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  • You need to have two of the three signs there.

    1, Sounds full of water when tapped
    2, the patch where it sits on the ground goes from white to cream or yellow
    3, the tendril where the stem meets the vine dies.

  • Don’t worry they will be fine. Asparagus often sends up shoots throughout the year and although frosts will kill them back the roots will be fine for next spring.

    Some varieties of potatoes don’t have a long dormancy so just plant them out. They will grow a little until frost kills them but all, or most of them with sprout again in the spring.

  • I sell from home (council permit) and at local markets. There are few regulations but if you don’t have the right food handlers permit you can’t sell cut veg, or veg that is handled more than just rinsed. Eggs can be a problem in some states.

    Selling to restaurants has been too much of a hassle for me as they want a certain amount on certain days…[Read more]

  • Hardy kiwi (Kiwiberries) don’t seem to want to go dormant as easily as ‘normal’ kiwifruit here in southern Vic so they might grow in the subtropics. They will still need some cold in winter to fruit though.

  • I love them but the unusually hot and dry summer last fried them all. Now I have to put more seeds in. They like dappled shade if you have a hot summer.

  • replied to the topic Goat questions in the forum Backyard livestock 7 years, 11 months ago

    Most councils also frown on livestock in town, if you are in town.

  • replied to the topic Goat questions in the forum Backyard livestock 7 years, 11 months ago

    If you are only looking for 500lm per day then minis should be ok, most good milking goats will give around 2 litres a day and my sisters best saanan gives 3-4 litres a day.

    You need to keep in mind that they need a lot of good feed, grass and grain per day to keep up milking. Don’t scrimp on their feed quality or quantity. I wouldn’t like to…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic What is this Tree? in the forum Weed Identification 8 years ago

    It’s a pepper tree (Schinus molle). Perfect for hot, dry areas.

  • They generally self pollinate but you can get a bit of cross pollination if you grow them close together, they are potato leaved types, and you have high pollinating insect activity.

    Most tomato flowers pollinate themselves before they even open (a bit of movement by the wind puffs the pollen onto the stigma inside the closed petals of the…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Petition for Raw Milk in the forum Petitions 8 years, 1 month ago

    I did sign it but most people don’t realise that the government has a policy of not recognising online petitions.

  • On my little market garden I refuse to become certified as I don’t want to add extra costs into my vegetables.
    It is unfair for my customers to have to pay more for something they didn’t ask for. They don’t ask for it because I assure them all that they can come at anytime to check on how my farming is done, of course I can do this because I am…[Read more]

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    If you can, hand pollinate them seperately for pure seed. A couple of years ago I did a cross between spaghetti squash and ‘Golden’ zucchini. I planted a few of the resulting seeds last year and all of the plants produced very poor fruits, almost inedible with the worst traits from each parent.
    I didn’t bother going on with the experiment.

  • replied to the topic Pumpkin Flowers in the forum Vegetables 8 years, 4 months ago

    If your butternut and musquee de provence are in the same area of your garden they will likely cross but that doesn’t mean you can’t collect the seeds, it just means that you may get some surprises as to the the shape and look of the fruit next year. They will still be edible, and may even be better, you never know. That’s how new varieties are founded.

  • replied to the topic Pumpkin Flowers in the forum Vegetables 8 years, 4 months ago

    Cucurbits are a funny family and I won’t go into the complicated stuff so here goes:

    Watermelons (Citrullus lanatus) can only cross with other watermelons
    Cucumbers (Cucumis sativus) can only cross with other cucumbers unless you grow armenian cucumbers (Cucumis melo) that are really melons that taste and look like cucumbers.
    Melons (Cucumis…[Read more]

  • Yes thanks, I have checked out their site but only registered memebrs can have access to their forums and I would like to hear about some personal experiences before I make up my mind.

  • sorry, didn’t see the rule. deleted

  • Stared for me around two weeks ago. It is so annoying that I don’t bother trying to read these forums any more. I don’t have an ipod just my PC at home. Just had to reply here today ’cause I’m so frustrated.

  • Hi, it is certainly is realistic to raise animals just for your own consumption. Read up on husbandry and make sure you find someone with experience to show you how to look after them, and make sure your fences are kept in good repair.

    As you are new to animal raising, I would advise you against going straight into cattle. I think you should look…[Read more]

  • I live at Casterton if you want a bit of a hand and can get over here, if I am not too far away for you. Message me if you want.

  • Although I grew up on a farm slaughtering our own animals we eventually changed to getting it done by a butcher. It didn’t cost too much but the meat was cleaner cut, hung well, bagged properly into the cuts we wanted – so much easier all round.

    Chooks are easy to do your self though with a holding funnel, but it is even easier to find an Asian…[Read more]

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