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  • Dear alokin, I am sorry you have found ALS site too depressing to read, in comparison to some of the sites you have posted, Don’t mistake either ordinary discussion by ordinary people over the uncertainties of today & the future, or more intellectual attempts to figure out the how & why, and how to fix it as negative doom & gloom only. Know your…[Read more]

  • :tup:jacross – very impressive:clap: & congrats all. I haven’t yet got the mouley to put in the bank for chris hols but my DS &DDiL have paid off 1 of my debts, and the Fed Gov is promising $1400 which I can use to help pay them back. Does this mean the universe will provide??:hug:

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    Dear Caddie – so sorry for your loss of chooks. I agree with the advice to provide a core secure night-time safety zone. I love foxes – their nature and beauty were created in a very different country & time to Oz, and their introduction here was a classic upper class “British” desire to re-create the old “hunting traditions” of Britain. (Along…[Read more]

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    Hi dentydog & welcome:wave: We are planning a WA get together soon which will prob be in Perth so you may not be able to attend but never say no!!:D further details on the Get together thread

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    Learning hi :wave: “Zeitgeist” the word rang a bell maybe reading that I have done?? Am just requesting my DS to download both films.
    Look forward to discussing them with every one here.
    Meantime, will google them:metal:

  • hi all:wave:this I am definitely in on, due to the generosity of my son & daughter-in-law. I have 2 debts that they have been offering to clear for me for over a year (I am on a disability pension). I have finally decided to graciously accept their generous offer – they helped me out once before. :hug::hug: I’m not sure yet how much I can save…[Read more]

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    :wave:Hi Honeymyrtle and welcome. We are organising a WA get together soon. Go to the GTG thread fr more details (GTG = get togethers:tongue:

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    thanks, that answered my question :tup:

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    Thanks, bazman. Have since read the links, but I’m still uncertain if the “burning off” of the gas leaves any residue in the atmosphere. By the by, the info on the South American soils is fascinating stuff (I’m a frustrated anthropologist/archaeologist:metal:

  • replied to the topic Biochar article in the forum Vegetables 11 years ago

    Hi, bazman – my son has just bought 5 acres half of which is a wooded area hit several times by fire, so there is a lot of charred wood around. Will this fit the bill? I haven’t read the links yet but did read Peter Cundall’s article. My main question is – are any gases/pollutants going into the atmosphere at all? Where are commercial makers…[Read more]

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    :kiss1:to all in gratitude – it is so nice to talk to people about common interests. Also, I have several disabilities that do interfere at times with just being glad to be here – for example, today while lying on my bed, I heard a Kookaburra laughing – best sound in the world to an aussie and I’m so glad I am alive to enjoy it:hug:

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    Hi all:wave: Nov 1st (Sat) has been suggested – will that suit most people? Let me know asap. Ladybug is your venue offer still open? If so can you give me your ph no so I can catch up with you:) Then a time – sharing lunch perhaps? What do people think:tup:

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    MichP the details on your listed site say that it runs from the Monday to the Sat 11th, with the same activities each day, then on the Sun, new activities are listed.

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    I’ll be going to the sustainability festival on the 11th & 12th Oct – would the Saturday suit people? Just wondering about logistics to meet there, as there is so much to see & do – so we have 2 possible venues – what do people think?

  • marigold, my 5yo GS & I had a conversation about this the other day. He was asking lots of questions about what happens if the ice melts, the seas rise, and the land gets flooded. He’s only 5: :hug:( Luckily I can always give him reasurance that is not in my opinion false, and he quickly grasps the solutions to these problems too. I feel…[Read more]

  • thanks all for your suggestions:tup:

  • :jawdrop:gosh everyone sorry to hear about the paralysis ticks – hope your animals recover well. As a child I used to get vitamin C powder for my guinea pigs who came from the local scientific research station :rip:- but I think they used to give my dad (their maintenance guy) a big jar of it which lasted years.
    The other day I discovered…[Read more]

  • :shy:oops, my previous comments re US ARE NOT intended to slur any individual from the US – comments are my opinion only

  • :lol:Lee – I’m not sure about putting more into super – I earn $552/ft and since changing banks have a special savings account ie apart from my everday account. The bank happily allowed me to open this with zero $. It is still $0:lol: The thing is, I was thinking that everytime I wanted to buy some brandy,I’d put the amount in this account…[Read more]

  • Yup, watching the current Bush sound-bites gives me the creeps – his body language, particularly his face and especially his eyes, has always given away his true nature:rip:
    Ggang – as an unmitigated cynic on things US led or connected I feel a slight case of Democratic :lol:Socialism coming on

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