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Aussies Living Simply

  • replied to the topic 2010 Op Shop Swap in the forum Swappers Central 9 years, 12 months ago

    Weaver…yes, you were right, ’twas me. Hope you get some use out of them. 😀

  • replied to the topic 2010 Op Shop Swap in the forum Swappers Central 10 years ago

    Dear Swap Buddy

    When I said I was ready to send your gift off a week or two ago, what I apparently meant was: “I’m about to injure my back & be unable to get to the post office for a wee while.” I’m very, very sorry. However, I have sent your parcel off today & you should get it next week. Again, I’m terribly sorry for the delay…but on the…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Aggressive Wyndotte Rooster in the forum Backyard livestock 10 years ago

    The minute my roo tries having a go at me or the kids is the minute he’s destined for the pot (thankfully, he’s the sweetest wee boy & is very good with the kids). I have to agree with the others – the only thing an aggressive roo is good for is the pot, as hard as it may be to do it at the time. The potential for injury to the kids is too great &…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Wasabi in the forum Seed Exchange and Traders Market 10 years ago

    I used to do summer work at a horticultural research facility in NZ when I was a university student & one of the scientists there was trialling wasabi. He essentially had his growing in the middle of a paddock covered with shade cloth (it was very well-mulched, though & had a full-on watering system as wasabi needs a lot of water, I understand?).…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Hi from Vic suburbs in the forum Introduce yourself 10 years ago

    Welcome to ALS, Smiley 🙂

    I’m also not far from you (hmmmm…maybe we should organise a SE Melbourne G2G?!). Congrats on all you’ve achieved so far – sounds like you’re well on the way to a simpler, sustainable future 😀 Enjoy ALS – there’s always something new to learn here!

  • replied to the topic 2010 Op Shop Swap in the forum Swappers Central 10 years ago

    I’m so so so sorry I haven’t posted here before now. I haven’t been online much (we’ve had a rather busy & stressful week) & my poor swap buddy will be wondering if her parcel has arrived yet or not.

    I received a lovely package in the mail last Friday. I received two lovely books – one on baking bread (a passion of mine – thanks so much!) & one…[Read more]

  • Congrats on your chookies to be 🙂

    It’s normal for a broody to get up once or twice a day to eat, drink, defecate & dust bathe. In fact, if she doesn’t do this, you need to make sure she gets out at least once a day to do so. The eggs will stay warm long enough for her to do this. You’ll only run into problems if she leaves the nest for several…[Read more]

  • Worms would be my first thought. That’s the first thing I treat for when I spot dirty pants on my girls.

  • NZ always knew it was only a matter of time before a big earthquake hit in a populated area. It’s happened before & it’ll happen again. Unfortunately, this is what happens when your country is one major fault line. The EQC (earthquake commission) regularly put out ads telling people how to prepare for such an eventuality but I do have my doubts as…[Read more]

  • My understanding is the looters in question stole alcohol soon after it happened. I’m guessing they were kids up to no good in the early hours of the morning. It sounded like the police cracked down pretty quickly to stop any wide scale looting from happening.

  • Just checked in with mum & dad again. They have their water back on now as well…so they are lucky in that they have power, water & the sewage is still flushing away ok. But because the cylinder is cracked, they can’t heat their water & dad can’t turn on the water supply to the house. He says when they want to go to the toilet, he rushes out to…[Read more]

  • I snore. I went to a sleep centre to be diagnosed in case I had sleep aponea. Luckily I don’t – my problem is I have large nasal bones & small airways. So that combined with my tongue flopping back & covering my throat when I sleep causes me to snore. The solution for me was a mouthguard to bring my jaw forward & keep my tongue away from the back…[Read more]

  • From what I’ve read, eftpos is down (mobile phone network is up & down & they’ve requested people stay off the landlines) but petrol stations are still open…I’ve read reports of long lines of people waiting for petrol (no idea why)…45 min wait. But at the petrol station near my parents, the pumps all came off (so presumably it’s closed) & at…[Read more]

  • I think what suddenly struck me more than anything was that people just expect the shops will open after a disaster. I was talking to Dad on the phone this morning. The water mains have shut down & their hot water cylinder has cracked & leaked through the upstairs floor, so they don’t have as much water in the cylinder as they’d normally have…[Read more]

  • jellifus wrote:
    I`d like to try them too where do you buy them and can one grow them in QLD cheers Jellifus

    It pays to do a good look round the net for the best price/quality. I found a huge variation in prices when I was looking for a supplier last year. Have to say, am very pleased with the soap nuts – in general, they clean well & are…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic A year of living frugally in the forum Simple philosophy 10 years ago

    Just wanted to add my well wishes. At least you can look at it in a positive light. For a lot of (unprepared) people, the thought of living for a year like this would be beyond scary. But, while I’m sure it has it’s scary aspects, at least you have the skills to get by & have prepared in advance somewhat. You’ll be fine. :tup:

  • replied to the topic Aldi Bench top Composter in the forum Introduce yourself 10 years ago

    I use mine to hold all my scraps…I find it better than an ice cream container (or similar) because the filter stops it smelling (& it looks nicer…lol). When it’s ready to go, I just pop the scraps in the worm bin, the compost or give them to the chooks. I wouldn’t imagine it’d compost as is – everything would just go mouldy & slimy.

  • replied to the topic 2010 Op Shop Swap in the forum Swappers Central 10 years ago

    Finished up my shopping & will be sending them off early this week. I had loads of fun with this one & found some great stuff…if only my swap buddy lived closer so I could post heavier things (oh well, will have to keep the as-new manual meat grinder for myself :tup: )

  • shadowdancer wrote:
    epiphany…use your tumbler for mixing soils 😀

    Actually, this isn’t such a bad idea…I scratched the bottom of my wheelbarrow last year mixing manure. But I could just shovel it into the top, close it up & turn, then let it all drop out the bottom. Genius! :tup:

  • I have a tumbler &, to be honest, I haven’t used it in at least 3 years now. I don’t really like it. The mix is often too dry & I get ants in it as a result. At some stage I think I’ll get rid of it. I prefer bins & worm farms, personally.

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