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    Ooh, I’m going to make this tomorrow with nettle/raspberry leaf tea.


    I have had them cross pollinate, but only when two plants are literally touching. Th colour of one variety and the shape of the other… had some pretty cool results actually! But mostly, they self pollinate.


    The inside will be insulated with wool batts, “clad” in a fine aviary wire to begin with (to hold the insulation up, and hopefully exclude mice somewhat). No solid internal cladding, because a)timeframe b)cost and c)the shed is tiny enough now I hate to take up more space with internal cladding.

    The expanding foam stuff is like this–Paint+Fillers

    although I just found this–Paint+Fillers

    which looks less toxic but I have no idea of the difference otherwise.

    At the top of the tin walls, there is a gap maybe 5-7cm wide before the roof, all the way along the walls (was obviously not built with sealed-box qualities in mind. the floor is always covered in leaves etc that blow in from outside through the gaps 😀 ) and that is where he thought the expanding filler stuff would be handy.

    i did think about strawbales for the outside 🙂 but there isn’t really the space.

    It’s only small. Maybe 30-40m2? If that? In an L shape. But I have hopes that it can be turned into something cute and cosy. And hopefully non-toxic.


    I am down south near Nannup. I haven’t got a pond but when I was reading about azolla lots of people said it could be grown in any sort of container – buckets, wading pools etc, so that was my general sort of plan. I ordered some from Ebay from someone who said they could post to WA so we’ll see how we go. 🙂


    Good thinking Muzzy. I will go have a looksee

    *wanders off, whistling*

    Well, from what I can find… I checked the WA database of declared plants and it wasn’t on there, and I found a brochure thng from the city of Belmont explaining why it doesn’t “manage” the local azolla, and that it was not consdered a noxious weed in WA. Perhaps it used to be but isn’t now?

    ETA mrgnome you beat me to it 🙂 Good to know anyway. Because I wants me some azolla.


    BlueWren post=349028 wrote: Isn’t it another name for pennywort , which is quite easy to come by?

    Apparently, yes! Good to know, although I haven’t seen pennywort around anyway (to be fair, I do not get out much :laugh: )

    veginout, I was planning on giving it away to people too, with stern instructions to eat the required 2 leaves a day, but perhaps they won’t cooperate with my science experiments either.

    Have you noticed any other benefit since taking the two leaves daily?



    They are supposed to be a good eating bird, and fair layers, with a reputation for laying through winter. I have read also that you can sex the chickens at a week or so of age (only the salmon favs), when their first wing feathers start coming in. The females’ wing feathers will be brown, and the males’ black. They are also suppoed to be good mothers, and able to cover a lot fo eggs at a time.

    I want to get some faverolles.From what I have read, they sound like winners all round really. Someone else with more knowledge might know better than me though 🙂


    woohoo, a yacon! Thanks everyone. I pulled one up to see what was going on and there were half a dozen tubers and then a bunch of those growing crown things which I will separate and replant out. And then I will have so many yacons!


    Ha, my very wild original guess was some sort of amaranth but it was based on nothing at all so I didn’t take myself seriously. Do two wild guesses put together make it kind of an edcuated guess?


    Ittook me a while but I figured out how to put the photos in the post. Thanks for the tip, Bel.

    Ayla, I didn’t think to smell it, but it’s growing in Nannup in a frost free garden. It is in the garden beds (one a raised bed, the other not) and looking healthy so someone might have actually planted it (and therefore it might be a useful plant) but I’ve only recently come into possession of this garden so I don’t know. Perhaps it is just a strong and healthy weed (but a useful one??)

    One day I will be able to identify ALL the plants :woohoo:


    I’ve had two of mine come up in the past week. No idea where I’m actually going to plant them out… does anyone know if they are c. moschata or c. maxima? Not that it really ,matters I suppose – I have planted so many different kinds of pumpkin/squash I am going to have to hand pollinate everything anyway 😀


    I am in the planning process for my chook orchard too. It comes with half a dozen mature nectarine trees, but I’m going to plant out an understorey of herbs/vegetables and shrubs to complement the trees, and feed the chooks when there isn’t much falling fruit.

    Tagasaste, pigeon pea, silverbeet, pepino, comfrey, and lucerne/alfalfa are on my list so far.


    One of the goanns finally found the nestbox. It took them two weeks which I was surprised about :laugh: I had a boiled egg in there as a “fake” egg, and when I went out to check eggs and found none, including the boiled one… I suspected foul play. Of the reptilian variety. I only have three chooks for now, so have been getting two eggs most days, and was crushed to think that oh no! Today those two eggs went to a lizard and not my french toast. very very sad. Next day, also no eggs. Sadder and sadder.

    But lo! As chooks do, they had actually created a Secret Nest, probably after the goanna had nicked the boiled one and left the nestbox empty and oh so unnapealing. So I found my two days worth of eggs safe and sound under a pile of chicken wire that I hadn’t gotten around to putting away yet, and we have foiled the goannas since by continuing to lay in that same spot – right next to the house, where so far the lizards don’t seem to come. Except that little baby one that lives by the water pump but I don’t think he’s a threat yet.

    Which means I can let the girls out at 6am instead of noon-2pm after they’ve laid, which they much prefer.

    And after all that irrelevant nonsense, if I make the chookyard fence (which I will have eventually) out of the smaller guage chicken wire, and make the top floppy, will goannas still get in? I would really rather not have to lock them into a house every night.


    Ooh, these look awesome! I want one of each. now the question is, do I splurge on the single set or try to rope some friends in too so we get the discount…


    No, i didn’t know, and I’m glad that I do now. I will be looking through that site extensively. Thanks for the heads up!

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