I’m thinking that I’ll look out for the smaller jars like the number 20s as that is what I/we used most of and I have quite a few boxes of the larger jars but I can’t imagine what I would put in them that my family would eat in such large…[Read more]

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