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Aussies Living Simply

  • Hi,
    we have one at our school garden. what i recomend is working out the purpose as there are different goal and therefore different green house to achieve this.

    polytunnels do not have the insulation to keep a stable temp in winter…..wee use ous for seedling production and to extend the season/start early.

    hope this helps

  • Hi

    if oil gets too expensive or “runs low” we will need to be very self sufficient as it is used everywhere.

    an excellent case is Cuba which had an “artificial peak oil” and has come thru it …..look up the doco or YouTube. a must see!

    recently i have been VERY confused with the conflicting information on this matter …….in a nutshell it…[Read more]

  • Hi,

    I’ve been baking bread for about 15yrs and i must say it is one of the most rewarding things I’ve done.

    here are my tips.

    think of bread not as a bunch of ingredients but a LIVING THING….its alive!
    every ingredient effects the whole process of yeast growth and dough.

    i buy my flour in yeast/bulk and save heaps. yeast is about $4.50 500g…[Read more]

  • Hi,

    this vid explains it all : (

  • replied to the topic Comfrey in the forum Herbs 9 years, 6 months ago

    Comfrey is simply an amazing plant.

    many of the information these days is wrong or has been distorted with time.

    it is true that it is banned for internal consumption as it will cause liver issues.

    this is disputed by many. i myself have tried the herbal tea from the leaves and found it very refreshing. however i only had it once or twice…[Read more]

  • Hi Lizzy,

    they sure look the same and bunch like the descriptions says.

    if you have any spare let me know and we can swap or come to an arrangement.

    are they about shallot size????

    pm me


  • Hi,

    if adults can reach cover let them dicide.

    young chicks need cover but again if they have access they will run to cover when needed

  • replied to the topic Seed Companies in the forum Vegetables 9 years, 6 months ago


    yes Diggers is only a last resort 🙁 most others are a bit of hit and miss affair too as they buy seed from 3rd parties with no quality procedures.

    the ones i use are:

    Eden seeds
    Green harvest
    Cornucopia Seeds

    seedsavers network is another option.

  • Hi Fozzie,

    we seedsave over half of the seed plants we need at the primary school.

    yes it can seem complex but the most important thing is common sense.

    if you are new to seedsaving i recomend starting with the easy plants first, peas , beans, tomatoes as they are selfpolinating. we have found lettuce very easy and huge amounts of seed…[Read more]

  • Hi Maree 🙂

    long time no chat:(…..thankyou very much i will let you know when i’m passing through in the next few weeks.

    i will bring some of our seeds too.

    thanks again.


  • Hi kerrieb,

    Yes dolomite is good for blossom end rot so is a very consistent watering method. we are near the beach so our calcium levels are through the roof and PH is 8-8.5 so we just keep watering regular.

    siberian is a type we have tried in the greenhouse with some success so i will try it outside too. Rouge de marmande is my favourite tommy…[Read more]

  • Hi again,

    Yes we have only just got our compost system online and we do get about one wheely bin of food scraps per week however until recently this is a drop in the bucket.

    I estimate i put two to three cubic meters compost on the tomato beds alone last year which was close to a foot thick b4 we dug it in.

    Now that our composting system is up…[Read more]

  • Hi porgey,

    gee u r nearby. We have very poor soil here and have been building it up but also have very high PH wich is the real killer.

    back where i used to live we had clay and that was so rich i hardly ever had a problem so i agree with you nutrition is the key.

    the school i work at that has the kitchen garden doesn’t really have a lot of…[Read more]

  • welcome curlysuz:D

    this site is amazing and the ppl are incredible so you will love it.

    let your son have a look at these sites ( if he hasn’t already) they are the best. the youtube clip is the best i’ve seen in years and is so simple a replication is possible. just remember to tell your son everything on the internet is real and true and he…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Wabbits in the forum Vegetables 10 years, 4 months ago


    We had bunnies at our last place and i know first hand they can be devastating:(………so i really feel your plite.

    that new biological control works on “adults” so since then we have noticed a boom bust cycle b4 they cercum to the disease.

    shooting thenm is a great source of meat i used to go shooting regulaly even as pet food they are a…[Read more]

  • hey there,

    no need to wait … 😀

  • wow! that is a fantastic pic and tommy. thanks :hug: heaps that fits the bill completely.


  • hi hillbillygirl and kerrieb,

    thanks for the info. Bom was my first pick too but no luck. as for the skiing i never took the sport up.:tongue:

    i used the 2nd week in october where i used to live so that sound good to me.

    PS – Gee frost in December that is nippy.


  • hi fatima,

    yep, i did the site myself i am living off the fumes off a $2 coin atm :shy: so slapped this together with the help of my nephew…and ALS members of course.

    the site is……

    good luck with your site

  • hi chooken,

    i recently looked into the meat egg question and after considering size, eggs, early maturity the breeder that gave me the best advice was this.

    indian game roster ( jubilee – light color)

    light susex hens (good laying stain/dual purpose)

    the logic behind this is to keep egg production as high as you can with the “good” layers and…[Read more]

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